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    Over 50 sleevers

    6 yrs out. Highest weight 412lbs, 11 months later told to stop losing at 237lbs. I hover within 10lbs of there 6 yrs later. Men lose faster and more, but I had a steady lose of 20 to 25lbs a month. I had surgery at 51
  2. volfan

    The Maintenance Thread

    Ok will be 4 yrs july 11, I went from 405 to 229 in 12 months. Doc said I could stop at 245, but i hit lower as 220 was my goal. I have maintained 230 to 240 since. I drink with food, it doesnt bother me, and fact started doing it at 8 months. I noticed 1) it seemed to push food, some, through pouch faster. I also noticed I can eat more than I could after 2 yrs and doc said you lose feeling that is is backing up in esophagus. Which is true, and if you throw up you can easily choke, so dont. But 3 slices of a large thin crust pizza is my limit, so that is my experience with that. Nuts, raw veggies sit in pouch for a long time, and only think I cant eat is cabbage, it gives me terrible heart burn. Water is hard as I forget to eat or drink until 7pm a lot. I never desire too, but have a bad habit from before of snacking while watching tv, and i have chips and drink water with, all chips and bread seems to stsy in pouch a long time. I mainly eat protein and a carb, i take barilife multivitamins 6 a day and blood work is slways perfect. 2 insulin 6 shots a day stopped at surgery and still diabetes is at bay. Hair lose happened, but as a guy, not that bad and similar to 2 brothers. Skin was an issue but it shrinks more yearly, strangely body morped is still going on for me, shorts that fit at same wait, didnt last ur, but this year they do. I never had a butt, but now I do, and waist has gone from 54 to 36, but up to 38 and fown to 34depending on yr lol. I can drink booze like I dud before, just can't chug a hole 12 glass. I can drink 64 oz of water in 15 minutes no problem, so I think the water think is to keep your pouch fuller long term but very important fitst yr. Dehydration is no joke, so I stay up drinking water if I haven't finished my 64 oz jug for day or 4 16 oz water bottles plus I like apple juice, which I mix with 3x as much water in my jugs. But tonight I realized I was 32oz short so I did. The last 2 yrs have really dedicating the water rule after dehydration happened twice, not fun. I also use syntex nectar and sugsr free walmart drink mix for my water bottles. Drink booze stopped my weight lose for a,week when I drank at 9 months. I notice now I will gain a few pounds for a few days after drinking booze, I don't much, but not sure if it is extra liquid or my guess, it messes bodies system and weight and digestion are really a rhythm. If I eat 3 meals and 2 snacks I lose weight, if I eat once, I gain so find your systems happy spot. I do best with a breakfadt, proteain drink lunch maybe just water, a dinner with carbs and protein, and cheese or a snack about 9, and then water until bed. Life is dimple as I live alone. When company comes and stay I eat with them and cook, thinks Zi just wouldnt normally eat. But that 5 lbs drops fadt after they leave, so you couples have it rough. I just don't buy bad idea food for me.
  3. volfan

    I need advice about my ex-girlfriend.

    She is playing you. Sent from my SM-N910T using the BariatricPal App
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    I need advice about my ex-girlfriend.

    I don't want to sound harse, I am a gay man 51, I have been there done that. I won't ask you a lot of personal questions, but I have a feeling you have probably never meet this person, in person. even if you have, you have spent most well over 95% of the relationship apart, texting or calling, you need to realise you are in love with a feeling,but you are projecting feelings on to someone that is a fantum of your mind. Yes she is a real person, but you are double reading everything she says or does in a perfect light, and no one lives in that, perfect light, what she tells you is one side of a story, and then you are interpreting it, which is another side. You need to focus on you right now, and as so much is changing, physically, and emotionally, this kind of relationship is not healthy, or a healthy choice for you. I suggest you concentrate on friends right now, that you can count on. Do you really want to be in a relationship with someone who makes decisions and plays around like this person? I doubt it. I also believe your mother already knows about you, or knows but doesn't accept it. Moms know everything, and people gossip, even if they have no facts, someone has mentioned it. You need to accept you, then decide okay, I am "left handed" I am going to tell my mom, because that is just who I am. If she can't accept it, I know what demon I have to deal with then, and if she does we will be closer. What other people think about me is none of my business needs to be your motto, you can't change their minds, you are you. Yourself confidence is going to really take off, and you need to make decisions with you in mind. Tell this person that, wish her luck, and cut ties, block her number and delete it! A year from now if you feel the need, you can find her easily, but you need to stop the string pulling she is doing, because, she herself probably doesn't even know how much she is doing of it. You had this surgery for you, now do this for you mentally. Best of luck
  5. volfan

    I just found PatchMD!

    I have used the patches, here are my feelings. First off don't put them on your butt. I did and they kept coming off. I put them on upper arm or shoulder. I have no idea how well they work, so... however, you are supposed to wear them for 8 to 12 hours depending on which ones you buy. It has been a very hot summer here, I like to get out and sweat, and then take a shower, ahhh not so fast, I have a patch on which cannot get wet. They really don't reapply well. Also, I tend to roll in my sleep, again, I lost them at night. I decided, yeah, great idea but not for me. My doctor makes a powder vitamin you might like newlife.com
  6. volfan

    Making Excuses

    I think you owe it to yourself to come clean, I think you think he is a nice guy, so just say, "you know what, I did have a WLS, it is something personal, and well, other than close friends I guess I really haven't thought about discussing it. A lot of people have negative opinions, or just need to share their opinions. You caught me off guard, and I am a little embarrassed by my reaction and actions. No I can't really enjoy a dinner out yet, but a movie would be wonderful, if you would still like too.
  7. volfan

    Grocery Stores

    I have to get 75 grams of Protein, women from my doctor have to get 60. Water wise, which includes Protein drinks are 64 oz, and my calorie total is 600, for a month post op. Maximum of 30 to 45carb grams. After one month, I get to have mush foods, that are the consistency of cottage cheese. You can go to barilife,com which is my surgeons group. It has stages and what you can and cannot eat under his guidelines, and suggested meals etc. Good luck
  8. my doctor required me to do the liquid diet for one month before, and one month after! It flew by after surgery, but the before was difficult. It will be over before you know it, and the moryou follow it, the easier and safer your surgery will me

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