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  1. So I had to meet with a client today for lunch. I normally try to get to this particular restaurant first because I know they have these tiny booths that even a "normal" sized person would have trouble fitting in. Unfortunately I was running behind and of course she chose one. I squeezed myself in there and was literally in pain and could barley eat. The whole time she was talking to me all I could do was think about how uncomfortable I was. Worst experience ever. It's insane to me that I still have this warped idea that I'm not as big as I really am. I'm attending my first OA meeting tonight. Looking for some support to get me from here thru my surgery.
  2. nikkiperezcassar

    I can't believe this is me! (Boudoir pics)

    This is so awesome! I can't wait to do the same someday.
  3. nikkiperezcassar

    Water hurts!

    Hey all of you wonderful December sleevers! I was sleeved on Monday and I'm running into some issues with water. I'm thirsty for it, I want it, but every time I drink it hurts and causes gas pains. I haven't had this issue with other liquids. I'm slow sipping but always seem to get air. Is anyone else experiencing this?
  4. nikkiperezcassar

    Water hurts!

    I'm happy to know it wasn't just me, I'm a couple weeks out now and doing so much better with water! No pain, just struggling getting it all in throughout the day.
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    OBGYN Recomendations

    Hey ladies, I'm sure this is a long shot but I'm looking for an OBGYN in the Orlando area that is familiar with WLS. My current doctor does not agree with the surgery and I'm kind of over her negativity. If you’re not from Orlando but have had a similar experience I would love to hear how you handled it, I'm not even sure what questions to ask when I call around. I have PCOS and some fertility issues due to my weight. My insurance should be approving my surgery in November if all goes well and I'm just trying to find the right doctor before I start this journey. Any help would be appreciated!
  6. nikkiperezcassar

    Instagram WLS accounts!

    Hey everyone! I'm Nikkisvsgjourney I'll follow each of you too!
  7. nikkiperezcassar

    5 days Post op

    I was also sleeved on the 7th, I was given a injection to prevent blood clots before my surgery and the next day but they didn't send anything home with me.
  8. Hey there, I got sleeved for the same reason. My surgery was just Monday but my surgeon agreed WLS was the best option to cure my insulin resistance that came with my PCOS. My surgeon did recommend waiting 2 years to start trying however I changed to a GYNO that is on the bariatric board and she is very familiar with what I'm going through. She told me a year and I will have definitely be able to have a healthy normal pregnancy. The biggest reason to wait has to do with the shock your body goes through after the major weight loss. I recommend finding a GYNO that has had other patients with PCOS that have had WLS. It helped me drastically! Good luck to you!!
  9. nikkiperezcassar

    FL - Orlando

    The next meeting is this Wednesday at 6, they have a plastic surgeon as the guest speaker. Bethanne runs the group if you want to reach out to her but I don't think it's required. Her email is Bethanne.Wilson@orlandohealth.com Hope to see you there!
  10. nikkiperezcassar

    FL - Orlando

    My surgeons office offers a group open to everyone. I attend regularly. You can find the info at JawadMD.com. We meet at the Orlando Health Cancer Center downtown. Hope to see you there!
  11. nikkiperezcassar

    OBGYN Recomendations

    I will definitely check them out, I live in windermere but it would be worth the drive if I could find someone who is supportive. My current OBGYN feels as if I eliminate carbs until the day I die and eat only organic my body would regulate my weight on its own. Insane. I need someone new!
  12. nikkiperezcassar

    Does anyone have BCBS of AL?

    I've come to learn each BCBS has different requirements. I have everything the insurance company provided me about my 6 month documented diet plan but no where does it outline a certain about of weight that has to be lost. My primary warned me that he has seen insurance companies deny surgery of patients lose too much weight. He said I need to make sure I don't have a massive weight loss but couldn't give me a ideal number to stay within. I called my surgeons office since I know they have more experience with this stuff and haven't heard back. I'm just wondering if anyone has has any personal experience here. Dieting and exercising for 6 months pretty much guarantees I will start losing but now I'm scared to lose too much or on the flip side not enough. Seems crazy I know but it's all I think about and slowly driving me nuts!
  13. nikkiperezcassar

    Does anyone have BCBS of AL?

    They did call me back, according to my surgeons a office my insurance has no weight lost or gain limitations. Basically I could lose or not lose and it won't matter. Makes me nervous so I'm working to lose some but not a massive amount just in case there is a issue either way. Why would they require a 6 mo diet plan with no guidelines beats me.
  14. nikkiperezcassar

    My Fitness Pal

    So I know I should probably know this but I can't figure out how to add people? My app only has the options to add people from my contacts, Facebook or email someone?
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    FL - Orlando

    I've been wondering the same thing as well, given my 6 mo diet plan ends in October I'm worried about a fast approaching end of the year. The last thing I want is for there to be a change in my insurance!
  16. Thanks for posting this! My family takes a cruise every December and my parents are apprehensive of booking since I'm expecting my surgery will be some time in October. They keep saying they want to make sure I'll have fun and be healed. Etc. now I can confidently say I will definitely be good to go! We all look forward to this trip and my husband and I already have the time off, I don't want to disappoint everyone by delaying it.
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    Waist training

  18. nikkiperezcassar

    What do you ride?

    My husband rides and sells Harley Davidson's. I've been terrified to get on the back of it with him because I'm so heavy. He literally begs me to give it a try so I promised after surgery I'll ride with him. What he doesn't know is a secretly wish I can get my own someday and we can take trips together. ????
  19. nikkiperezcassar

    Spouse involvement

    I'm not really sure what to think about my husband, lol. I didn't take him to any appointments because I'm so used to doing everything on my own. I later regretted that because I then had to sit down and explain everything to him. He has the "happy wife, happy life" philosophy so he's good with anything I decide. I feel bad because my weight has caused some fertility issues and that is a huge motivating factor to get this all taken care of. Makes me feel like it's my fault we haven't been able to start our family. He plans to take time off when I do have my surgery and stay with me at the hospital. I think deep down I know he will be more then supportive but in typical male mode he's not very expressive with his feelings! Drives me crazy!
  20. nikkiperezcassar

    Ideal size?

    I definitely have a clothing goal. I recently put all my smaller clothes that I haven't worn in years to my guest closet. It will be like shopping once I can fit into them again! I'm currently at my highest a size 22/24, I'd love to be a 8/10 but like most I haven't been there since high school. It's almost hard to believe it's really possible. I'd love to be able to head to the mall and shop with my girlfriends again. Now I just come up with excuses not to go because I can't fit into the clothes at the stores they all shop.
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    First birthday without cake

    I found this online and plan to have it for my birthday! Neat concept!
  22. nikkiperezcassar

    Waist training

    Have you had success with waist training? I've always been interested in the concept but figured it would need to wait until after I have surgery because of my size.
  23. nikkiperezcassar

    recovery time questions

    My plan is simply to plan ahead, I have a fridge at work and a microwave so I'm going to stock up on the essentials that way I always have something on hand. I also plan to set a alarm to remind myself to eat. I've seen too many posts of people forgetting to eat and it being way to draining. I figure as long as I have foods for each of my phases on hand and Water at my desk I'm good. Since I'm the manager of my office I don't have to take lunch with others or a full scheduled lunch hour. Since I'm not planning on telling anyone about my surgery I think that will help me hide my weird new eating habits! ???? My only true concern is when I have to take a client out, I'm going to try to avoid lunch appointments and stick with Breakfast or coffee so it's not so obvious I'm not eating. I think with a bit of shuffling I may be okay. Only time will tell though!
  24. nikkiperezcassar

    The dumbest diet you tried?

    Medifast was probably the worst, so gross I lost weight my starving. Does anyone remember the cookie diet? That was hilarious, never lost even a pound.
  25. nikkiperezcassar


    I'm so happy to see this post, I just posted something similar because my primary said to be careful not to actually lose weight when he started me on my plan. I have BCBS of al too and have called my surgeons office but haven't heard back. Now I'm scared to even lose a pound but what if they need to see weight loss! This is all so insane to me, where did you get the 30lbs. rule? From your doctor or BCBS? I'm just about at a 43 BMI.