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  1. Are STALLED, like myself!! That way we can keep each other company before we go bat $h!t crazy!! LOL I read ALL ABOUT these stalls before surgery and KNEW I could very well have it happen to me.... but yet I am still depressed and about to pull my hair out since the scale hasn't moved in almost 2 weeks!!! Lost 30 lbs my first 2 weeks post-op - but now NOTHING the past week and 5 days!! Anyone want to add???? VENT AWAY!!
  2. Hi Angie- How I handle it is if I am craving it I have a piece! Simple as that. I didn't have this surgery so I could never eat anything but lean meats for the rest of my life. It's so I can eat what I want, but in moderation. If I am craving chocolate, I have a small piece, and appease my craving. If I am craving pizza, I have 1/4 of a piece, and be done. I've lost 95 lbs in 6 months since surgery, 120 total. And google about hormone release with weight loss. Your body has so many crazy hormones going through it now, you're going to have such highs and lows for a very long time until your body regulates! They affect sex drive, depression, mood swings, anger, everything. You're doing awesome, keep up the good work. And craving things (even things you never craved Pre-op) is nothing to freak out about. Now if you're to the point where you're choking down 2-3 full size candy bars a day- that's a moment for concern! Lol but you seem to be far from that! be kind to yourself, take a deep breath and enjoy your weightless and new found life!
  3. blondeej

    Stalled at 7 weeks out

    Girl, being at the same weight for a week is NOT a stall.... Lol Now if 4-5 weeks go by and you're the same weight, that may be a stall. But not 1 week. Keep following the rules, Protein first, etc, the scale will move.
  4. blondeej

    Found a great snack yummy!

    Oh YUM. Gotta find these things lol thanks girl
  5. My doctor said if needed to take them sparingly and always make sure to pair with your ppi. I have only taken ibuprofen four times or so since surgery, twice of those times was within the past week due to knee inflammation from working out. Man my knees felt so much better afterwards! Lol
  6. blondeej

    Found a great snack yummy!

    So is it like jerky surrounded by cheese?? It's hard to tell in the package pic. Wonder if I can find them up here... Is it meant to be served warm or either way?
  7. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I was the same way - my long blonde hair was my pride and joy! I started losing at 3 months post-op on the dot and am now a little over 6 months post-op and I've lost half my hair. It's SO depressing. If I was a crier I would of done cried numerous times about it already. I wouldn't trade the weight loss for luscious hair for anything - but this has really been mentally and emotionally hard on me!! Way worse than I ever thought it would be! I guess because when I was banded I didn't lose much at all. (weight AND hair... lol) Everyone I've talked to says the hair loss stops at about month 10. OMG I cannot WAIT. IDK if I will have any hair left by then!! I didn't have super thick hair to begin with - my hair is fine, but I just had a lot of it. :(
  8. Stalls SUCK and are mental torture!! LOL I stalled at week 3 and it lasted for 3 weeks... or something like that. IDK, it's been so long it's hard to remember. But I was pretty traumatized at the time! LOL Now I am a little over 6 months out and have lost 94 lbs since surgery - 120 all together. I think I am in the midst of my second one - but I mean hey, I can't complain! That type of loss in 6 months is awesome. But I worked for it! Your scale will start moving again - even though for some people it was impossible to do (like ME!)-- try not to weigh for a week or so - easier said than done, I know. I was a certifiable scale wh0re - weighed twice a day - now I weigh about twice a week! Best of luck to you!!!
  9. blondeej


    ohh, ok - kind of like I call regular B*dweiser beer diesel???????? LOL BTW - OTR you're looking FAB!!! just by seeing your profile pic I can tell how much you've lost!! WTG!!
  10. blondeej


    Who is "we"?? LOL I've never heard that in my life!!
  11. blondeej

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    HEY JUNE SLEEVERS!!! :) I was 6 months post-op on the 11th of Dec. I am down 94 lbs since my revision and 120 total since starting my WLS journey. Things have slowed wayyyy down the past month or so! I've been at the same weight for quite some time. But this is normal. I've started working out pretty hard-core the past month and a half - I am at the gym 5-6 days a week because I really want to start toning! I love my sleeve!! Keep up the hard work y'all!!!
  12. To the OP - you need to rededicate your life to being healthy! and think back to all the reasons you decided to have this surgery in the first place! And why it was worth it you to subject yourself to the pain and suffering of having this major surgery. Why do you even keep those bad snack foods around the house?? I do NOT keep ANYTHING in my house that will tempt me to go back down that slippery slope of snacking. If I want a snack, it's cheese or nuts or if I am craving salt - some baby pickles or olives. You need to set yourself up for SUCCESS, not failure! By having those bad food options around the house - you are laying failure out right in front of you! You've been so successful thus far - don't let your addiction get the best of you now!!
  13. blondeej


    I am not sure what full test is?? I drink regular caffeinated coffee with creamer!
  14. Dr. Aceves did both my band and my revision surgeries. I've been to Mexicali 4 times. He's the BEST out there. Message me with any questions!!
  15. blondeej


    I didn't read all the responses so IDK if anyone has said it yet or not -- but COFFEE!!!! OMG, it is my saviour!!! I am a little over 6 months post-op and for the first 4 months or so I spent all kinds of money on stool softeners and fiber gummies and nothing ever worked - little did I know - 2 cups of coffee in the morning - keeps me regular like a clock!! This doesn't work for all - but it's worth a try!!! It's saved my life. LOL
  16. blondeej

    June Sleevers! Hows It Going?

    Surgery was 6/11, I will be 8 weeks post-op on Monday - down 47.4 lbs since surgery day as of this AM. Lost 73.4 lbs total.
  17. We are almost EXACTLY on track with each other's weight loss!
  18. New hope - great attitude to have! I struggle daily to remind myself NOT to compare my journey to anyone elses. Easier said than done - but a loss is a loss - great job!
  19. HEY girl! I lost 2.4 lbs last week. Down to 298 now. So over 7 weeks I've averaged 5.8 lbs lost/week - so I CANNOT complain! These stalls in there just mess with your head bad! How are you doing? scale still moving? Also, to anyone that cares, my ytube channel is blondeej82 - been doing vlog updates on there! check it out if you'd like!
  20. I am soooo glad I started this thread - so I can come back and visit it at times like NOW, since I am stalled again!! LOL Been at 300 now for a week.... but I am handling this stall MUCH better than the first....not wanting to go postal. Just realizing that I may not be losing as fast as I'd like, BUT, it's going to happen. And I am wearing clothes I haven't worn in over 3 years (NSV!).... SO, I am hanging in there!! How is everyone's else progress going???
  21. Aww thanks Sleeve Newbie- I was being rather dramatic and having a pity party. lol Reality is, the diff between the # I saw on sat and the #s I saw yesterday and today is a restroom break or so.. LOL And I am fully accountable to the fact I HAVE NOT been getting in my Protein. So this week I am pounding the protein hard and seeing where that gets me! Sorry to be a momentary downer!! LOL
  22. Well, my celebration was short lived... I was in the 200's for that one day only... been back up to 300.x for the past two days. I've only lost approx 5 lbs since July 1st. Definitely feeling like a big fat FAILURE with this sleeve right now. FML.

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