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  1. Hello everyone, It has been a while since I have been on here. Like everyone else my weight loss has stalled and I gained weight over the holidays. I have had trouble finding the right restriction and have been very frustrated with my lap band. Have had two unfills due to being stuck and dehydration. I am back on my exercise and eating plan and hope to do well over the new year. So far I have lost 50lbs since my Aug 16, surgery so I feel good about that. Take care everyone.
  2. Hi All, I am not doing that great this week. I was doing very well but with my wilpower and motivation only. Went on vacation with family and ate way too much this holiday. I am scared to get on the scale. Hopefully my third fill in Dec will help to motivate me through Xmas. We all just have to keep working at this and not lose our hope at weight loss. Take care
  3. congrats! Glad everything is ok.
  4. . Take care Wow that is an awsome amount of weight you have lost. You should be soooo proud of yourself. Congrats I am happy and jealous
  5. Don't feel too bad that happens to me a lot. I just try to only way once a week on Fri it is the only date that I actually record my weight. I think we are all obsessed with the scale right now. You are doing great keep up the good work!
  6. Hi Everyone, I went to the Dr and he said I was swollen from the band getting stuck. He took a little out and said that should help. I could not even drink water and was getting dehydrated. The relief was immediate. I lost 10.5lbs in 7 days. I do not want to feel like that ever again it was awful. On the good side I have now lost 51 lbs since surgery. 50 was my xmas goal. I am very happy about that. Thanks for your support, I feel so much better.
  7. Hi everyone, I have not been on here in a while had my 2nd fill last wed and was doing great,down 43 lbs.Then on sun am I ate some eggs and turkey sausage, I got stuck real bad. I have not been able to eat much since then maybe 1 protein shake a day and a little water. I don;t want to get an unfill. Do you think I am just swollen and this will get back to normal. I would apreciate any info you can give. Thanks so much . I hope everyone else is doing well.
  8. Dee, Good for you in reaching out and getting the help you need. I am sorry your Dr;s office does not have a strong support staff. 100lbs in a year is an awsome goal. I know you can do it. Mine is 80lbs, and I have stepped up my excercise and strength traing to try and reach it. I know the suppport we give each other is a key to our success. Keep fighting the fight we will succeed.
  9. Its so good to read these posts. I am the same as everyone else I can only eat a little in the morning, but as the day goes along I can eat a whole lot more. It takes more and more to fill me up. I really have to restrain myself and chose wisely.
  10. I feel the same way as all of you. I am eating too much and not getting enough exercise. I try to watch my portion size but i get hungry and the worst thing is I can still eat anything as long as I chew it slowly. I am with you I thing we should all start frest again . Thanks everyone for all of your support I really need it.
  11. I guess we are all going through the same thing. I do need to suck it up and just keep on trying, even though it does feel like I paid a lot of money for this lap band diet.
  12. I know even with my fill I am eating way too much. I think exercise is the only thing that is keeping me from gaining. It does get discouraging.
  13. Hi Everyone, I had my first fill today and it went ok. It did not hurt at all . I told the Dr. how hungry I had been this past few weeks so he said he would give me 4 cc. I only had 1cc in a 10cc band. Then I had to wait in the waiting room while I sipped Water. I could feel the water sit in my chest and when it finally went down I burped twice. When I told the nurse she said it was too tight, that I should not feel it or have to burp. So the Dr. removed 1/4 cc. I did not want him to but he said it would be better and it was. He made another appt for 6 weeks, but said if I was hungry to call and they would move it up. I have lost a total of 30lbs since my surgery! The Dr was very pleased. I told him the last 6 lbs was sheer will power as I had been so hungry. I hope everyone else is doing well as we continue to learn together how this darn band really works. Take care,
  14. Shelly , I will let you know, I am going to tell my Dr. that I am hungry a lot, so I hope he will be a little more agressive with the fill. One thing I heard is that you don't have to wait till your next appt if you are still hungry after your fill just call and reschedule another one. That is what I plan to do. We shall see, good luck!
  15. Wow , we are all in the same boat. It is good to read all about the fills everyone has had. I get my first fill on 9/30. I am trying to watch calories and exercise at least 5 x a week. The weekends seem to be the hardest for overeating for me. Right now I have no restricition and am worried my fill won't be enough. Time will tell and we will just all have to suck it up and diet till we hit that sweet spot. Dee not sure about that nutritionist seems like ww is a good idea to me. Everyone keep up the good work! I am praying for all of us to keep losing!
  16. me took, I feel like I have no band at all. I ate crab legs over the weekend and a glass of wine! I can;t wait till my first fill on 9/30.
  17. low carb?? Not sure cause I never have tried but I will try anything to lose this weight. So count me in1
  18. Dee, I feel exactly like you do, another diet again. I know I am eating less than I normally would, but still not losing weight. I hope my first fill changes all of that. Keep up the fight, we can do this we have come too far!
  19. Kelly, So glad your fill worked. I am getting discouraged at how hungry I am. I can't wait till 9/30 to see if I feel some sort of restriciton again. Cause right now i am hungry a lot!
  20. I can;t wait not to feel hungry. I am hungry a lot and can not have a fill till 9/30. On the upside I have not gained, but only lost a 1lb since my initial 23lb weight loss. This truly is bandster hell!
  21. I don't have my first fill till Sept 30th and I am sooo hungry! Otherwise I feel great! Glad everyone else is feeling good also.
  22. Hi everyone, I am doing well down 23 lbs but holding and frustrated cause I;m so hungry. I am trying to stay below 1000 cal but it is hard. Doing the same as everyone sticking with what I know mashed potatos, protein shakes and soup. I can have pureed foods but just don't want them yet. Also walking 40 mins at least 5 days also. My first fill is not untill Sept 30, and I don't know how on earth I am going to wait that long. It seems like forever. Glad to hear everyone is doing well, take care, and thankyou soo much for all of your support and good wishes.
  23. Hi Everyone, I went to the dr for post op visit today. He said I have lost 23 lbs and was very pleased. My Dr is the slow type with everything I just started on full liquids this week. I can now advance to the next stages as I want, but slowly. He says the longer I stay away from solids the more weight loss. But don't starve yourself and keep drinking the protein shakes . My first fill is not untill Sept 30, I don't know how I am going to last till then. I have been walking everyday and will continue. Boy this is a journey and I am commited one way or the other. Take care everyone and keep up the great work we are all doing!

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