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  1. Mine was almost 90 days exactly. It depends on your insurance requirements and your surgeons schedule, but mine went very quickly. 3 NUT/exercise appts, 1 psych eval, 2 surgeon visits and bam! That was it. The 90 days went by fast.
  2. Sajijoma

    Is Quinoa okay after RNY?

    I didn't have quinoa til probably 6 months out, but I eat it on a regular basis. My advice is to add a bit more liquid when you cook it than you normally would. It will help it get softer and easier to digest. Also take it very slow because that is not something you want to overeat because it does swell a little in your stomach and that can be painful if you take a bite too many.
  3. Sajijoma

    How much time in the hospital?

    I spent 3 days including the day of surgery, but I had complications with anesthesia suppressing my breathing and oxygen so I couldn't even get out of bed or sit up without fainting and needing oxygen support until I weaned off the pain meds.
  4. Sajijoma

    Is this ketosis?

    It sounds to me like you are describing dehydration., although I get this really rank metallic taste in my mouth-like sucking on pennies-when I am in ketosis. You can always buy keto sticks and test your urine if you want to know if you are in ketosis or not. You can get them at most pharmacies behind the counter without a prescription, just ask.
  5. Sajijoma

    What's the best protein bar?

    I liked quest bars but they stalled me out when I was in the losing phase. Pure protein chewy chocolate chip are my goto bar. I have one every morning for breakfast.
  6. I use bariatric advantage chewy bite 500's. Just take one after each meal and they taste good. I usually keep a bag of chocolate and caramel on hand and sometimes switch out with peanut butter.
  7. That's vitamin deficiency. You need to get your vitamin levels checked and corrected.
  8. Sajijoma

    Sajijoma before and after

    Before and after! From 429lbs to 180lbs. It really DOES work!❤️
  9. From the album: Sajijoma before and after

    Before and after gastric bypass rny!

    © Jill yohannan

  10. Sajijoma

    Goal Weight Reached!

    Congratulations! I've made my goal as well. My doctor told me I physically can't lose any more weight because it's all just excess skin. Kinda happy kinda depressed. I wanted to be smaller, but a size 8 or 10 is it at least until I quit breaking body parts long enough to fund my skin removal.
  11. While I was up and moving around those first few days after surgery, the part that killed me was the fatigue. I would nap and often. I needed to have someone around to watch after the kids and make dinner and stuff. If someone offers help, take it. If they make you more miserable, just ask them to leave.
  12. He emotional rollercoaster is normal and will let up the further out you go. It's very similar to the feelings of being pregnant both with the heightened smell, taste, and the emotional ride. It's caused by the release of estrogens stored in fat-yes, men have estrogen stored in their fat too. I can't remember how long it took to let up, but it's not forever-thank God! [emoji23]
  13. Sajijoma


    It probably is, but you may be just pushing it one step too far. Try stopping before you get that discomfort in your chest. Where you've eaten a bite and you just say, ok, the tightness isn't there yet, but I don't feel the same as I did when I started eating, so I stop. By the time you get that pain, you are overfilled and that's why it's uncomfortable. Also, if you do have that feeling, put your hands over your head and walk around, it helps it go away faster!
  14. It's a long process and it will take a long time. I started off at 429lbs. Surgery day I was like 386? Something like that. At my 1 yr appt I was 225lbs I'm currently 1yr and 7 months out and I'm 190lbs. I'm not where I want to be, but it's a long ass way away from where I started and that's really where you find he comfort. That you are so far away from where you started that even if you never lost another pound, you'll be happy and able to live a normal life and do all the things you want. I made a list when I started my journey of things I wanted to accomplish like no seatbelt extenders, shopping in regular size clothes dept, sitting in a chair without knowing the weight limit, going on the swings/slide at the park without fear of getting stuck or breaking it, etc. as I made those goals I checked them off. So far, my only one left is to climb a 14er, but I just tore out my shoulder after having recovered from tearing out my other one, so looks like it'll be another year for me before I can climb that mountain, but it's still my goal and so can't wait to check it off.
  15. Sajijoma


    You may be eating too fast or too much at a time. Try taking smaller bites and waiting a full minute in between and see if it helps. You may just be overriding your signal to stop. I'm kind of jealous. I can't throw up. If I go too far or get sick, I just sit there dry heaving but I can't physically throw up. [emoji53]
  16. Sajijoma

    Please help with dinner

    Do breakfast for dinner. That's actually what I'm doing tonight. I've got turkey sausage, eggs, and for those who haven't had bypass and still need to eat, I'm making Kodiak cakes protein waffles. They are so good, but I never get to one. The egg and sausage fill me up every time.
  17. Sajijoma

    Typical meal a year out from RNY?

    At a year out, I was where I still am actually at 1100 calories a day. I still eat the same as I did the first year: protein first, veggies second, any room left over for the starch. I still take most of my dinner home when we eat out, or sometimes I'll get one meal and split with my 3yr old since he's always found mine more tasty anyway. Haha as far as my approach, I've learned over the past year that if I don't get enough carbs in my diet, then I stall out and go nowhere. That doesn't mean I eat chips and cake, but I do work in healthy grains and occasionally bread to keep losing. I try to keep them at about 70g per day and my protein around 80-90g and my fats at around 40g mostly in the form of avocados, olive oil, and nuts. It's kind of a process to learn what works for you vs what the standard operating procedure says to do.
  18. Sajijoma

    Feeling normal, seems odd.

    I had the same experience with no significant pain and no gas and wondering if the surgery even really took place except for the fact I couldn't drink very much at a time. I wonder if some of it has to do with our high starting weights and always being in a certain amount of background pain. As the weight melts off you'll probably start to realize that you were always in pain when it suddenly goes away. It's a weird experience for sure.
  19. Sajijoma

    Hard to digest meat

    I'm over a year and a half out and there are still things I cannot tolerate some chicken and all pork. It's just something you will feel out along the way. Try something and if it doesn't work, don't fret, just wait a few months and try it again. It's taken over a year for me to be able to eat any chicken at all which for me was miserable because it's my favorite meat.
  20. Sajijoma

    Thoughts and worries?

    For me, the few months were kinda low. It was around month 3-6 that things really got going. Just be patient. For the first few months of solids I couldn't handle a whole 1/4c of food. It took a long time before all the swelling was down and it was comfortable to eat and drink. Try taking really small sips. Don't try to take a normal sized drink because you can't. It will hurt and you will be miserable, but it'll also cause damage to your healing body. Tiny sips. I used to have a 4 oz measuring cup and I'd fill it with water or my protein drink and set a timer for 15 minutes and slowly take tiny sips til it was gone. At first I couldn't make the 15 minute timer, but over time I could. Now at a year and a half out, I have no problems whatsoever drinking. The hardest part about life after surgery is learning to just slow down. Slowdown eating, slowing down drinking, and just learn not to try to rush through life because this is a long journey and you are still at the beginning. You will get there.
  21. You should see a specialist about your migraines. I have had bad ones all my life as well. I finally got a doctor who has given me natural preventatives that help keep me from getting so many. You can buy butterbur at any healthfood store and it does amazing things with lessening the frequency of migraines and then I carry maxalt which melts on the tongue for sudden attacks. You take it at the first aura and it can knock it down before it gets to the wanting to rip your own heart out so you don't have to hear that loud beating anymore phase. That much ibuprofen especially when there are better and more effective treatments just isn't good for you.
  22. Sajijoma

    Unrealistic expectations?

    I was at or near 200 at 15 months out. It's been a slow few months because I have been recovering from a torn rotator cuff and couldn't do much. The further out you get the slower the weight loss goes. It still goes, just very VERY slow.
  23. Yep just wait til you go to the DMV! [emoji1] I got flagged because I look nothing like my old pic. My finger prints didn't exactly match up either because my fingers had shrunk. I went from a size 11 ring down to a 6.5 so yeah, lots of change there! LOL It was a hard time getting that straightened out. Your whole body changes from the process. Fingerprints, face readers, pictures, etc I mean I have lost so much weight that for awhile I didn't even know who I was when I looked in the mirror and it scared me! I would freak out and think there was a ghost or a woman in the mirror staring at me. LOL
  24. Sajijoma

    Unrealistic expectations?

    You have lost almost 30lbs in 7wks. Do you know how amazing that is?!? Do you think you could have lost that much just dieting on your own without the surgery? Probably not. I know I couldn't have. I had to fight to get off what I did and keep it off. We all lose at different rates and activity level does play a major role in how fast it comes off, but you are doing great my friend. I know in the beginning there is the fear of failure and that it won't actually work for you, but it will! It did for me! I was 429lbs at my first appt. I'm 193 now and my surgeon says 30lbs of that is in excess skin that needs to be removed so it'll work! It takes time and sticking to the program and not stressing out. It just does it's thing while you do yours and together you get there in the end! [emoji4]
  25. I went through a shedding around 3 months but it wasn't much. Just enough that I didn't have to pay for 2hrs of thinning at the hair stylist anymore. My nut told me that in her experience the big hair losers usually were the ones not getting in their protein so I made sure I kept up with it and sure enough, I was lucky enough not to lose a whole lot. Just the follicular die off that comes after any surgery.