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  1. I was morbidly obese, depressed and miserable. Today, I am a new person, a better person. A better mom and wife. I never knew how much being overweight effected me and those around me until I lost the weight. I am down 130 lbs. and pretty much at goal weight. It’s been a bumpy but worthwhile ride. I’ve learned a lot about myself and others. A year ago today, I was reborn. July 2, 2009 – 5’10”/295 lbs/42.3 BMI July 2, 2010 – 5’10”/165 lbs/23.7 BMI
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    a year ago today . . .

    Thank you all for the wonderful comments. Knapp, first and foremost, have patience, a lot of patience. Understand that what works for some people might not work for others. Figure out what works best for YOU. Set realistic goals. See your surgeon often, I see my surgeon (or his nurse practitioner) once a month for follow-up and adjustments, if necessary (I am self-pay and visits/adjustments are included the first two years, then I pay $35 for a consultation and $75 for adjustments). Exercise is key. This doesn’t mean you should join a gym, hire a personal trainer and go crazy exercising…keep it real. I started off walking. I walked 3-4 times a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. I walked 2 miles some days and 3 miles other days. Some days I just stayed home. I did what felt right. Keep a positive attitude, and don’t let anyone bring you down, especially yourself. We can be our own worst enemies. Good luck to you. Feel free to send me an email or private message if you’d like. J
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    Naming your Band :-)

    I named my band Fin, short for finicky. There’s just no telling how and when he’s going to act up. J
  4. Thanks! You're doing great too :frown:
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    I got the following from the Lap-Band AP System website, Resource Center: The Question of Caffeine If you search the words "caffeine," "coffee," and "Lap-Band" on the Internet, you'll find a lively debate about whether people with the LAP-BAND® System should cut back-or cut out-caffeinated drinks. Most experts say it's not necessary to ban caffeine, but you should use a little restraint. For most people, a cup in the morning, and a cup or two later in the day are okay-check with your doctor.
  6. Down 103 lbs. and finally in Onederland! Surgery date: 7/2/09 Starting weight: 295 lbs (42.3 BMI) Current weight: 192.4 lbs (27.5 BMI) :wink:
  7. i'm down 80 lbs. I had surgery 7/2/09 and started at 295 i am now 213. :thumbup: can't wait to hit onederland
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    Cost of my Fill Wow!!!

    Wow... $450.00 - that's excessive. I am self-pay and paid approximately $13,000.00 for my lap-band® surgery. This includes 2 years of follow-up with my surgeon (fills/unfills). After the two years, I have to pay $35.00 to see my surgeon and $75 for adjustments. I would definitely call and speak to someone about the bill. It is way too much.
  9. Try milk of magnesia; it worked of me.
  10. I just tried this yesterday and it was delicious. The bottle doesn't say whether or not it contains caffeine, my sister told me most teas do. I called the 800 number on the bottle and found out it DID contain caffeine (16mg per serving/2 servings per bottle). I am so disappointed. Has anyone tried this tea? Is it safe to say we should stay away?
  11. My surgeon said I should stay away from caffeine/coffee and sodas/anything carbonated. :biggrin: