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    Premier Protein – Not Premier for Bariatric Patients!

    We need to use whey protein ISOLATE not CONCENTRATE.
  2. Weighed 274 when starting two week preop liquids. Sleeved 8-22-18, weighed 251.3 on op day and yesterday weighed 241.8, YAY!! Saw the surgeon and dietitian today and received a good report from both. Have been able to stop 4 medications for diabetes (3) and elevated cholesterol (1). I get to start having some stage 3 soft foods. Im really grateful for this progress and for all the sharing that takes place here! You go girl and guys!! Keep up the good work! Anybody know if Miralax is ok for sleevers? Got a little constipated...
  3. So sorry Megan!! I’ve had some sugar free Jello and tolerated it well. Guess it just depends on the person. Mel I’m only 2 wks. post op so can’t say I’ve had that happen yet. No problem with water, has to have ice though. So sorry for saygrace😟😧. Going for my first post op tomorrow...hopefully will be able to have some more foods. Blessings to all🙏🏻🎚😇
  4. So sorry Megan!! I’ve had some sugar free Jello and tolerated it well. Guess it just depends on the person. Mel I’m only 2 wks. post op so can’t say I’ve had that happen yet. No problem with water, has to have ice though. So sorry for saygrace😟😧. Going for my first post op tomorrow...hopefully will be able to have some more foods. Blessings to all🙏🏻🎚😇
  5. Put some heat on your tummy, not so hot you burn yourself.
  6. Mercy and grace upon you😇
  7. Yeah, me too! Think I’m ready but when I wake up.....we’ll see!
  8. Sleeve is Wednesday-day after tomorrow! Getting excited/scared. Love all the info you all share, really helps to learn from your experiences. Thanks to all👍🙏🏻.
  9. piacovetto@gmail.com

    August 2018 sleeve surgery!!

    Goodbye food and HELLO NEW ME!! Yeah!! You go girl👍👏👏. I start preop on the 6th, Monday.
  10. Ohhh☹️Ok. So glad you told me. I really like tomato soup and would have made a BIG mistake by eating it. Thank you very much for setting me straight 👍
  11. Sleeve scheduled for 8-22. Still seems far off. Sure have been enjoying all your posts! Thank you all👍. Is Cream of Tomato soup ok post op?
  12. piacovetto@gmail.com

    August 2018 sleeve surgery!!

    My sleeve date is 8-22-18. Have waited soooooo looooong to get this done. I know it’s going to be hard but was thinking that it cannot be any where near as hard as living all these years as an obese person. Living through the bullying, shame, humiliation, rejection, physical problems, lack of good clothing and footwear choices, self recriminations, and....and.... Good job all! Fight the good fight! Get Gas X, walk a lot, ask for your pain meds, drink water. BTW- Premier protein is NOT a source of protein ISOLATE, it is a protein concentrate. We NEED the protein ISOLATE...better source of amino acids. I just learned about that. Have been using the Premier for a while 😩. Looking forward to our new selves!
  13. piacovetto@gmail.com

    Protein Isolates vs Concentrates

    I just read about that too and saw that Premier protein is the concentrate form not the isolate. The isolate has better amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. I do not remember the science difference between the two but it’s significant. I have 2 Premier shakes left and I’m switching forevermore and AMEN!! BTW-the nutritionist I see was ok with Premier but I think I’ll bring it up now that I know about it.
  14. piacovetto@gmail.com

    Best Decision I’ve Made with My Health!

    Beautiful!! Very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. Also congratulations. Im scheduled for sleeve gastrectomy 8-22. I’m very excited and seeing your pre and post pictures makes me want to do everything I’m told so I can WIN!! Keep up the good work 👍
  15. piacovetto@gmail.com


    Would it be ok to use peppermint tea? I’ve found for myself in the past, peppermint is soothing to my stomach. Surgery date 8-22. Love all the experiences, tips and encouragement on here!! Thanks to all.
  16. piacovetto@gmail.com

    Before and After Pics

    Wow!! Good job ladies!! Can’t wait until it’s my turn to take a picture before and after! Surgery 8-22, seems so far away.
  17. So sorry to hear of this struggle for your family. Lift each other up. Prayers for you all. 🙏🏻
  18. piacovetto@gmail.com

    Before and After Pics

    This is so encouraging!! My operative date is 8-22, am looking forward to MY Pre and post pictures!
  19. piacovetto@gmail.com

    Clothing purge

    Surgery date is 8-22. Will start pre op diet 8-6. Have been cutting down and find I have lost a few pounds already which brings me to talk about clothes. I’ve done the Yo Yo thing all my life too, have a collection of different sizes. I REFUSE to keep such a collection any more. I am and will continue to dispose of clothes I can’t wear anymore. I will borrow clothes, buy at Goodwill and discount stores just what I need and just a few things at that to get by. When I’m at my goal I have permission to SHOP SHOP SHOP LOLOL!! Best wishes to all and keep sharing 👍
  20. Surgery date 8-22. So relieved to have THE DATE. Even though it’s a ways off, I’m better knowing I have it scheduled. Really appreciate all your posts, I’m learning a lot and am looking forward to more🙂best wishes to all😀.
  21. Surgery date is 8-22. Will do pre op starting 8-6, so it’s two weeks of liquid diet. I KNOW this will be hard and I very much appreciate all you men and women out there sharing. I was thinking that, yes-this will be hard-I can’t imagine it’s going to be harder than living all these years with shame, rejection, humiliation, isolation, lack of clothing choices AND weight related health issues to name a few. Hard? Been there-done that. Bring it on!!! I’m going to be a NEW person and I’m going to love it and I’m going to have fun and go horseback riding and and and...lots of stuff!! Shop for clothes!! Run -don’t-walk on the treadmill.... Im going to stick it out and SO CAN YOU!!
  22. You will be just fine 👍🎚. Yes, please keep everyone posted!
  23. Best wishes to you👍
  24. My date is 8-22. Have completed all the requirements but this is the first opening available. Just a comment about work...I am retired now and spent my life putting work first before other things in my life. I’m sorry I did that-no employer put me first in their business, quite the opposite. Take care of YOUR needs-the team can step up for a short time in your absence👍. Each one of them will learn and grow in the process.
  25. Hi all, I’m new here. Appreciate all your posts. Date for my sleeve is 8-22 YAY!! FINALLY!! Have been trying to get this done for YEARS. Failed the first time due to unexpected financial issues at the very last minute. Now have different insurance so all is well. DID have to start over with regard to all the requirements, appointments, procedures etc. l Have discovered I am (DUH!) a food addict-been in denial all my life. Working on coming to grips with that and collecting tools to fight that battle with...don’t want to be my own worst enemy post op. Best wishes to all!! Looking forward to sharing the journey 👍🙏🏻