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  1. What has been your experience with going into surgery with a weight of 205lbs or under? My starting weight was 220 but I've lost 15 pounds pre op. I've heard people smaller will not loose any weight. Going into surgery smaller what is the recovery like? (I am doing this surgery because I've tried everything to loose weight and live a better lifestyle)
  2. Did anyone go back to work after one week of surgery? Office desk job. How was it with sitting? Was it hard to stay on track with sips and walking? Did you have belching or Nausea?
  3. Hi all, I am one week post op (Sleeved on 10/11/22). I am feeling like I cant get in the rythm of what is right for me. Pros: - Been getting all fluids down - Have not had much pain, only where they pulled stomach out -Been able to walk and move around - Only had gas pain for 3 days -Normal bowl movement Cons: - I don't like the taste of sweetness. So I am having a hard time getting my protein in from shakes and protein water. Any recommendations for other sources of protein? -I've been able to have some strained soup/ broth. But I am only able to take like 4 table spoons over an hour. How is it expected to get all protein in while trying to get water in as well through out the day? - The bariatric advantage multi vitamins are terrible. I am not able to take them so I started taking 4 Flinstone vitamins a day. I know these are not good enough for a person who just had bariatric surgery. I am taking my gallstones pills, calcium, iron, and b-12 with no problem. Are there any other recommendations for Bariatric Multivitamins? Smaller or better tasting? Any input is appreciated. I feel that protein and supplements are very important with the new change to my body. Thanks guys!!!
  4. Sure! How do I share it? I am new to this forum.
  5. I am 14 days post op and went back to work after a week. Everything has been good. I find it better to be at work on my regular routine than to be at home with more freedom.
  6. Thank you everyone. I've decided to take the Fusion Bariatric multivitamin chew, they taste way better and are easy to get down. I've also found the Fairlife 30 grams protein shakes that taste way better than Premier. I've been able to drink those down as well. I'm happy now and feel as if I am doing a good job.
  7. Yes I am going to check. My Gallbladder pill is the only capsule but all others are chewable/ dissolving. And he told me to start all of them right after I leave the hospital. LOL That totally doesnt make sense.
  8. Thanks so much! I will try to add more water to the Premier Water I have. And yes, I definitely reached out to my team about the multivitamins. LOL glad I'm not alone regarding those nasty pills.
  9. Thank you! I've purchased the clear peach protein water. I will check if they have an unflavored one. I definitely have the unflavored protein powder ready for when I am able to go on to puree. Thank you!!!
  10. Thank you everyone for responding!!! Best of luck on your continued journey!!
  11. Thank you everyone for responding!!! Best of luck on your continued journey!!
  12. I am scheduled to have my surgery on October 11th. I've been hearing the gas pain is the worst and only pain. Worse than the scar pain. This makes me nervous being close to my heart. I heard it feels as if you may be experiencing a heart attack. How bad is the pain? Do you feel pain in stomach from the staples? Do you feel more pain from the incisions? I am really nervous!
  13. Thanks so much, will do!!
  14. Thanks for your response! Good luck on your journey as well💪🏽
  15. Thank you for your info! Very helpful and made me understand better. I am 5’2 and my BMI is 38.
  16. That's good to hear since I am terrified and starting to wonder if I am doing the right thing. Congrats!! And much success with your journey!
  17. Thank you!! Was your journey hard and slow?
  18. If I didn't have a history of all other weigh loss medications failing I would be convinced not to get the surgery. But I am too far along in the process (surgery on 10/11/22) to stop now. It is the best weight loss medication I've ever experienced. I've recommended to everyone who isn't ready for surgery and I will take it again with a heartbeat LOL.
  19. I haven't had the surgery yet. Nut my doctor had me on Mounjaro 3 month pre op. Mounjaro is the best appetite suppressant. If I have any stalls I do plan to reach out to my doctor to see if getting back on Mounjaro will be good. Good luck!

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