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  1. Hey everyone, My doctor finally cleared me for weightlifting and I wanted to hear what workouts you guys have found that are successful for getting toned while also being mindful of not overdoing it. I am nervous to go to the gym since I never really know what workouts to do. So any advice helps Thank you
  2. Hello Everyone!! I am about 1 week and a half away from being 3 months Post-Op! I am making this post so that I can get a heads up of any changes I should be expecting soon, I know one may or may not be hair loss, but my main question is will my weight loss begin to slow down drastically? I understand that these changes are different for everyone but I would still appreciate everyone's input since I don't know what to expect lol
  3. MG83

    Minimal Weight Loss

    I agree with everyone above, your progress is amazing!! I would recommend sticking to non-scale victories in the mean time because sometimes the number on the scale isn't the only indicator of progress (personally I feel more accomplished when I notice non-scale victories)
  4. Hey Everyone, I have noticed that since my surgery I have been menstruating irregularly and multiple times a month, I have read that it could be because of hormones and the weight loss itself but I am just wanting to see if other people have had similar experiences.
  5. Hi Everyone! I am going on vacation at the end of this month and I wanted to if there is anything you recommend I bring so that I can stay on track for my weight loss journey, I also wanted to see whether drinking while on my vacation is something I can do. It is my first time traveling since surgery and I am nervous.
  6. I would suggest taking more time between bites, I found that when I wait I can get a feel of how much room I have left before I am full it also helps me stop eating before I accidentally overeat
  7. Hey guys, I recently got my sleeve in October and I am now so close to my goal weight! I am just scared of hair loss and would like to know tips or tricks please
  8. MG83

    30 lbs away!

    Thank you so much, since I've gotten the procedure I have been on these forums and it makes me happy to know that other people going through similar journeys are so supportive of newbies like me.
  9. MG83

    30 lbs away!

    I agree that everyone's journey is different! Before my weight gain, I did have a pretty fast metabolism, as far as what I am doing now is just prioritizing protein and trying to stay away from carbs.

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