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  1. Hi everyone, So I feel even worst on the inside. I feel like I am healing feeling better and getting more sleep and energy. But I am having a hard time finding a new bariatric surgeon to follow me ... because well surgeons don't want to take on other patients especially if they had a complication from that surgery which they presume I did with this portal vein blood clot. I am very depress I have advance to soups and the surgeon who revised me wants me on soups for a month with good chewing.... so lost feel defeat felt like this was the worst thing I could of done. I feel like i should of left the band in and let it do its damage to me because frankly that seems a lot better than what the revision to bypass has brought me to. I do see dr for mental health ... but I cry all the time i can't stand to watch people eat and I feel like I am just going to get more complications. ... worth it to die from obesity or to die from the complications to reverse obesity ... I do not know what is the better choice now. I feel so horrible and resentful regret feelings to the max don't know what to do guys. Trying a teaching hospital 2 hours away because most likely they would be the ones to take me because i am a special case with complications and they want to teach new doctors blah blah blah ..... help support anything .. head hunger depression
  2. Princess Erin, I ended up having to find a new surgeon who would listen to my complication. I was getting gerd and what not and my surgeon is like I don't think you will necessarily do better with another wls. I became friends with a girl from tx and went to her surgeon. I am kind of upset left the hospital on thursday and flew on a plane on sat,,, I wish they gave me shots so maybe this clot would of never happen. But everything happens for a reason. Next step is just getting a new doctor and trying to get some clear directions on my post op diet. I went into surgery at 190 and loss -22 so far. If you have email or facebook we should talk since we are similar. private pm me if you can.
  3. Hey ladies, Haven't posted for a while. So here i sit almost 3 weeks out on wed. I was admitted into the hospital on 3/9. I went into the er not once but twice for severe back pain. They ended up giving me a ct scan because my surgeon wanted to make sure there was no leak. Well there is no leak, but they found a clot in my portal vein. I have been very emotional and having regretful feelings. I am a lap band to bypass revision. Had complications with it had to get it out before t destroyed my stomach. I just worry a lot now, hard for my to get in my Water and Protein drinks, sometimes it upsets my stomach. I was given the okay for yogurt and sf pudding, couldn't tolerate broth. My story is that my original surgeon didn't think anything was wrong with my band, so I looked for a second opinion and was able to get the revision covered. Now my original surgeon won't follow me so I have to go to a new pt orientation group this week just to be a new pt even though I already had surgery.I am such a mess .... no one should ever be 25 with like a life threatening blood clot and I could of potentially loss my liver if I never caught it early.I really need some support. I am -22 lbs but i feel like such a failure. I see the docs about twice a week and have my INR check every day almost because I have no vit k to counteract the coumadin. Anyways please send prayers for speedy recovery. I get so tired and I am weak.
  4. Hi everyone ! So I have been with this site for a very long time, when it was called lapband chat. I have lapband in nov 2009. I weigh in at 242 got all the way down to 170. No matter how much i followed the rules I could not get under that number and never got to a health BMI. Went to my surgeon in Maine for help in oct 2013 because now I was having abdominal pain off and on with n/v and also new onset of GERD long story short they would not help me and told me insurance would never cover me, Met a girl on a FB chat of failed lap band she introduce me to the idea of seeing her surgeon (all the way in texas) the rest is history. I am 8 day post op doing good trying to get all my fluids in its hard for me ! I have not and will not weigh until I see my PCP on the 13th ! love reading all the threads good luck to everyone!
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    Band to sleeve?

    Lauren. I am in the same boat as you. I have had many fills, unfills, and micro fills. I could never found my sweet spot like you I lost a total of 72 lbs and now its back to only losing 62, I gain and lose the same 10 lbs. I have thought about the sleeve like you, but again I only weight between 170-180lbs... it is risky to have another surgery just to take off 30-40 more lbs to be at a healthy BMI. I go into get a fill june 4th so I hope it kick starts me. I have been trying for 3 years to get under 170 it wouldn't budge .... so lets hope something is quick start this weight loss again. Good luck to you !
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    Anyone Want A Band Buddy??!!

    Saz I can still eat pasta choose not to because o glyemic index, ask yourself, will the surgery be harder then what you have dealt with so far with being overweight. To shed some light i decided to be banded when i was 19, I got banded at age 21, I still go out I still eat out with my friend, but chose wisey I measure all my food out and log my calories I exercise and my medical problems have gone away and I am quite healthy right now. I would of died more likely from problems arising from being overweight than the actual surgery it self. I am still learning today, and continue to do so I love my band it was the best thing I ever dear, worth all the sweat tear and blood, I would do it all over again Highest weight was 250 went to the center at 242 and got weigh in at 166 at the doc but my own scale said 163.4 I went from a size 20 to 8-10, I am no longer on diabetic meds have high blood or cholestoral levels, sleep apnea has resovle and I love my life... take it with a grain of salt. Good luck
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    Anyone Want A Band Buddy??!!

    Hi I am Soko from maine, I am 23, got banded on 11/17/09, so far i am down 87 lbs and its the best thing to ever happen to me.
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  19. Heres the 411 on my 22 f college graduate starting medical school in aug 2011. Banded 11/17/09 highest weight 250 started program at 242 down to 165 still 30 lbs to goal. I've been having a hard time with my last fill, but it has also only been 2 week. I have been losing weight on it which is a plus. I am more worried about the fact of going to another country, how will my band be handle.. do I have to stock up on emergency needles just incase I need an unfill myself ( good thing I am okay with needles). My nurse ensured me that they will find me a band center and I hope so, also my frutrastion is all this loose skin, it is not that much but still enough not to feel skinny at all. I have come to realize I can not get plastic surgery until after mediacl school .. 10 years later I will be a bag of sags thats for sure. As for now I think I am okay with where I am at my mind and body constantly struggle because I do not feel as thin as I am I still see the same me at 250 lbs.

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