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  1. Mine has faded, but is not completely gone (yet). Also hoping it will go away completely after more weight loss.
  2. I went to the big island of Hawai'i. I did a two tank dive out of Hilo then a few days later another two tank dive out of Kona. Last time I went diving, I was probably slightly over 300lbs and I needed 26lb of lead. I'm about 60lb lighter now so in Hilo I tried 24lb - way too heavy. I dropped like a brick and had to keep a considerable amount of air in my BCD. In Kona I tried 22lbs and that was better but still a little too heavy. 20lb is probably my sweet spot right now but I am still losing so I expect that to change. I am tentatively planning a trip in November, so we'll see where I am then. Getting in and out of the boat with all the gear on was noticeably easier too, but still no picnic!
  3. Same here, including the sugar-free French vanilla! I don't get hungry until late morning but I need two cups of coffee to get going in the AM.
  4. I went SCUBA diving for the first time in 2 years (thanks, COVID), and I need at least 4, probably 6 fewer pounds of weight to maintain neutral buoyancy. My air consumption is a little better too, although it was freakishly, unaccountably good to begin with.

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