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  1. I'm guessing that your PCP doesn't do bariatric surgery. You could start there, but it might be a good idea to start with the surgeon who placed your band; ask for his/her advice. If you have the same insurance as you did in Texas, you'll have to follow whatever protocol they mandate for this type of surgery. Maybe, look for a bariatric surgeon where you live now, and have a consultation.
  2. Your bariatric surgeon would be the one to tell you if it's possible. I don't see why not, unless there are other health issues or insurance won't cover it.
  3. I'm very close to revising from band to bypass. I have polycystic kidney and liver disease, and I'm concerned that the surgery could (possibly) escalate issues with that disease. My kidney and liver function is normal, but even so, I have a 50/50 chance of needing dialysis and a transplant as I get older. I'm curious to know if anyone here has PKD and/or PLD and underwent a RNY. As of now, I only need to lose 40 pounds. But once the band comes out due to complications, I'm afraid that number will climb. Ugh.....so many things to consider!
  4. But oh.....how I love my wine But the biggest issue with it is, that it makes me eat way more than I normally would. And things that I shouldn't be eating. But that is going to have to change.....if I want to take care of my body. I can't say that I would give up the ritual forever, but maybe limit it to once a month.
  5. Wow, I'm so sorry you went through so much, especially breast cancer. That is very scary, but 6 years is great! I hope you never have to deal with it again. Yes, many struggles for both of us. That's not to say it's impossible to lose weight, but there are more challenges. That's interesting......about processed meats, beef and cheese making your joints hurt much worse. I'm going to pay more attention to that. I know I'm much worse after the weekends, when we drink wine, eat cheese and other more fatty types of foods. We eat pretty healthy during the week, but come the weekend - we're off! It makes a lot of sense, though..... As good as they taste, those foods are toxic. I feel best when I eat lean protein, veggies and a little bit of carb; like a small red potato or ½ cup of brown rice or quinoa, etc. As long as the carbs are whole, I'm good. Bread, crackers, etc.....not so good; even if they're 100% whole grain. I wish you ALL the best with your upcoming surgery. It's a huge life changing step, and I think you will be very happy with the results. You just have to be prepared for the time when the initial honeymoon is over.... It happens with all of the surgeries, which is when the work really begins.
  6. mrsto

    Lap Band Removal

    Yeah, the acid issue is bad. My voice was hoarse and I'd start coughing just having a conversation. I will be glad to get rid of it. I'm disappointed, but mostly in myself......for eating around the band a gaining half of my weight back. Leakage with the sleeve is VERY dangerous. From what I'm told, it's not that common, but it does happen. And when it does, people can be in the hospital for 6 weeks hooked up to an IV. Aside from the dangerous health aspects, I'm self employed and six weeks in the hospital would pretty much end my business. Too risky on all counts. It was either the band or a bypass. I went with the band, and my only regret is that I didn't go with the original plan....which was the RNY. Oh well..... Hopefully I/we will maintain the weight loss to date, and find the strength and drive to continue down the scale in a healthy way.
  7. I haven't had any flare ups with the PKD, so I haven't had to take steroids. I've been pretty lucky so far, but as I age, things can change. It's a weird disease; no cure, but many people don't even know they have it and end up dying from something else. Even still, the last CT scan showed that my kidneys are enlarged with all the cysts, but there isn't really anything to do, unless the labs start to show impairment of function or they see protein in my urine. For now, it's just a bit of flank pain.....which comes and goes. I just have to be careful and clear all prescription drugs through my nephrologist. I take Meloxicam for joint pain, which he says is a huge no no. I'll have to figure that one out. Though I don't take it every day, it's been a wonder drug for me; the difference between painful/miserable walks, to being able to walk my dog for close to an hour without wanting to lay down in the middle of the street and cry. I've never heard of the IF diet, but I just looked it up online. It's very interesting. My husband stopped eating dinner a couple of months ago, and dropped a good amount of weight. He wasn't following that plan, but just decided to stop eating at around 4pm. It's worked well for him. I do have thyroid issues and have been taking meds for many years. I'm hypo-thyroid and have Hashimotos disease. My numbers are good on the dose of Synthroid I'm on, so I've got that part covered. I'm going to work with the nutritionist at my surgeon's office. I love her and she can help me get on an eating plan that works at this stage. This might be TMI, but I had a total hysterectomy a year before my band surgery, and it's 5 times harder to lose the same pound than it was before menopause and losing my ovaries. I remember "older" people always telling me to lose the weight while I'm young; it's much harder when you're older. I was young and cocky and didn't believe them. HA! And here I am.......struggling along Thanks for your input, FluffyChix - I appreciate it When did you have your surgery? I see you live in Texas. I'm in California, and we've been talking about possibly relocating to someplace around Austin (Hill Country), when we retire in a couple of years.
  8. mrsto

    Lap Band Removal

    Wow, I'm so glad to hear that you felt so much better after a couple of days - that's great! I'm not happy that you're so hungry, but hopefully that will normalize over the next few days/weeks. Even if a band is empty, it still helps with hunger....just from being there. Once it comes out, it's like a big pendulum swing......which will hopefully slow down somewhere in the middle I was banded in March 2013, with a starting weight of about 225. My highest weight ever was 228. I dropped 70 pounds with the band/plication, but after about 16 months, started slowly gaining. That was all on me, but a couple of years ago I started getting horrible reflux. I know for sure it's band related, because when the band was emptied it went away. A couple of months ago my doc said.....let's try it again. Within 3 days of the fill, I was choking on acid again. With the 35 pound weight gain, back came the blood pressure meds. I was off them completely when my weight was down. I know this will resolve once I get the weight off, which I will work very hard on doing. I really don't want a revision surgery; I'm too old to put myself through anymore of this. If my weight continues to climb, I will reconsider. What type of appetite suppressant did your doctor give you? I've taken them on and off for years; lost tons of weight on them. I tried them again a few months ago (from my internist), but could no longer tolerate them; heart racing, couldn't sleep, etc. At this point, it's up to me to get my act together and stop the madness around food. I'm 62, and you'd think after a lifetime of dealing with this sh-t, I'd be on a healthier path. I have other age (and obesity) related health issues. At this point, living heavy; possibly getting heavier, the stakes are just way too high. Ugh......this yo yo weight issue takes too big of a toll.
  9. mrsto

    Lap Band Removal

    I'm having my band removed on December 6th. Though insurance approved a RNY revision at the same time, I've elected not to do it. My plan is to start seeing the nutritionist at my doctor's office, and work with her on a healthy eating plan. If my weight starts to climb higher than it is now (I have only 40 pounds to lose), I will consider the revision next year. So, I'm not in your shoes quite yet, but I will be, shortly. My band has been empty for a few months, so hopefully there won't be a huge difference in satiety once it's completely gone. And I totally share your fear about weight gain! I don't know that I trust myself to stick with a healthy eating plan 85% of the time. Hopefully I've learned a thing or two over the past (almost) 5 years since being banded. I wish you ALL the best on this next phase of the never ending journey
  10. Thanks FluffyChix.... I have a new nephrologist and asked him at my visit a few weeks ago. He said that though the bypass can be good, in my case, he's against it. Even though my kidneys are functioning perfectly, given that the bypass changes absorption and anatomy, he doesn't recommend it. The hepatic cysts are really just an extension of the PKD; pretty much a non issue. When I mentioned this to my bariatric surgeon, he doesn't see any issues with the bypass and PKD. He also said that the bypass can be reversed....if down the road it became an issue. I trust him 100%, but I would not go into a bypass revision with the mindset that I can have it reversed. It's too much of an ordeal, and I don't want to put my body through so much surgical upset. I lost almost all my weight with the band, but gained half of it back over the past few years. Like the rest of us here, my biggest concern is continuing to slowly gain; ending up where I was when I started this journey close to 5 years ago. I just wish I'd had the bypass to begin with, but I chickened out and went with the band/plication instead. At 62 with about 40 pounds to lose, I'm not sure I want to do anything further. For now, I will have the band removed next week, then work with the nutritionist at my surgeons office. At least I still have the plication, which should help limit the amount I eat in a sitting. The reality is, with ALL of these surgeries, after the honeymoon period is over, WE need to do the work. I was stellar with the band for the first 16 months, then I learned how to eat past the signal. I know a few people who gained a substantial amount of weight a few years after their bypass, and I know some who have stayed thin for many years after the procedure. In the end, we have to make lifestyle changes for continued success. Not always so easy....
  11. It looks like my insurance approved the band removal and bypass revision all in one shot. I'm already scheduled to have the band removed on 12/6, but now I'm considering the revision as well. I'm interested to hear other's recovery experience. I know everyone is different, but I'd like a general idea of how long it took before you were up and around; able to work, etc. I'm a self employed bookkeeper and January is my busiest month. I'm thinking......if I have the revision done sometime during the first two weeks in December, I'll be ready to hit the ground running (figuratively speaking) the first week of January. I work from my home office, so I don't need to travel. I would love to hear your experience. I would also like to know if anyone had the band with plication. If he just takes out the band & port, he will leave the plication in place. If he does the bypass revision, he will bring down the plication. I'm nervous that might have it's own issues. Ugh......so scared right now I'm not afraid of having the band system removed... I'm afraid of possible bypass complications, and that I will not be able to work within a reasonable amount of time.
  12. Omaj, thanks for your response..... I haven't logged onto this site in a few weeks, but I'm wondering how you're doing 1.5 months post op? I saw my surgeon today and I'm still waiting to see what insurance will approve. We decided to put back 4cc of fluid into my completely empty band; see if I tolerate it. If I don't, that's more ammunition to make a case with insurance. It's such a game, but I guess that's what we have to do. If I can't get back into banded life comfortably, I'll have the band out. Still not sure about the bypass. I hear some, like you, do very well right out of surgery. Then I hear others who had a lot of complications right out of the gate. Ugh.....I wish I had a crystal ball!
  13. Wow, Lisa......I'm so sorry about your heart issues. And that you had an attack during childbirth! You are already coming into this with some serious potential issues, so you do need to make sure that you're not jumping from the pot into the fire. Though there are no guarantees either way, there is something reactive going on in your body, so you need to be SUPER careful. And I agree, no, I do not think that ALL issues are weight related. Weight does put a strain on so many things and causes other health issues, but it's not EVERYthing. I've done so much research on this; pre-surgery and now looking at a revision. With the bypass, the biggest (common) food issue is sugar. If you have a sweet tooth and eat a lot of it, you might get very sick (dumping). My next door neighbor had a bypass many years ago, and though she tolerates just about everything, certain things are hard for her to eat.......like popcorn. I guess everyone has to find their own balance once the surgery is done and we're back on regular food. As for the sleeve, if reflux is or has even been an issue, the sleeve isn't a good option. Reflux gets worse, and even those who never had it, get it. For me, there isn't enough long term data on that procedure, and I'm always afraid of the possible leakage from the staples. Though it doesn't happen often, if it does, you can be in the hospital for several weeks/months. I'm self employed, so that would pretty much put me right out of business. Since the bypass has been the gold standard for many years, I guess I'm just more comfortable with it. I've also heard that revisions don't lose weight as quickly/easily as "surgical virgins". I've heard this with both the bypass and sleeve. People lose, but it's a different experience over first timers. I think for you, given what you've said about your history, it might be a good idea for you to see your cardiologist to discuss. The heart issue is concerning and I'd want his/her take on putting your body through another bariatric surgery. This is serious stuff! But with that aside, you have to ask yourself the questions we always have to ask..... Will your weight continue to climb if you don't have surgical intervention? Though weight isn't the beginning and end all, I can tell you......as you get older, the health issues increase. From my 30 pound weight gain, I'm back on blood pressure meds. I had knee surgery in March and my knees are still painful. Ultimately, I will have knee replacement, but that is something I won't do unless my weight is down. The artificial joints have about a 15 year life, but with extra weight, even less. If I keep gaining weight, I'll probably end up with pre-diabetes/diabetes. When I was younger, all I cared about was how I looked. Now, it's all about the way I feel and staying healthy. No, I'm not thrilled seeing the extra weight come back on, but feel worse physically and have other health issues that are exacerbated by the extra stress on my body. You question about possible rejection to the sleeve is a good question. Honestly, because once the stomach is gone, what then? The bypass can be reversed, though I don't think it's as simple as removing a band. My doctor said he does about 4 reversals a year. He also said that band revisions are now about 20% of his practice. He rarely places them anymore; it's old technology. He seems to prefer the bypass over anything else. I will think of other questions, too. My doctor told me that I worry too much about things I don't need to worry about. Easy for him to say! Surgeons.....nothing is a big deal to them. But it is to me/us
  14. I'm in the same boat..... I had my band placed in March 2013, and now going to have it removed with a revision to a gastric bypass (most likely). My main band issue is horrible reflux. My throat and voice box are so inflamed from acid, my voice is hoarse all the time and I wake up coughing and try to swallow (what feels like) a glob of something in my throat. But there isn't anything to swallow; it's swelling from acid. Over the past year I've slowing had all of the fluid removed from my band, with the hope that the issue would resolve. It has not. I saw my surgeon yesterday to discuss all of my options. With reflux as the main issue, the sleeve isn't an option because reflux typically worsens. I was never interested in the sleeve, so I'm okay with that. I was originally scheduled for a bypass, but chickened out at the last minute and went for the band with plication. I did well initially; lost 70 pounds, but gained back about 30 over the past 3 years. My only regret is that I didn't go through with my original plan; to have a gastric bypass. My options are, to have the band removed and see what happens over the next few months. Or, to have one surgery; band removal, plication taken down and have the bypass done at the same time. I am really scared about having a bypass, but I'm also fearful that I will continue to gain back all of my weight; maybe more over time. I'm 5'1" and currently 185 pounds. It's just too much weight for my frame. And I'm 62, so there are other issues at this point in life. I'm all over the map on the pros & cons; dealing with my fears on both sides of the fence. Ugh..... I cannot believe that I'm still dealing with this issue! Lisa, I remember you from the Lap-band forums a few years ago. We were both banded in 2013. I'm so sorry to hear that you're having issues and the band never really worked out for you. Being sick all the time is NOT fun and I completely understand your fears about going to another surgery. It's a lot to think about
  15. I'm also considering having my band removed and the plication taken down. I'm at the 4.5 year mark and having horrible reflux and some other discomfort. The reflux is so bad, I'm hoarse all the time and wake up coughing. I'm 62 and scared to revise to a RNY at my age. But I've gained about 30 of the 70 pounds I lost with the band, and I'm afraid I will gain all of it back; possibly more. I'm also scared that the band is doing damage. From those who have already done the revision, how long were you in the hospital and what was your recovery time? I'm self employed (work from home) and need to know how much time to plan. My doc said 2-3 days in the hospital and at least two weeks recovery. I'm interested to hear other's experiences.
  16. I'm close to making a decision to go through the revision surgery. I am concerned that I'm doing this somewhat late in the game. Is there anyone over 50 or 60 that has done it? I'm healthy, but I'm also 61 and wondering if I've lost my mind for even considering this!
  17. Here is a link to some info..... http://www.wlshelp.com/stomaphyx.html
  18. I'm not in the same boat, but I know a couple of people who had their pouch tightened; reset. It made a huge difference.
  19. I love peanut butter on an apple.....or banana. Sometimes I'll have a few almonds with fruit.....which works out well with blood sugar.
  20. I'm considering a Lapband/plication to RNY revision and combing through the various posts online for info. I'm reading a lot about reactive hypoglycemia, and how many start having it anywhere from 6 months to several years post-op. I'm concerned because I already deal with RA, but I'm able to control it with diet. It sounds like it can become a runaway train and very tricky to control after this surgery. I think this scares me more than anything else because I've dealt with it for years; long before band/plication surgery. I'm interested to hear from anyone dealing with blood sugar issues since their bypass.
  21. Do you have any issues when eating fruit alone.....without nuts or protein? For me, it's not as bad as candy, but it's not great. Also, I would love to eat oatmeal for Breakfast, but it's a recipe for disaster within 2 hours. And I don't put sugar in it. Very frustrating.
  22. I'm good with that, as long as it doesn't take on a life of its own; happen whether or not I eat high carb/sweet foods.
  23. I've had this for many years, but it's gotten worse with age. But it is manageable and I don't have extreme issues if I eat properly. Before LB surgery I was pre-diabetic; my sugar was a bit out of the normal range. After I dropped weight the numbers normalized. Though I still have RA, my tested sugar and A1C is totally normal. Here is some info I found online. http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/diabetes/expert-answers/reactive-hypoglycemia/faq-20057778
  24. It comes on anywhere from 2-4 hours after eating higher carb meals or Snacks. If I eat candy or other simple sugary sweets, I'm screwed......it's really bad. For me, it will start with a tremor and then a rapid drop in blood sugar; shaking, brain dead (literally) and sweating. Sometimes it will happen if I eat more crackers beyond what goes with a piece of string cheese. I started keeping chewable glucose tablets for when I feel the tremor, which shortens the episode. But that is only a bandaid until I can eat some Protein, fat and small amount of good carb. If I stay away from bad carbs and make sure I have balanced snacks, I'm okay. But when I read about people who acquired this issue only after a bypass, I'm concerned that it will become worse and my life will become all about battling my blood sugar. I don't what to jump from the pot into the fire. I'm not as miserable with my body as I was before lapband surgery. But I also know how easy it is for my weight to climb all the way back up. Scary sh-t!
  25. Thanks Gail..... I have so many concerns about this procedure, and don't want to go through it and potentially create other issues that make me regret my decision. I originally went with the band/plication because I knew it could easily be reversed.....or, undone. The bypass is a whole other animal, and being that I'm self employed, I do not have the time for trips back to the hospital. As I'm scouring for info through this site and other places online, I'm also thinking (for the gazillionth time), maybe I'll start Weight Watchers. I cringe that I'm even thinking about going back down that road.....which historically, leads to nowhere. Ugh.....I'm in such turmoil. Thanks so much for reaching out. Though we all share a common thread, it's nice to hear from another 1955er.... Physically, things are a lot different now then they were at 45 I am 61 and had my revision surgery on 12/9/2016. At this point, I am down 33 pounds, with weight loss the first 3-4 weeks very slow, but then picked up momentum. Like Travelher, I have found my pouch is bigger than those who have not had a revision, so I measure and watch what I eat. There has been some emotional adjustments I was not aware of until I joined this forum (I love this forum) but it absolutely has ben worth it! At my age, excess skin is already a "situation" but my health is so much better. I recommend you do it as I would do it again. since we are the same age, I would be happy to be your "buddy"! Gail