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    Post Op Covid Vaccine

    So I had my 1st dose of Pfizer just before my surgery. My only symptom with the first dose was some arm pain. I got my 2nd dose 2 days ago. I started to experience symptoms late Friday. Saturday around noon I had chills, fever of 101.3 and took some Tylenol and got sleep. I got up and checked again around 6pm and it was 103. I called in to check and they told me these symptoms can last for up to 72 hours. Today I am feeling and doing all better.
  2. I am on week 2 and will be on week 3 shortly. I seem to be doing really well with blended foods and haven’t stepped out to eat anything I shouldn’t be. I am getting some more energy which seems like this is the time I should really work out a lot to burn off. Would this be an accurate statement? If so, does anyone wanna share what’s working for them? How many steps are you getting in a day? Biggest question is has anyone stepped out to try anything we shouldn’t be eating?
  3. ShaneM

    April Surgery Buddy

    I might only be on week 2 now but my nutritionist told me 12 oz of protein shake so drink a 1 of them in a day
  4. I had gastric bypass this Wednesday. It’s been interesting few days. Can anyone help describe how you know when you are full? also, has anyone felt more light headed A LOT when walking? I look forward to corresponding with others on this any other topics.
  5. I am about to hit week two and really need some good ideas for foods. Can I do smoothies at all? Would I be able to have sugar free pudding?
  6. ShaneM

    April Surgery Buddy

    It’s more just discomfort at this point. No nausea or vomiting. Walking around and doing the breathing exercises. I’ve hiccuped a few times. That’s a bit unpleasant. It’s been 4 days and finally had 2 small bowel movements. Yeah I was originally concerned cause I haven’t done that and shown a low grade fever. Those seem to be gone as it sit around 98.5ish
  7. ShaneM

    Hospital Stay

    It should be 2 nights cause after 1 night they had been giving me enough pain meds that Caused me to not retain a lot of the information Due to COVID I couldn’t have my spouse present cause we have 3 kids and they all cannot go into the hospital. I will not name drop where I was.
  8. ShaneM

    April Surgery Buddy

    I just had laparoscopic gastric bypass last Wednesday. Liquids have been going very well. I just cannot figure out when I will know I am full.