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  1. I have sucessful lapband it is working, just need to take care of myself

  2. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    I will be at your meeting -- please let me know the location. I only talk to one person who had the Lapband -- it was great feeling. I hope everyone can attend, I believe this to be one of the most important part of the lapband -- Thanks Dave
  3. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    NMThin, Excellent that you have no pain. Results -- I believe they vary depending on age, weight, and female/male etc. I am 41 male, I started seeing results quickly, 1-2 pounds a week, and then I had my fill and progress kept coming. I made mistakes a long the way, eating to fast, drinking while I am eating, and eating bread (a lot) -- big mistakes. Other mistakes: not planning physical activity and planning my food intake. But I am success today, lost 60 pounds, 10 pounds to goal (8 months after surgery. If you would like to discuss over the phone or in person, or via lapbandtalk -- let me know. Good Luck.
  4. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    I would like to plan another meeting, time and location to be determined based on inputs. Please a provide a good date for you and approx. location on the board. I went to my fire support meeting two weeks ago, it was great -- everyone has story to tell and we want to listen. So, please post date, and location preference, lets get it together -- it will fun and exciting to all. Thanks, Dave :cursing:
  5. dlsparks88

    Did anybody NOT tell their family?

    I consider any type of medical treatment (surgery, counseling, drugs etc) to be considered a private manner. In addition, it can cause you more problems, because people will try to give advise (good and bad). Also, it put a lot more pressure on you to loose weight, basically to succeed. I have told my wife only. Small a problem -- I had to get a chest x-ray, they took it three times because they believe it was a bad x-ray, it was the band. Keep it private, your life and enjoy your sucess.
  6. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    Albuquerque Support Group -- I was wondering if anyone would like to meet next Saturday, 3 May at UNM around 2:00 p.m. Meet at 2:00 p.m. in front of Frontier Restaurant and walk to the field for a meeting. Let me know.
  7. dlsparks88

    info requested

    I strongly recommend going the sales seminar as noted in previous replies, also, go Youtube and see the surgery via video -- keyword lapband -- very interesting. It shows the surgery and the fills, also it shows a little negative about it. Their are a few books via AMAZON -- key word lapband. I had the surgery 6 months, down 50 lbs, 10 -15 lbs to go. Good Luck.
  8. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    Hi, I see their three us looking to start a support group, I was Band last September and loss 60lbs, working on the last 12 lbs -- let me know.
  9. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    PatriciaT -- Two place in the area, Denver (Dr. Kruamham) and El Paso (Del Solo Surgial) -- just four hour away. I recommend the Denver -- great Doctor and great Hospital.
  10. dlsparks88

    Albuquerque Support Group

    Andrea, Good Evening, I read your posting about a "Albuquerque Support Group", I had my surgery in September 2007 and doing very well. Let me know if you need any assistance. Thanks Dave
  11. dlsparks88

    This may be a dumb question...

    Great questions, but when the Doctor fills you, they usually empty everything and then refills, ensuring their is not leaks and they know exactly how much fluids you have
  12. Stephanie, Good luck and keep a positive out look.
  13. Hi, I ask the question myself -- I strongly believe he cares a lot. I had the surgery October 2007, lost 40 lbs as of today. The surgery went like clock work. Interview, discussions, Diet Expertes and more discussions with the Doctor. The surgery center is exceptional, and they surgery itself was some painless for me. I had the surgery around 3:00 pm., and was out of the Hospital about 6:00 - 7:00 pm. Went to the Hotel and slept the pain away. Next day drove to Albuquerque (Home), with very little problems. I have one fill so far, and believe I will get my next fill after the new year. It you have any questions, please let me know -- I hope the best for you.