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    Updated Almost 9 months
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    photo 5

    From the album: POST OP

    The first time I noticed my progress. When I look in the mirror I still see the same heavy person. I decided to take pictures every week to help gauge my progress
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    photo 4

    From the album: POST OP

    making progress
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    photo 3

    From the album: POST OP

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    photo 2

    From the album: POST OP

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    photo 1

    From the album: POST OP

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    Happy I'm Me!

    From the album: Post Op

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    Post Op

    Work in Progress
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    IMG 3130

    From the album: Post Op

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    IMG 3152

    From the album: Post Op

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    OMW to work

    From the album: Post Op

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    Need help ;)

    http://www.modelmydiet.com/ hope this helps
  13. Yes, this will soon pass, eat slow, don't talk while eating or chewing, because air can enter at least thats what my doctor told me because I had the same issues. Take the ant\acid pills as well. What helps me is I take one bite then allow for that to digest then the next bite etc. Im 4 months post op and still having a few issues with this , nothing like when I first had the surgery though
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    Hair Loss

    My friend had the surgery last July and her hair loss is very evident. So before I had my surgery I started taking Biotin Pills, actually I started taking all my vitamins pre-surgery so they can start getting in my system. I did try prenatal pills me bloated all the time so I stopped. But my hair is constantly growing. I would suggest you look into taking the Biotin pills they are a big help
  15. Congrats! this will be one of the best decision you could make in life:)
  16. goldiva

    I made it to goal today!

    Congrats, celebrate your accomplishments, now its time for you to set "new" goals. Keep it moving, making strides and never turning back:) Please any advice, I am now almost 9 weeks post op, any pointers for me to help me reach my goals.
  17. I started taking the vitamins about 2 months prior to the surgery so that it could build up in my system. The reason I did this is because my close friend had the surgery July 2012, and her hair came out very bad and now she is still loosing hair now and she is 8 months post.She does not take any vitamins at all. I know because of the surgery hair loss could possible happen and I did not want to take any chances. I had surgery on December 28th, and I faithfully take my pills and actually my hair is growing no loss what so ever. I'm taking 10000 mcg of Biotin for the hair, skin, nails, and then my regular mutivitamin, B12, niacin. Hope this helps. Remember everyone situation is different
  18. goldiva

    Anyone have aetna insurance?

    Aetna is my insurance provider. Just to give you heads up on how it work with Aetna. There are steps that you must take before approval and the post that you saw about being approved after 3 days is referencing after you have met all the PRE requirements. I got approved after 8 days but I had steps to complete as required by Aetna. 1)seminar, 2)3 months with a nutritionist or 6 months supervised by my primary doctor 4) psychiatrist evaluation 4)blood test 5)gall bladder scan. Because I was deadset on having the surgery by the time I went to my seminar I already contacted Aetna just to make sure that I qualified.I did my initial consult with the surgeon I done with all the steps except the gall bladder scan. So my whole process from start to finish was about 90 days. Aetna is pretty quick with approving the surgery as long as everything is done. I forgot pay the deductible that was last, the hospital would dnot take the money until they date was scheduled.
  19. This is perfectly normal. Every possible thought ran through my head. If you don't do anything else you owe it to yourself to become healthier and this is one step on your journey. I'm only just about weeks post and this is the best decision I could have made. I deserved to be happy and healthier. You deserve to be happy and healthy.
  20. goldiva

    Hair loss

    I am almost weeks out and I also take Biotin, I upped my dosage to 5000 mcg but twice a daily. I have biotin shampoo and conditioner actually my hair has grown and gotten much thicker. I was very paranoid about the hairloss so I started the biotin regimen about 2 weeks prior to surgery, you can also take a multivitamin in addition to the biotin for strong hair and nails. So far this is working for me, hope this help:) 0
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    Down 50!

    Awesome! you look great keep up the god work:)
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    Your doing awesome, keep up the good work!
  23. goldiva

    2 months and 55 pounds down!

    Congrats, you look awesome!
  24. goldiva

    Surgery in the morning.

    Congrats, good luck! This time tomorrow you will be sleeved up and walking on to a better you:)
  25. I mentioned it to my direct manager as "idea" that I was thinking about even though I was taking the steps to have the surgery. Once I was approved I then told my manager that she will be receiving notification from the insurance company about my leave, you do not have to tell them exactly the reason for the leave that between you and HR but because I report directly to her I let her know as a courtesy that I will be taking off for 8 weeks. Im 3 weekss post op now

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