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  2. I've had two boyfriends. One lasted one month & was amazing. The second was like four months but emotionally abusive. I'm not sure if it is because I'm overweight or because I have a personality flaw, but I'm scared that I still won't be able to get a boyfriend even after I lose the weight. /rant EDIT: Shit, I forgot to even ask... those of you in a relationship... what has your experience been?
  3. Thank you! I feel so much better without all the weight! It was really easy for me to lose the weight at first, but now that I already hit my goal (about a year ago) I've started gaining back. Not too bad, like 10lbs. All I have to say is that it has changed me life! Good luck to you!

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    belly 6.16.09

    Your stomach is so flat! & such a tiny waist!
  5. I'm doing pretty gooood. Still working at the same daycare. Just hit that three year mark. But uh, I moved out like this last weekend! It's me and these two guys... we got a house! It's pretty awesome. How are you doing? Whats going on these days?

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    My new tattoo! 145lbs

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    September (280)

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    old, new, ugly & beautiful pictures.
  10. I think its a good idea. I had lost all the weight but still like felt fat and chubby because I had all sorts of saggy skin. I think it's totally worth it. How have you been?

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    Again 165lb

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  12. I'm doing well. I've actual been trying to put on a couple pounds & ended up gaining like 5, but now I want to lose it again. I'm pretty indecisive. After like two weeks, I was basically back to normal. It looks like you won't even need a TT. Lucky! How have you been?

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    More work. 145lb

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    Playing at work. 145lb

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    Skinny arms! 192lb

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