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  1. I’m so tired , I think I still get 8 hrs ( bed @ 12am up at 8:30-9:30 ) but Drag all day . Maybe to much protein ? Any sleep aids I can take b4 bed to help sleep ? Im not very active , but try , * post op 7 weeks . TIA
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    Thanks for the support , wow u have gone thru a lot . I’m 46 yrs : 5’5 started @ 240 now @ 195. I did it for mental stability .suffered depression for years , was hoping for a more Positive Energetic Rejuvenation ! Everyone promised me a new future , wasn’t expecting it to be worse . I have too many dependents and future goals, that this outcome effects. I just can’t figure out why my stomach turns n turns , it boggles my mind . What the heck is going on in there ? Goes from front to back side to side up down gurgles pings pounds .... feels like twins ! and the pain ... had it off n on this whole time Dr. Just stares at me ... like out of the 25 yrs I’m the first w/ these symptoms. Ugh ok Rant over 😊 Thank You for listening
  3. Hi , Surgery Date 4/16/19 lost 45 lbs to date . 2 wks out had an obstruction , had another surgery . I’ve had a lot of complications . And never feel right . Still can’t do my laundry . Or household chores . Hubby is getting very frustrated . Surgery was supposed to help not hinder. Taking one day at a time .
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    Stomach pain

    I keep having pain on my right side, just below my ribs , hurts sitting or standing . driving me crazy , can’t think what it possibly cld be . I’m 6 wks post op . I’ve got so many house chores to do and can’t do anything but sit . Any ideas what to do for pain management ?
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    Stomach pain

    Kinda what I was thinking , but I’ve had this pain frequently on both sides , and he said it wasn’t stones . But I think I’ll google symptoms ! I will be so mad if it is and the Dr. Lied to me ! Thanks for the feed back