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  1. I'm having a hard time thinking of food that would be good pureed. Also my doctor said I could have soft cheese because most people want to be able to bite/chew something, what are some soft cheeses that taste good?
  2. 4ALongerLife- Wow, thats a lot deal with! I had my surgery April 18th so kinda new to everything. I think its great that you don't regret a minute of it!
  3. 4ALongerLife- What kind of complications are you experiencing?
  4. brittcherry

    Any Ideas On Full Liquids

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions! I will defiantly be trying them!
  5. I had surgery April 18th so I'm 9 days out. What are some good thins to eat besides SF jello, cream soups, SF Pudding and broth. I feel as I'm eating the same things over and over and its getting to the point that I can't stomach the smell of them. I also feel that I am not eating enough I get full with less than 2 oz. Any suggestions of new things I can eat.
  6. brittcherry


    How would you know if you have a leak? What are the symptoms?
  7. brittcherry

    Such Pain

    I had my surgery April 18th and I'm still in pain/sore, but no where near the pain I was in right after surgery. I am mostly in pain from my incisions and my back is pretty sore , but I think that is from sleeping in the chair. Last night was the first night I was able to sleep in my bed, I woke up a little sore, but after walking I felt better. It does get better except slowly.
  8. brittcherry

    Was This A Mistake?

    I also feel the same way, I was sleeved April 18th so only 8 days out. I find myself wondering what did I do to myself? I self inflicted pain on myself, although I know it was pain to make me a healthier and happier person. I just know right now it sucks, watching everyone around me eat as I'm drinking my water. Its a weird feeling because I know I don't the food, I think its all mental. I just keep telling myself its going to get better, I know it will its just going to take time. I also find myself taking my pain meds at night to sleep. I had been sleeping in the chair and last night was my first night in my own bed, but my back is still killing me or I should say my whole body is so sore. Well goodluck and hang in there, I know its going to get better from here.
  9. brittcherry


    Thank you! I'm actually not having troubles going. Although when i take my meds it burns is that normal?
  10. brittcherry


    I had a hietal hernia on my esophagus. Its harder to breathe in at times, but right now its in my lower abdomen thats hurts I'm not sure if thats normal or not.
  11. brittcherry


    Thanks so much! I had my surgery April 18th and I just stopped taking my pain meds and I'm still having some pain. Everyone that I have talked to says they were usually off their pain meds a few days after they got home, for some reason I feel the need to keep taking it.
  12. brittcherry

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    Thanks! I actually went and got some gas x strips they seem to be working so far.
  13. brittcherry

    Hiatal Hernia Question.

    I had surgery on April 18th and they fixed mine at the same time.
  14. brittcherry

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    I was sleeved on the 18th. I came home yesterday, so I was only in the hospital for 2 days. Overall everything went smoothly. I am still struggling to get down all 64oz of water with trying to get down my protein. I am still in a bit of pain on my right side, which my surgeon said I would because its a deep stitch where they pulled my excess stomach out. I have not had any pain meds since yesterday so the pain is tolerable. I recently started having gas pains, anyone have any suggestions of how to cure these?
  15. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site. I'm having my surgery April 18, 2012! Yikes I am getting so nervous! How is the pain after the procedure?
  16. brittcherry

    Anxious! Please Help!

    Thank you everyone! Its time to go the hospital, I will be sure to let you all know how it went!
  17. brittcherry

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    Calikat- Thanks for all the words of encouragement! I'm going to take your advice, I'm so excited for my new journey. My new healthy body and new image! I'm hours away and time is going so fast. I'm so scared and exited at the same time!
  18. brittcherry

    Anxious! Please Help!

    Mesaucedo- Thank you for the beneficial information. I have also heard a lot of people having the gas pains. I'm 22, my doctor also told me that my surgery should be a piece of cake thats what I am hoping for anyway!
  19. brittcherry

    Where Are My April 2012 Sleevers?

    I am scheduled April 18th! I am so nervous! Tomorrow is the big day! I am still not sure how to think about it I have so many emotions going through my mind, I'm not sure which ones to pick.
  20. brittcherry

    Anxious! Please Help!

    Thank you, I will make sure to discuss this tomorrow before I have the procedure.
  21. brittcherry

    Anxious! Please Help!

    Thanks so much for the encouraging words! I'm so excited, but scared at the same time.

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