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    ugggg cant get below 155

    So is it me or are there other people in same boat. Follow the protein intake. I don't eat a lot and keep busy at work. I got down to 153 and now I am back up to 158-159. I cant seem to motivate myself to get into a exercise program no matter what I try to do. Just no motivation but as I do not eat a lot I should still be able to drop this weight?? I am hoping when the weather gets warmer maybe I can try bike riding a few times a week to see if that helps with the stall. Any one in the same boat I would love to hear from you all to gather intel on how to get this off. I have a goal of about 125.

    ugggg cant get below 155

    wicked winner what is carb cycling?? I would love to hear more lol.


    I see all you guys are into the premier protein but what about all the yummy protein drinks and supplements that we can purchase via this site?? I so would love to get insight on what everyone thinks on them? I recently decided to get the monthly box as to try all the different stuff that is out there. Some stuff is blah and other stuff is quite yummy. Anyone else getting the monthly boxes?


    Hey everyone. I just got a variety of the supplementations/samples from this site. I am wondering what ones will do great as a replacement for coffee creamers. I love my hot coffee as it keeps me going and keeps everyone else alive lol. I read the back on each but I can not seem to see if there is a issue with them in hot stuff?? And what temps are ok. Any help appreciated.


    LOL I am trying to see what ones on the site did well to purchase, I used to use the premier and the caramel is really yummy but I wanted to see about the products here. I am slowly trying different ones and I have found one that even though you don't put in coffee is amazing. It is the grapefruit flavored which really is very good. I am purchasing more as I speak.


    which vanilla protein one?? I got a few in the sampler. I want to make sure no issue with. Also do you mix with milk prior to adding or just add to the coffee? Does it need to be just warm or ok hot?
  7. I ordered 6 months. If all goes well for next 6 months will go to the 12 month one. I am looking forward to my monthly goodys. Waiting patiently for first box or should I say impatiently.

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