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  1. emma6588

    Purée food

    What are you planning to start with I did the ricotta bake but added chicken in there and blended it it was good way better then a shake granted I like mushy food in general
  2. emma6588

    Purée food

    So I was cleared today to start purées they said I can have 2oz portions I couldn’t even finish that anyone else experience this
  3. This is what my surgeon is recommending for me to do has anyone had it and what exactly is it I have not been able to find much information about it
  4. Hello everyone so I had the lapband years ago I don’t remember the year to be honest but I want to say at least 9 years I never really lost much weight and it always gave me problem to this day I sometimes choke on water so I want to do a revision my doctor recommends to do bypass so I guess I want to hear from people who have had a revision from lapband to bypass
  5. Let me tell you’d I just finished 2 weeks and goodness I feel like I have been to war yes I know that’s dramatic to say but it has been such a mental battle especially knowing that I’m on a 6 week liquid diet the last 4 days have been extra hard aunt flow came to town and good god all I wanted was food and to nap all day and I couldn’t do either one of those things and no one else in my life understands my struggle so I guess I’m just here to vent and to tell anyone else that it’s not easy but you can do this just take it day by day Side note I chose premier protein as my shake and I drink 5 a day I find that cookies and cream and chocolate are horrible and the caramel and chocolate peanut butter are really good I also do half vanilla with half caffe latte that’s also really good bananas and cream is decent strawberries and cream is ok and peaches and cream is meh I just ordered cinnamon roll I hope that one tastes good
  6. So sorry for your pain and I’m glad to see you are getting better did they tell u why you had blockage was it a side effect of the surgery or was it something different
  7. emma6588

    April surgeries

    So I’m proud to say Sunday will wrap up 3 weeks and I have not cheated mentally I’ve had good days and bad days the bad days I had I was on my period and I was just a mess I’m a special case normally pre op liquid diet is 2 weeks I am contemplating eating actual food Sunday then jumping back on but idk if I’ll actually do it
  8. emma6588

    April surgeries

    I’m having surgery the same day currently on week 3 of my 6 week pre op liquid diet
  9. emma6588

    Band to Bypass

    I’m going in for my band to bypass revision on the 26th I can’t wait
  10. emma6588

    6 week Pre op liquid diet

    The issue is my BMI is really high and he wants me to lose 50 pounds before surgery at the end of the day I did this to myself It’s just a struggle knowing I’m almost done with 3 weeks and that I have another 3 weeks I was mentally ready for 2 weeks not 6
  11. Surgery day is April 26 and I started my liquid diet today I have a very high BMI I can’t say I’m really hungry since it’s 5 shakes a day one every 3 hours I definitely think my struggle will be mental just wondering anyone else had to do an extra long pre op diet?
  12. emma6588

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    I’m on the 26th as well good luck
  13. emma6588

    Surgery date scheduled

    Congrats so excited mine is on the 26th
  14. emma6588

    Digesting fat

    So I’m looking at a surgery day in February I’m have a lap band revision to bypass at the moment and I’m wondering after surgery how well do u digest fat
  15. emma6588

    Digesting fat

    Thank u for responding how long ago was your surgery
  16. emma6588

    Lapband revision

    Thank u for responding how are you feeling today also how is your progress I’m excited and nervous I’m looking at surgeon February
  17. emma6588

    Lapband revision

    Thank u for replying sadly my BMI is extremely high that’s why they recommend the bypass they suggest to keep the band in so down the line I use use it to give me a extra push I don’t think they understand that when something gets stuck it literally feels like a knife is slicing me from the inside

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