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  1. My first fill today too! I'm starvin' and I also had a protein shake. I have an aquacize class tonight though so I hope that keeps my mind/tummy busy until bedtime.
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    400's, 300's, Now Finally 200's!!

    WOW! You are making that band work. And loving the Friends clip!
  3. thighhigh

    Is Anyone Else Out There Struggling?

    Sometimes I put out a tough crossword on my kitchen counter and force myself to try and complete 5 of the words before I head into the food. Sometimes this slows me down enough that I think over my "hunger"...
  4. Hi Junies! So I am about halfway through my second post op week. I'm able to eat "mushies" now but I'm not that excited about it as I never really feel hungry anymore. I know there is still some swelling going on but I think the three week pre-op diet knocked the hungry right out of me.... Anyways, what is everyone else doing for excercise right now?
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    From the album: thighhigh

  7. Good luck, first day of the rest of your life!
  8. Well hello junies!!! All of us have made it through the gate, now to the race... I was thrilled to get home from Toronto - I must say the 4 hour flight home squashed into a tiny seat with gas pain left a lot to be desired, but I was so anxious to get home to my baby I didn't care too much. This morning I went for a nice long walk with the old dog and managed pretty well. As of yesterday I've lost 31 pounds since the pre-op diet start, 5 of those since last Wednesday's surgery. Question - Even though I sip my water slowly I find it gives me some chest pain, is that normal for the week post-op?
  9. Banded today! I had a very smooth surgery, no hernias, and a teensy fat-free liver. I dont have any gas pain at all really. Ive been pretty free and easy with the gas-x. I have been walking up and down the hotel hallways every hour. I even had some of the nurses say I was looking really good for someone who just had surgery. That made me feel nice. Im on Water until tomorrow morning. They weighed me right before the surgery and I guess that despite all my griping about a 3 week liquid diet it did me good! I was down 26 pounds. I wont be able to weigh myself now until I get home which is not until Saturday morning. I want to say thanks for all the help and support you all gave me. Also I want to thank my Mom and Sister who are minding my 7 month old baby back home. I better stop, I am so excited I am running long on my emmy acceptance speech! :wub:
  10. Go Alberta! We are going to make this province super hot!
  11. Good luck! We are thinking of you right now!
  12. My husband wondered if a V8 or similar vegetable cocktail with low sodium might help? I think they have fruit flavour and extra fibre...Good luck...
  13. Hi Blackleopard, I sent you a PM as well, it is nice to see someone going through the same pre-op as myself, at the same clinic too!
  14. Congrats and good luck everyone... Day 14 of a 21 day shake diet...I think I might ascend to a higher plane soon. Has anybody else ever heard of a 21 day pre-op diet??? Also, I'm baking an enormo kid's birthday cake today, to be shaped like a purple hippo. Groaaaan. Repeat after me, "Christine, you will NOT lick any spoons or taste any single thing. You already know the flavour since you have made all these thigns a million times."
  15. Water, Water everywhere... I had a lot of sugar withdrawal but then I felt much better in a few days. You will feel lighter and more energetic! Keep going! And if the cravings get bad...make sure you have a good pal to help you bury the bodies. LOL
  16. Hey, somebody yelling at me about moderation....Dad? is that you??
  17. I think we are all going through a huge withdrawal! Sugar , Processed foods , Salt :wub: , Comfort eating :ph34r: , coffee/pop the list goes on and on...and even if you are not going through a pre-op diet, you will be feeling these reductions after surgery. I feel really weird and shakey sometimes but each day I feel better. Best of luck everybody!
  18. Good luck to everyone going this next week, don't be frightened! I'm getting closer and I swear I will be as excited to have the band done as stop this liquid diet. All meals in life should never be sweet chocolate over and over. It is making me examine a lot of my feelings and thoughts around food. I spend a lot of time thinking about it and even a little time dreaming about it! I have finally had to stop watching Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives though! Love you all, and happy papa's day!
  19. **Semi-gross warning** I hope no one is offended - but as the book says "everybody poops." Day 11 of a 21 day liquid/salad pre-op. I feel like there are good days and bad days. I am having significant digestive upset (diarrea) even though I am using a fibre supplement and eating my daily allotment of veggies. I thought this would settle eventually but it is not. Any thoughts or suggestions? I am adding to my water intake to try and ward off dehydration. Thanks in advance,
  20. Good luck to everyone going today! How hot are we all going to be for those winter holidays??!!
  21. Band date buddies! I'm so excited!
  22. thighhigh

    June 27Th...yikes!!

    Yes the SWLC here is connected to the one in Mississauga, ON. That's who I am going through with Dr.Cobourn. Dr.Mitchells office will be in charge of my follow-up and fills afterwards. Our pre-ops are very similar. I am very glad we get coffee! I have a 7 month old baby and I need to be able to function!
  23. thighhigh

    June 27Th...yikes!!

    I'm on a 3 week (high BMI) 3 shakes a day + green veggies diet. Its called SlimTime. So I've completed one week almost , 2 more weeks to go. Dr.Mitchell is your surgeon?
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    Good Question! Its not often that a surgeon has two such different specialties but if he's good and it is covered, go for it!
  25. thighhigh

    June 27Th...yikes!!

    Congrats! I tried for years through AHS / former CHR and was never chosen. I've decided to take matters into my own hands but I know how hard it is to get approved so I am super happy for you. Also, we have the same band date! I'm due June 27 but having the procedure in Ontario. Band Buddies?

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