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  1. What does everyone drink? Most of the sugar free stuff taste absolutely horrible. I hate that fake sugar taste I get from the low sugar varieties. What has everyone found that's not completely void of flavor? I know that taste buds are different but it has to be some stuff out there I'm not aware of.
  2. thatdude


    Hint amazingly is hard to find where I live. Have to drive quite a bit to get it. I do drink it when I can find it.
  3. thatdude


    I'm one of those that has always hated drinking water unless I'm working out or something. I can't drink milk. And can't drink tea or coffee. Before surgery, loved fruit juices and Gatorade. Wasn't that big on Soda so I don't miss that. What I do miss is stuff that tastes normal. Artificial sweeteners are just nasty. They all give me that horrible aftertaste. I have a few beverages that I've grown to like but I know if this keeps up, I'll get sick of those.
  4. thatdude

    Any March Surgeries?

    Last I remember weighing pre surgery was aerond March 2nd or 3rd. I lost weight easily before surgery.
  5. thatdude

    I HATE broth!!!

    I was on liquid two weeks before surgery and two after. I have grown tired of sugar free everything because it basically tastes like crap. I'm currently searching for alternatives.
  6. thatdude

    Any March Surgeries?

    I had surgery on 3/18. Gastric Sleeve. Weight before surgery was 436. After liquid diet and day before surgery, I was 394. Almost 4 weeks out now, Thursday will be 4 weeks, and I weighed 342.6 this morning. I have no had any issues with nausea or vomiting. I had gas for a few days after but it quickly subsided. The pain has been the worse. Today, out of nowhere, I felt a pop down there and magically all the pain has disappeared. Fearing the worse, I called and went and got a sonogram today. Everything is fine and I am finally pain free. My biggest issue is liquids. I can drink the water and everything but all this sugar free stuff tastes like absolute crap. It's killing me.

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