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  1. Did any one in this group go to mexico to get thier surgery?
  2. Faith4me who will be your surgeon if you don't mind me asking. I'm in the same situation as you I have to travel alone, cuz I was going in august but it didn't happen I'm now shooting for end of September or October. I will be going to Cancun surgery with Dr. Hector Perez
  3. I found Complication Medical Insurance.... www.medical-treatment-management.com/complication sounds like a good idea.
  4. Hi ATLsara I think maybe this wesite may help not sure.... but this is the one I plan on using when I travel in Jan. 2013 to Cancun. www.hthtravelinsurance.com check it out hope it helps
  5. In south florida I was quoted 16,000.00 to much for my pockets! That's why I plan going to cancun mexico to get it done for 6,000.00 that's a whapping 10,000 less. It all depends how much you can afford or willing to spend....
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    The begining

  7. laura30

    218 lbs

    From the album: The begining

  8. Dose any body know how much is the surgery with DR. Alvarez?
  9. Im searching for sleevers that had gastric sleeve in Cancun Mexico Please let me know if any body used Dr. Hector Perez. T Y
  10. I would like to hear form people that had surgery from Dr. Hector Perez! please anybody out there... I need some input on this surgeon because im planing my surgery in Cancun.
  11. laura30

    Florida Sleevers - Meet Up?

    Sound like a great idea! I'm not a sleever yet but would like to attend and learn from all of your experiences.
  12. laura30

    Welcome Florida Sleevers

    Yes u r.......LOL Hi Lissa I'v been a bitt down I have to save the money for my surgery. $6000.00 so I can go have my VSG in Cancun! it will take me about 7 months I am so wanting to do this. Fat has taken 22 years of my life......
  13. laura30

    Seeking Buddies 5'2" & Under

    Im 5'1'' and 218 lbs. Not sure when Im having my sleeve surgery getting my finance together may have to go to Mexico Cancun Dr. Perez dose any body know this surgeon? his fee is $6000 hopefully 6 to 7 months.
  14. laura30

    Welcome Florida Sleevers

    Hi all Just a bitt because my loan was not approved! So now I have to save $6000.00 to go have my sleeve sugery in Mexico. Dose anybody know if Medicare covers the sleeve surgery?
  15. laura30

    Welcome Florida Sleevers

    Where are the people from the Treasure Coast!!! any one.....
  16. laura30

    Why I Am So Thankful For My Sleeve!

    It's so nice to hear how very happy most people are after getting the sleeve surgery. I't gives me so much hope and keeps reasuring me I'm doing the right thing!!!
  17. Thank you Sherlee the reasson Is I'm trying to get my surgery in Cancun in a hospital.
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    Just Me
  19. Thank you Shangefan it was helpfull!
  20. Hi all I'm new at this does anybody know anything about DR. Hector Perez? I'm trying to get my surgery done in cancun. I found him thru the Obesity Solutions International LLC They told me it will cost 6,000.00
  21. laura30

    Welcome To The Club?

    Thank you for welcoming me! May I ask who was your surgeon I don't know who to pick as my surgeon I want to get my VSG in Cancun because I want to fly in to Cancun. So far I have found Dr. Perez that dose the surgery in Cancun and Dr. Sergio Verboonen.
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    Me after VSG

    70 pounds gone
  23. laura30

    Just me

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