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  1. kellyodoran

    Kellyodoran's Before and After Pics

    My Before & After Photos!
  2. kellyodoran

    In 5 words or less....

    Can't do 5 words or less! It has been a rush! Totally Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Why can't you have coffee? Man I love those caramel light frapps from starbucks!
  4. About the hair thing.....I never lost hair in fact my hair grew like crazy 'cause of all the protien and vitamins and all that water!
  5. I was never told that, in fact I was put on the "straw diet" for 4 weeks after surgery. The straw diet is anything that can fit through a straw! I'm over a year out, and I have never even thought about it.
  6. kellyodoran

    Slipped band

    I eat potatoes all the time, but I put fat free sour cream ......2 tbs. is 20 calories.......great comfort food! I also, (when I feel snacky) take a boulion cube, put it in a coffee cup, heat, pour a little instant mashed potatoe, tobasco, and a dollop of ff sour cream.....yum! I have usually 2 and it takes that edge off just fine.
  7. I was banded on Aug.2,2010 and I have lost 67 pounds.
  8. kellyodoran

    How much have you taken off???

    Yeah, really checking out the BMI's is something.........I have lost 67 pounds, but I think the bmi scale says it all. Mine says "no longer obese" just overweight! I have gotten very addicted to reading them....after all that is what they judge on you for insurance and whatnot!
  9. kellyodoran

    How much have you taken off???

    that is because you "rock it sista"!
  10. Every scale at some point or another needs to be "recalibrated"...matters not if it is digital or balanced. Every scale will be different and it matters not....pick your lowest weight on any scale and go with that...less stress, and it makes you feel better. Also don't weigh every day.... stay with the lowest weight on any scale until you feel good enough to step on the other scale....Funny sounding, but it worked for me.
  11. kellyodoran

    Ugh! I have plateaued!

    I'll say platues suck alright! I was on one for 3 months, but I went down 3 pant sizes during those months, so really the body does not like being jacked with, i think of it as a delayed reaction to a joke, (a really quick witted joke) the point between saying it and the moment the person laughs....such as "why does the Avon lady walk funny?"......"Because her lipstick"! Get it? that is kinda what the body is during a platue.....thinking about it! Now I don't know if this analogy will help you, (pause) but I hope so......P.S. Always follow the rules( i knew you knew that)!
  12. kellyodoran

    Ugh! I have plateaued!

    Sooooooo true my friend!
  13. kellyodoran

    August Rush in bandland!

    great job everyone! I was under a lot of stress so I put aside my dieting (spent a lot of time in a hospital) but believe it or not I managed to loose 4 pounds...back in the day I would have gained 20! Not to be relentless, but I sure do love my band! i am still exercising, but not as hard core as i used too. Hope everyone has a fun day, I plan on going to have a big fat bloody mary in a few hours!
  14. kellyodoran

    Carbonated Drinks

    I drink Budwiser 55 when I'm out having fun, and I'm fine with it.....you just can't guzzle, you have to sip. That in itself is a milestone for me, cause I used to guzzle everything (except champagne, that will come out your nose if you guzzle)!
  15. I like that I fit in a size 14, and not a size 22, and I don't have a jelly roll anymore!
  16. kellyodoran

    The End of Summer Challenge

    Well, I have not lost anything, but I did reach my personal goal, and that was to find a job! Yeah me!
  17. kellyodoran

    The End of Summer Challenge

    Well folks happy to say I have maintained.....still kinda unwinding from the week at UCLA, don't have much energy for my morning walks either. Next week we have more appointments, and another trip to UCLA........ I will be happy to maintain, seeing I do tend to stress eat. Hmmmmmm gooood thoughts, goooood thoughts
  18. kellyodoran

    The End of Summer Challenge

    If I just maintaine, I will be very happy.....my mom is not doing too well.....and UCLA has a cafeteria, where each meal cost 10.00....Yeah it beats staying in a hotel, but I guess the statement "ain't nothing for free rings loud and steady in the land of the blue and gold"! any way.......I guess I am just trying to maintain...(I really need a fill), but because I am unemployed, (trying desperately to find a job)...I guess the best I'm gonna do is maintane! Hey!!!!!!you know what? Back in the old days, I never maintaned"! Could it be I am starting to see the glass as half full?????? Hell no! I am not that dumb! Anyway....thank you all for listening to my 'spcheeeeeel' I promise to keep trying! And for Elvis....In memory of........."Thank yu.....Thank yu Very much!"
  19. kellyodoran

    August Rush in bandland!

    I agree spoiltmom........I know I need a fill, but can't afford one right now......I can maintain, but losing the last poundage without a fill....I don't know.
  20. kellyodoran

    August Rush in bandland!

    Girl you still amaze me!
  21. kellyodoran

    aug 2010.jpg

    fun isn't it!

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