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    100lbs down!

    Woo hoo! Celebrate good times!!!! (in my singing voice)
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    Flinstones complete are good per my NUT and very easy to take.
  3. marly18

    Yup. I regret this.

    I am so sorry you are going thru this! Please try to get to the bottom of this before giving up. Many of us have a battle(or more) of some sorts with our bodies adjusting to the change that causes us to question our surgery. For me I developed uncontrollable diarrhea (15-20 times a day and with the worst smell) that put me in the hospital. Every test came back negative and they never did find out what was wrong but eventually found a drug to control it. Went on for over a month and I just noticed today(3 months later) that the horrible smell was finally gone . I was so worried that I was not going to be able to live like that. Do you go to a support group. Could help talking with others since your mom is not very supportive. P.S. Just saw you found the problem! Great detective work!
  4. marly18

    Cheated a little...

    mj77803 - yikes! that sounds dangerous. Is there any other med they can switch you to? Or maybe reduce dosage?
  5. marly18

    Cheated a little...

    I try not to regret my choices but rather learn from them (although sometimes I do regret them about an hour later...lol) You will find there is much to be learned about your bodies new way of processing food and it is still healing which means it is ever changing right now. So what your body rejects one day it may accept a month or two later. I like to always just proceed with caution and that way you won't ever do too much damage.
  6. P.S. So I don't think it helped at all.
  7. I started taking it a couple weeks after surgery. It is easy to swallow and easy to tolerate. My hair started falling out big time at about 3.5 to 4 months. I am almost 5 months out and actually just got my hair cut a couple inches(to just above my shoulders) hoping to combat the hair loss. It was getting so tangled and every time I tried to comb out the tangles my comb was filled with hair Does anyone know how long this is supposed to last? I know I read it before but forgot.
  8. marly18


    I am almost 5 months out. At 4 months out I tried a rum and coke. Could only drink 1/2 of it cause of the soda being so filling. A week later I drank a whole wine cooler! I was surprised that it seemed to hit me about normal. I was so worried about being super sensitive to it. I had heard to stay away from it for about a year due to the empty calories, sensitivity change and transfer addiction possibility. Sounds like there is a huge variety of experiences with it. Good topic.
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    I am the same way - hate decaf and just luv to have my 1 cup in the morning. Info from my nut said to wait a month but when I went for my 2 week follow-up my dr said I could start then. The coffee(not the caffeine) does cause extra acid to be produced in the stomach but that does not mean it leads to acid reflux. My tummy does get quite busy and loud after my morning coffee but does not have the same reaction to a hot tea.
  10. My nut said that when this happens to increase exercise.
  11. marly18

    Once daily multivitamin

    I take 2 flinstones complete tablets which is 12.48 at walmart for over 2 months supply. https://grocery.walmart.com/ip/Flintstones-Complete-Chewables-Children-s-Multivitamins-Kids-Vitamin-Supplement-with-Vitamins-C-D-E-B6-and-B12-150-Count/10311444 2 Citrical Petities which is 10.92 for over 2 months supply https://grocery.walmart.com/ip/Citracal-Petites-Calcium-and-Vitamin-D3-Supplement-to-Support-Bone-Health-200-Easy-to-Take-Caplets/13448581 I do not tolerate iron pills so I get iron infusions as needed and I have always been vit D deficient so I take a prescription strength every 2 weeks that only cost me $1 of month. So my monthly vitamin cost is less than $13 per month and these were all approved by my NUT.
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    I have the same issue. I do not eat anything with added sugars or high fats or carbs but from what I can tell it is mild dumping syndrome even tho I eat as I am suppose to. From what I have read it has to do with how fast the food exits your stomach. I try to eat slowly and that helps some. Let me know if you find anything that helps you.
  13. I am 2 months out from my surgery and I developed severe diarrhea a week ago. Just got out of the hospital and they were not able to find anything. The did stool tests and ultrasound and cat scans of my stomach. I also have no appetite at all and if I try to eat even a cracker I feel sooo full for like the next 12 hrs. We all suspect something to do with the surgery. The gastro dr suspects it is related to the cutting of the vagus nerve. Anyone else experience anything like this?
  14. Which brand was this?
  15. I'm on Lomotil. It is finally helping to reduce the number of episodes today. I also started some probiotics yesterday. What is the powder? THey had me drinking metamucil mixed with juice in the hospital but it did not help.
  16. thx. Good luck and let me know if it works for you.
  17. Thanks for the info. I was tested for c diff along with a slew of other infections and all were negative. I go like 15-20 times a day and complete water with the WORST smell ever (sorry TMI). They tried immodium and was not helping so they switched me to lamictol(sp?). Hoping it helps give me a life and appetite again. They said I may have to take forever (yikes). Asked about probiotics n dr said might help so I do want to get some but have no idea where to start so need to research. Anyone know what I should get?
  18. marly18

    Anyone from Delaware?

    congrats on starting your journey!
  19. marly18

    Drink options

    Diet Ocean Spray juices - https://www.oceanspray.com/Products/Juices-and-Drinks/By-Type/Diet#product-breadcrumb Minute Made Lite - https://www.coca-colaproductfacts.com/en/products/minute-maid-light/lemonade/52-oz/
  20. Thx Matt! Just learned my something new today I could not tolerate the Robard New Direction shakes but I have had other shakes such as pure protein with whey protein n nvr had a problem. Just checked and sure enuff the robard says concentrate and the pure protein says isolate.
  21. marly18

    pain control 1.5 years after GBS

    I have similar pain issues as the rest here. I am 4 weeks post op and have to say my back pain has decreased a great deal and I can only attribute it to the elimination of inflammatory foods as fluffychix has mentioned. My pain mngmt dr always told me to eliminate all white foods. When I start eating more it will be interesting to see if I can identify any specific trigger foods.
  22. marly18

    7 weeks Post Op!

    Awesome job!
  23. marly18

    Significant weight goal reached

    I will just say awesome job so far!
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    I was not able to tolerate the brand of shakes my dr uses. Severe stomach pain and diarrhea! So I tried some other shakes and also looked up liver shrinking diet. There are a list of foods that you can eat that still promote liver shrinkage which is the reason for the pre-op diet. I did a mix of alternate shakes and foods from the list. Hang in there!