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  1. Cyn

    Longest hospital stay?

    He was worried I would become dehydrated if I went home.
  2. Cyn

    Longest hospital stay?

    No complications, but Dr had me stay in the hospital five days.
  3. It's been one year now and quite the incredible journey. I have met my weight loss goal and am now working on firming things up. How are all my fellow sleevers doing?
  4. From the album: Cyn

  5. From the album: Cyn

  6. Cyn

    IMG 0360

    From the album: Cyn

    07/15/13 9 months post op Down 76 lbs
  7. From the album: Cyn

    Morning of Surgery
  8. I have been able to eat more as well. I guess this is where all of our training comes into effect. Congrats on your weight loss so far. As of yesterday I am down 70 lbs. So happy that we are all having such great success.
  9. I was happy to see my clavicles
  10. Cyn

    Heading to the hospital!

    Good luck everyone. We will save you a seat on the losers bench!
  11. Cyn

    Hair :(

    I am 7 months out tomorrow and still losing tons of hair. I started out with very thick hair and now it has thinned out BIG time, especially by my "widows peak". Cant wait for my hair to be back to normal
  12. Happy 6 month surgiversary! I am down 64lbs and am hoping to keep it going.
  13. 100 lbs?? That is awesome!! Congrats!
  14. Woohoo finally under 200 lbs!!
  15. I have been able to eat more as well. We just have to keep up with the healthy eating! As long as I am still losing, though it seems to have slown down a lot, I am still happy. I would never have been able to lose this on my own.
  16. I have been hungry as well. Thought the non hungry phase would last longer....
  17. Thanks! My goal is 170. My "normal" weight is supposed to be 150, but I was comfortable at 170 so I would be VERY happy at that weight.
  18. Happy two month surgiversary everyone! Down 35lbs since surgery. This has to be one of the best decisions I have ever made.
  19. I was also sleeved October 15th. First two weeks were miserable, went through the depression stage and regretted my decision on a daily basis. Now I am sooo happy I went through with this! Day of surgery I was at 257. Today I am at 231! Whoever thinks this is an easy fix has another thing coming.
  20. Cyn

    Surgery Today!

    Good luck!
  21. Had my surgery Oct 15 and i must admit it wasa big rollercoaster feeling good and bad. Was not expecting that much pain and nausea.Luckily as the day moved on, I felt much better. Day two I was unable to keep anything down so they kept me another night. Day three was much better and Iwas able to keep everything down,but apparently didn't take in enough liquids so I got to stay a third night. Finally home now so I am hoping I can actually get some rest. I shiver everytime I think of that horrible gastrograffin. Sorry I am jumping all over the place. So far the difficult thing about being home is watching everyone else eat. Looking forward to eating and being 100%
  22. Wish they would let me go home! Third night here

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