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  1. Allie Still

    Any April 2021 surgeries?!

    Good luck everyone! I was sleeved March 10th and I've been really enjoying the Fairlife Core Power Elite High Protien shakes!! Pre surgery I loved the Premier Protein shakes but after surgery I find them REPULSIVE. These Fairlife ones are so good (taste like a not overly sweet melted milkshake) and are 12 oz with 42 grams of protein!! I wish I had tried them sooner after surgery. You guys will all do great!!
  2. I had my sleeve done at 8:30 AM and was on my way home around 6 PM the same day! I think it all depends on your surgeon and how well you tolerate the anesthesia and your recovery!! good luck!!!
  3. Allie Still

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    Oh thats great that your results came back and aren't anything to be stressed about! I keep reminding myself that this surgery and lifestyle change is the best thing I could have done for my liver but it's really stressing me out!
  4. Allie Still

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I had a liver biopsy too!!! When do you expect to get your results?? I'm so stressed waiting to hear the results!!!
  5. Allie Still

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    There was some small bumps on the surface they wanted to test! One doc seemed very nonchalant about it and one was very serious about it so I’m trying not to panic while healing! I should know next week what’s going on. I will say for several years prior to now I did drink pretty heavily while taking depression/anxiety medicine so I was already concerned about the state of my liver. Luckily though it can only go up from here and we will just treat it and continue to not drink and lose weight! Trying to stay positive!
  6. Allie Still

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    I was sleeved yesterday morning! Everything went well except they did a liver biopsy on me which is making me nervous. Yesterday and last night was BAD leaving me to think WHAT HAVE I DONT TO MYSELF. This morning I am a bit better. Walking around and doing breathing exercises. Having trouble getting liquids down as I’m having intense pain when I swallow and the liquid meets the stomach. Just trying to power through and remind myself in the long run this will all have been worth it!! Thank god for pain medicine though. I wish it would help with the gas pains!
  7. Allie Still

    Any March 2021 Sleeve Patients?

    New user here as well! My sleeve surgery is scheduled for March 10th as well!! Day 5 on the pre op diet and I'm READY to get it over with!!