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  1. I have not posted in ages and all was going good til yesterday. Went on my first long hike and ended it with major dumping syndrome. I mean bad news. I even got an extra added bonus of my extremeties going completely numb for about 15 minutes which sent me into a panic attack. Horrible experience.. So been resting today and eating cautiously.. I had not even eaten anything sweet or naughty before the horrid event.. all in all been happy and down 35 since 9/13
  2. Svdlux23

    *** September 2018 Sleevers ***

    So my son, who is 13, asked me today what it's like when I am hungry. I said its the same as when you are hungry. My brain wants to eat a horse! But then i get my food and eat my few bites of whatever and get this sense of having to stop through discomfort not through mental satisfaction. I had to explain that the joy of eating is not there anymore. Like looking at yummy things is all good and my brain still says YAY.. but my body just says.. ya right. So this is the hardest thing for me. The mind bending fact that having a nice meal will never be. I mean I know we can eat whatever we want etc.. but the factors of sitting down to a nice dinner out or holiday meal.. its all gone in that way. My brain is depressed about the social factors of this surgery. My body is stoked to be down 25 pounds in 2 months ofcourse.. but i'm just hoping this is all newbie syndrome and my mental state will improve. Just had to rant.
  3. Svdlux23

    Undies question....

    I got to wear my underwear and socks and wore my pajama bottoms after.
  4. Im on BP meds. how did they measure your bp while you are still on meds? Or did I miss something. I sooo want to get off mine.
  5. Wow, So Sorry Ellie! Maybe you have some sort of bug? I hope you are better today.
  6. I am 4 weeks post op today and have lost 17 pounds total. Slow go last couple weeks but doctor said all is normal. Have lost 3 inches around my waist and an inch on my arms. I have also noticed alot of change in my face. So that makes it all worth while. Even if the scale is not moving the clothes are!
  7. I was suppose to be on liquids for a month. .l started on soft stuff week 2.. my body needed it. I was tired and had no energy. I eat what I want now mostly (no steaks yet obviously) and feel fine. Our mouth is a grinding machine so we are able to mush up food and grind our teeth as good as any blender. I just keep hydrated and don't eat too fast or too much. Maybe start with yogurt and soft stuff. We all have different plans but its more about how our bodies are working for us. Honestly, not even 3 weeks out and haven't had any issues since gas pain post surgery. Just don't overdo it. But makes you feel happier to have something in your mouth to chew for sure. I even had some salad last night and all was good.
  8. My Fella is so concerned about this! i am not gonna be too sad if they shrink a bit.. too big at the moment.
  9. Svdlux23

    weigt loss stall 2 weeks post op

    I am exactly the same! Sleeved 9/13 and haven't lost a pound in a week! First week and a half 16 pounds.. I can feel my clothes fit different thought.. but still.. its is hard to get on that scale and see no movement. But I know its impossible to not lose more weight as only taking in such small amounts of calories per day. I think our bodies are just going through a change of metabolism and it takes a while to get to the normal place we will be living in.
  10. Svdlux23

    40 something sleevers?

    46.. sleeved 9/13.. lost 14 pounds so far but the scale has stopped the last few days.. dunno why but i know it will keep going. .
  11. I agree 100%.. pain was not bad at all..ive had tattoos and childbirth .. this was a walk in the park!
  12. I had mine also on the 13th. Doing good so far with everything.. gas is finally subsided.. just feeling hungry! Its odd.. i am struggling getting in enough water cus it seems such a steep hill to climb. Doing shakes and jello and popsicles..just want to eat! But i know I cant. I think watching tv makes this all harder cus the commercials for food are constant! I never really noticed it before now!
  13. Svdlux23

    Secret sleevers?

    I have told everyone for 2 reasons.. so they are aware I am going in for surgery.. as well as so they don't think something is wrong with me when I start drastically losing weight! I wouldn't want to have to have people think i have some illness and not feel comfortable about asking about it.
  14. your phone should have a step counter or you can get an app for it!
  15. I did an at home one first and which was with this wrist monitor.. and they said that came back that i had mild sleep apnea.. HMMM.. then they made me do the in-house one this week. I agree think its a way to make money out of insurance as i have not had to pay a penny out of pocket for any of that. They got my insurance to approve before i did them.
  16. That's good its worked for others.. i have no trouble sleeping though. I did the sleep study earlier this week and they gave me the cpap before i even did the study! Like I said I think its an insurance requirement issue.. ugh.
  17. I just got a cpap machine and hate it. I don't have issues sleeping but my surgeon is making me use it for 90 days. I don't get it but its just not working for me at all. it was my 3rd night with it last night and i took it off after an hour. I guess this has something to do with insurance approval maybe? I got the nasal pillow too but can't stand wearing it..
  18. Jeez, i read that back and feel awful.. i don't want to scare you.. she had a pik line in her arm that was the cause of the embolisms.. so not just from the stoma surgery.. It's just close to my heart and know how hard chrones can be.. xo
  19. Hi, Your story brought back alot of memories for me.. my mom had chrones disease and went through a lot of the same things as you did. She was diagnosed in the late 80's and went through countless surgeries until in late 97 she went in for a stoma repair and caught a staff infection.. she had 2 months in hospital to get rid of that and then had another surgery on the stoma in Jan 98. The next morning she got up from her bed to be walked around the hospital corridor and collasped and died. She had a pulmonary embolism. She was only 52 year olds. It was such a sad story because she went in for a stoma repair and never made it out.. Sorry just your story brought alot back. I hope you have great success and this will help you deal with your chrones easier.
  20. If you look on the costco website they have a variety of the flavors. https://www.costco.com/Orgain-Organic-Nutritional-Shake-12-count.product.100084577.html
  21. awesome thanks for the response! 2 weeks to go!
  22. Is anyone taking Lisiniprol for high BP? I am and asked for a recommendation on if i need to stop pre surgery at all.. haven't heard back from the nurse yet.