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  1. Hi guys, Anyone have nausea with water? I can’t drink plain water anymore- like at all. I am staying with family for the past week- and I didn’t buy diet Snapple that I usually drink- I feel very nauseous after drinking water. It’s horrible. I can eat all kinds of food. My restriction is pretty strong, but there is no food group I have to avoid because of intolerance. Anyone heard of this happening to anyone? Thanks in advance.
  2. icudoc84

    Sushi - 6 Months out

    Hi Guys, As a native 'rice-eater', I have been eating rice since my second month- Obviously I dont pig out- but I have eaten sushi a few times as well. I have been able to keep it down. I was losing a bit too quickly in the beginning and wanted to slow things a bit- didnt want people to know I had WLS. Wonder why all of us are so different in our reaction to food. I can't eat beef. Hope this helps- and I dont get yelled at by a bunch of folks.
  3. I didnt tell anyone. Honestly it’s nobody’s business.
  4. Hi guys, I am going through a three-week stall. Kinda bummed. Have lost 0 lbs- maybe +/-1 over the three weeks. I did increase my calories during this time and feel my hunger is back- I obviously dont eat as much as I used to, but I do get hungry nowadays. I wonder if this is it. Maybe all my body wants to lose is 50 lbs. I was really hoping to reach 155 lbs. Well, hopefully this is just a stall and not end of the road. Hope all the others here are having better luck.
  5. I am glad everyone is losing and staying on track! I am getting so many compliments at work about how good I look- lol. I am down almost 50 lbs from surgery! Down to 178 lbs. I am off Metformin and my plantar fascitiis is almost gone. This was the best thing I ever did. I am a little sad about not being able wearing any of the branded/ expensive clothes in my wardrobe. I am wearing the clothes I had when I was in medschool and residency.
  6. I would give it at least 2-3 weeks to heal. Thats how long it took me. Trust me guys, it will be worth it. I was miserable and regretted the surgery. I had a BMI of >35, so was self pay. I was a cranky man. Btw.. think I am on my first stall- 3 days and the scale hasn't moved. Honestly I am ok. I am having a tough time explaining the weight loss.
  7. icudoc84

    im not going POO!

    Thanks for posting this Jake. I honestly never had issues before- maybe it was more fibre/fat content of food? I would go 2-3 times a day too. Now I am straining to go every day. Took Milk of magnesia once. Maybe need to clean out. Oh boy. I had no idea this would be an issue.
  8. Hi guys, Wanted to thank this group for keeping me company in this journey. I have been a silent spectator but the group helped keep me on track on my sleeve journey. I got sleeved on 07/09. My starting weight was 226 lbs (HW of 231). As of today, I am 34 lbs down- and guess what- I am not OBESE anymore. I am finally wearing clothes that I have not touched in over 5 years from my closet (I am a hoarder lol). My waist size went from 42 to 34 cms. I just wanted to thank the group for helping me through the first two weeks. Honestly they were the hardest. I had to do 4 consecutive night shifts in the ICU- I could barely stand (5:00 PM to 7:00 am), three days after my surgery. This was followed by a week of service (Monday to Sunday 6:00 am to 5:00 pm). There were times when I regretted it. The pain, the shoulder aches. Trying to smile through it all. This group helped me see that there was light at the end of the tunnel. I haven't entirely gone by the book. My busy schedule meant some modifications. I had to go for a recruitment dinner with faculty members and I might have started solids sooner (GULITY!!). I also had a craving for flan made by a dear friend- she thought I was sick- and I might have eaten a bit. It took me three weeks to meet my water goal (I just cant drink the zero calorie drinks, I really throw up- finally drinking diet snapple and coconut water- its calories, but i am still under 600- and losing everyday), I also couldn't refuse chocolate cake that my best friend made for my birthday three weeks after my surgery- plz don't judge me and I am meeting my weight loss goals. I walk 7 miles everyday and have finally begun to jog. Despite all the slips, I am here. Today at work, everyone commented on 'how good' I look. I havent told anybody I got surgery (I am sure people will figure out- its a hospital). But for now, I shall just enjoy myself. Thanks for posting- and keep posting. Its a source of encouragement for the silent readers like myself. I AM NOT OBESE ANYMORE- I just can't get over it. Three years of standing behind people for photos or flatly refusing to be photographed. Thanks, ICUDoc