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    Yet another NSAID question

    FWIW, my team does allow the occasional NSAID. At least for me (it's not like I know what they do for each patient). I have arthritis in my hips and if I have a bad flare up I can take Aleve. But I am also on PPIs which they said is key. (If I wasn't they would have put me on one to use when taking the NSAID). I was told if my reflux came back when taking the NSAID to stop immediately. I've only had to take Aleve a couple of times. It's far from routine. I was told they have a different approach with sleeve patients than they do for bypass. Those patients are never allowed NSAIDS. Just sharing my fairly recent experience. Not medical advice, but I think it shows that you can get different approaches depending on who you go to. This field is constantly evolving. I did go in to this believing I'd never be able to take NSAIDs. 99% of the time Tylenol takes care of my aches and pains. But yah, arthritis pain sux.
  2. amazon

    plastics questions

    I just had my NP document rashes at follow ups. Just had to be noted. It was covered, BCBS. Good luck!
  3. I've been on it for years to help prevent migraines. 50mg twice a day. No issues that I'm aware of... I could just be used to it. I do recall some side effects when I first went on it. But that was at least 7 years ago.
  4. Ok. Now that I'm done snarfing and choking.... :-) I'm so thankful for my boob job. No. More. Underwire!! (bra's optional now) Mwahahaaa
  5. I had my vsg at 51. I'm. That was now 2 years ago. I'm the fittest and healthiest I think I've ever been in my life. At 53!! You can rock it! . It's just a number.
  6. I had a desk job and took two weeks off. I was definitely tired when I got home, and think I napped, lol. But two weeks was manageable for me. It takes a while to get back to "normal".
  7. amazon

    Please allow me to vent.......

    First of all, congratulations!! You've done amazing, and you DO look awesome. But wow - you sound just like me! But we tend to be our worst critics. When I started this "journey", I didn't think I'd care about loose skin. Boy, I was wrong! And it isn't just that it was loose skin, it was the way it looked...like the skin of a 100 year old woman. It was awful! So I did end up having plastics. I'd like to say I'm done, but I know that I want my face done. Hey, the skin sags EVERYWHERE. So far I've had arms, tummy (upper and lower), extended mini thigh lift, and excess skin from under my arms (extending down my sides), belt lift (completed the 360 lift separately) and breast implants. Three plastic surgeries since December 2015. As far as the face, I'm going to get a consult in the near future. Not sure if its just fillers and botox needed or what and maybe/probably live with the neck...or just stop. I'm really unsure. And the there's my butt...seriously...WTF happened. No fair. I wish insurance did *something* (mine did cover the panni after documenting rashes). It really is repairing our largest organ (our skin) and addressing our mental health. I'm not a "give me this, I deserve it" kind of person. So I struggle a bit over the insurance issue - but the system is so screwed up, I just happen to think there's a stigma against it being "cosmetic" and weight loss related. Do I feel a little silly doing all of this at 53? Sure, a little. But then I get over it. I've been overweight to some degree as long as I can remember until my VSG. It's been a new life, and there's no reason the next 10, 20, or even 30+ years I may have left can't be flipping awesome. Good luck with what you decide. Just remember how much better off you are now!!
  8. amazon

    Celiac "Come On"

    Hi I don't have celiac's, but I'm intolerant to gluten (belly ache, bloating, potty issues - not pretty!). Celiac's is in my family. I also have Grave's disease. So I live GF. I've been living GF for a for almost 4 years now. I just had my 2 year "surgerversary" (yay me!) on Monday. I think being GF in advance of the WLS was helpful. I had all ready started to tackle some of my food issues. But living GF after WLS has been pretty simple. Sure, I still have to watch labels. But I eat so "clean" that I know what I'm eating 90% of the time. The other times are because it might be prepared food...When you eat out, most places are really good at handing you a GF menu. I'm sorry that you've been dealt that card. But it's not as bad as you may think - at least in my opinion. The consumer market has come a long way to accommodate the GF people out there. I've also not heard of the sleeve making celiac's any worse. I'd wonder why seeing that they don't touch any of the intestines. Getting on the proper diet, I would hope that if the damage was minimal, your intestines would recover, no? Keep us posted - Good luck!!
  9. The count down as begun! The OR is booked, my final surgical consult is on Tuesday and I hand over my money. (I'm SO broke, but it's been worth it) I've healed well from my breast augmentation that was on 4/25. It looks like there may be one more procedure in my future, but that won't be until the winter. The girls may still need a nipple lift - but waiting to see. That will be NC. Any how...The belt lift will essentially complete a 360 lift. I understand the thigh lift recovery is the tough one. My husband has taken the week off to help me out. I'll be off work for two weeks. I'm really looking forward to it overall - just like with the panilectomy...having that loose/hanging skin gone will be awesome. Just have to get past the recovery. One thing I have learned is that my skin did not survive obesity well. The elasticity is SHOT. I will NOT be running around in a bikini when I'm done, lol. But I'm much better off and it's still worth it. I'll post updates/pics as I go. I always appreciate folks that do that :-) Previous PS: 12/9/15 Brachioplasty, panilectomy, abdomiplasty 4/25/16 Breast augmentation
  10. amazon


    I'm 2 years out and rarely drink. I had one two nights ago and I felt like crap afterward and woke with a hangover. For me, I don't think it's worth it, lol. When I/if do have and adult beverage, I plan for it because I still track. And just one hits me no matter how slowly I sip. My team advised waiting a year before consuming alcohol, if at all. Since it took me 11 months to reach goal as it was, there wasn't any reason to drink empty calories anyway. Plus, like many WLS patients, I was worried about transfer addiction. (It wasn't an issue, but one never knows.)
  11. I stopped my metformin (1000mg 2x day) the day of surgery (vsg) almost two years ago now. My A1C was managed in the low 7's until that point. Had been diabetic for about 12 years. I've been in remission since. Hope to stay that way :-)
  12. I was sleeved Aug 2014 at Lahey. I'm in Arlington. Know what you mean.
  13. amazon

    Painful to eat or drink

    Hi - I would definitely contact your surgeon. IMO that is not normal. I've now had three rounds of PS since my WLS and experienced nothing like that. At most a slightly sore throat for a day from being intubated. It is probably nothing - but is unusual so it's worth calling. No reason for you to be worried and in pain. PS - I didn't have any trouble drinking after WLS either, so I'm not sure exactly what you're feeling. I hope you're feeling better soon!
  14. Had my post op appt yesterday (3 days post op) and two drains were removed (back drains). Didn't feel a thing! There is almost no swelling and no bruising at all. My dr. is quite impressed with how mobile I am. I'm pretty surprised how good I feel. Even though output wise the leg drains could be pulled, we are going to wait until my next appt on Tuesday. She feels that drainage could increase as I become more active. So far it's not the case, but will see. It will be nice to be free of drains. But the best part is no drains = shower!! I'm out of the "girdle" pictured above and in 3/4 length running leggings. They are providing good compression. I have gauze pads over my back and side incisions. I am also in a surgical bra. That's going to change to a front opening sports bra as soon as. It arrives The compression garments are required for a minimum of six weeks. I'll try and get some pics.
  15. Your surgeon is wrong...it does happen to sleevers! It happened to me when I was stupid and had a hot fudge sundae on vacation last summer. A few bites of that sugary goodness, and I thought I was going die! I thought it was ok where it was ONE scoop of ice-cream...nope! It's been discussed many times at my monthly support group, and there is about a 50/50 presence of bypass and VSG people there. I would say they have all talked about their dumping experiences. I have figured what causes mine, too many carbs and/or sugar. Too many carbs (like, rice) will make my heart race and I'll feel like crap for about an hour.. Too much sugar? That's just ugly But I still enjoy things, just not more than a couple of bites, and I'm ok with that.
  16. @esskay I'm more than happy to talk about it Hopefully folks don't think this is TMI or gross ...but this is my view of my thighs this morning... I'll get pics of the others areas once I'm "up" a bit more. It will probably be more meaningful if they're unwrapped, too. But you can at least see how you start off. I'm leaving the hospital shortly. Yay! Ps...I have no idea why my images are showing twice.
  17. Start of day one post op. Everything went well. Have gotten up twice to walk (yah, not so easy!) They did keep me overnight. It was an option and I was ok with it. Considering how I feel, I'm glad I did. I won't have pics to post until I get "unwrapped". But I have leg binders that also act like a girdle (for the back sutures I presume). I have a chest binder for my under arms. (No drains there for some reason) I have four instead of the six expected. I'm so wrapped up I feel like a mummy! Lol They took me into the OR at 7:30 and I was out at 1:30. Five hours. Good nap :-) Overall the pain isn't awful. Getting up is not fun. The pressure on my thighs when turning to sit on the edge of the bed is the worse part. Here's a pic of the problem area I had under my arms and why I was so happy to get it removed. q
  18. Final consult is in the bag, and lab work done. Consent forms signed and money paid. :-) We are doing the belt, extended mini-thigh (will end a little bit above the knee), and get the rest of the skin from under my arms. A bit of history - when my brachioplasty was done, the incision didn't go as low under my arm as it could/should have because I had planned my breast augmentation next. That was going to take up some of the excess skin. Now that that is done, we are going to remove the what's left of the excess. (this is NC) There's just no way implants were going to take care of all of that!! I wish it were the case, but I still get large folds over the bra band. So they're going bye-bye. Yes I'll have scars going down further, but I'd rather be able to rest my arms comfortably at my side. And scars fade :-) Oh, also nip a little dog ear from my left elbow. (also NC, it happens) I'll have 6...SIX (save me!) drains. One under each arm, two in my back, and one in each thigh. The arms and back should come out the first week. The thigh drains the second week (they better or I'm going to look real funny at work when I go back!).
  19. Thanks @@AvaFern I had read about your experience. I thank you for sharing it. It certainly weighed in on my decision making. Regarding what an extended mini thigh lift is - it will stop just above the knee. A mini goes about half way down. This will go a bit further, but not to the knee. At my age (53) I think I'm ok with it. I heal pretty well. I have the arm scars and they're fading well. I wear short sleeves and tanks all the time now and never think about them. I hope these do as well. Thanks for the tip about the puppy pads! I was thinking towels, but those would be much better! And that's a good way to keep things good and dry too!! :-)
  20. Thanks! Thanks! Good luck to you too!! :-)
  21. amazon

    Veterans ONLY please. One year + post op.

    I like the idea. Two years for me next month. There was an earlier post that listed a lot of the challenges we can face long term as vets...it was eye opening!
  22. amazon

    Partner's opinions on loose skin?

    I think it's good to think about it now, but I'd also say don't spend too much time thinking abut it either. There's no way to know for certain where you'll end up, and how your skin will respond until you get there. The same for how you and your partner will be with your new body - long term. I, for one, never thought I'd care about loose skin or wrinkles, etc. I was wrong. But that's me. Everyone's different. My hubby didn't care about it, but was also fully supportive of my PS. Good luck on your journey - I wish you success!!
  23. amazon

    Thigh Lift - What Kind?

    I'm in the process of planing an extended mini-thigh lift with a back (belt) lift at the same time. I've had the tummy done, so the belt will complete the 360 and lift my sagging butt too. I have too much sagging, loose skin for just a lift. I don't need to go all the way to the knee, but longer than a mini-thigh lift which goes about half way. As @Anna Nim said, scars are the least of my worry. The hanging bags of skin are. I certainly don't like them, but scars will fade in time :-)
  24. Mine disappeared. Ironic, since when I was MO I wanted a reduction. Be careful what you wish for I guess! I was a 44D, and uncomfortable - so probably bigger. After the weight loss, I was a 34 B/C. Hard to really fit right when it's kind of rolled up. Sad but true. If allowed to lie flat I would be an A! I'm 2 1/2 weeks post op from buying new ones Never thought I'd ever do that.

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