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  1. I'm right there with you. I had RNY on Dec 1 and I truly was ill-prepared for the pain. At 25 days out, I'm still having a fair bit of pain and look as if I were pelted with golf balls at high velocity. I'm grateful to be on purees at this point, because at least it's more satisfying than liquids. But I'm beginning to wonder when this whole experience begins to become more pleasant.
  2. I'm having trouble sleeping, too. Which is crazy, because the only thing I enjoyed more than eating was sleeping. 😂
  3. Completely. My RNY surgery was 12/1 I had a really rough time in the PACU (post-surgery recovery); my blood pressure kept spiking and O2 levels kept dropping. I was there for 6 hours and it was like a terrible fever dream. Meanwhile, I think I kind of underestimated how much pain would be involved. I do tend to bounce back quickly from surgery, but the past week has been really grueling. And while I'm *very* fortunate not to have much trouble with nausea or swallowing liquids, I miss food terribly. On Friday night, after picking out a Christmas tree, my family got Mexican take-out. Just smelling the food in the car caused me to burst into tears, knowing tonight would be another f'in protein shake and jell-o for me. My husband — who usually is pretty understanding and supportive — told me I needed to just get over it. That was a *special moment.* 😑 But I identify with your emotions right now. I just don't care about anything. Nothing sounds fun; everything feels like more effort than it's worth. I am desperately hoping this turns around soon.
  4. Hello from the other siiiiiiide! I had RNY on Dec 1 and was home the next afternoon. I've had more pain than I anticipated, but have had zero problems meeting my liquid and protein minimums. Mainly I've been really tired and just want to rest at every opportunity. It's been pleasant not to feel hungry, especially after having completed the grueling pre-op diet.
  5. Hey there! I’m scheduled for bypass on Dec. 1. (Originally set for September 15, but the hospital cancelled all elective surgeries because of Covid-related capacity issues, but they’re back on track now.) I toggle between being excited, impatient, anxious, and downright terrified. 😬 Starting pre-op diet next Monday (right in time for Thanksgiving, wooooo), so right now I’m kind of in a “farewell to food” spell. Today’s farewell involved pad thai. Alas.

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