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  1. First off I don't like Quest bars. I do however love the chocolate chip cookie dough bars from Slim 4 Life (I did that program a few years ago with limited temporary success). So I have a stash of those bars on standby when I crave a sweet something but I try to limit to one a week at most. The premier shakes are much lower carbs than the bars so I justify them as a breakfast easier than as a supplement or snack. I do think it's critical to meet at least 60g protein a day and an egg or yogurt for my breakfast always make me short at the end of the day. Thanks for the chat!
  2. I still drink a ready to drink Premier shake for my easy grab and go breakfast at least 5 days a week. I don't hate them like some people do. It's easy way to get 30g of protein with only 5g carbs to start my day on a good balance. I'm never hungry in morning and I'm good until lunch. But many say that at this point I should be getting my calories and protein from solid foods only to improve satiety. Thoughts? Others at 5 months in same boat?
  3. Well your quote sounds straight out of my binder. I'm with KC Bariatric and our NUT Laura says I shouldn't lean on the shakes so much but as long as I'm not hungry and snacking before lunch it's ok. I get on avg between 60-70 grams of protein a day with half of that of course from my shake. On days I don't do a shake I usually eat a yogurt for breakfast which is less protein and more carbs.
  4. I should add my stats. HW 295, SW 275, CW 220. Age 46 5'8".
  5. So the gallbladder thing. Is that something you need to do or is it elective and why? Just curious.
  6. sleeve_getter

    Kansas city area sleevers?

    That's wonderful. I hope my determination to succeed never fades! Congrats.
  7. sleeve_getter

    Kansas city area sleevers?

    Thanks! When is /was your surgery?
  8. Just hoping to connect with a buddy in KC area that is pre-op planning sleeve here in near future. I'm with Bariatric Center of KC in Lenexa. Dr Hamilton. Don't have date yet but attending final nutrition class on August 20 then we can file insurance and hope to have surgery early October.
  9. sleeve_getter

    Kansas city area sleevers?

    I'm having my sleeve by Dr Hamilton at KC Bariatric most likely in early October. Don't have date yet. Have final class on August 20 then we can finally file w insurance.
  10. sleeve_getter

    KC Missouri are you out there

    I'm getting sleeved at KC Bariatric. Date not known yet but probably early October. Dr Hamilton.
  11. sleeve_getter

    Any soon to be Sleevers in KC area?

    Well he did my EGD too but I didnt see him conscious. Lol
  12. sleeve_getter

    Any soon to be Sleevers in KC area?

    What can you share about your experience? Anything unique about it that I should know? I've only met him one on one in that first consult. He presented at the seminar I attended and I liked him then. Since then it's just been the nutritionist, psych doc, and my case worker (via email only). I won't see Hamilton again until my 2 week pre op appt.
  13. sleeve_getter

    Any soon to be Sleevers in KC area?

    My surgery date is Sept 14th with Dr slayden at St lukes south! I live quite a ways from kc but I'm out there regularly. I actually live only 5 miles from the Shawnee Mission health center that they do all bariatrics at. #blessed!!!!
  14. sleeve_getter

    Any soon to be Sleevers in KC area?

    Thanks. Its getting very real and I'm excited.
  15. Me also. Hope to have date by sept 1 and hoping for surgery about oct 1
  16. I've admitted I snore badly and I've never been tested for sleep apnea but my insurance nor surgeon require a sleep test. I've had plenty of other hoops to jump through but not that one.
  17. Sjfink try searching September sleevers in your FB search bar. If you already clicked on accept invite in the actual email then it should let you see it now in your groups.
  18. sleeve_getter

    High A1c

    I hadn't had blood work done in many years until this last March when I was seeking approval from my PCP to pursue WLS. When he told me my A1C was 6.8 and that means I have type 2 diabetes I was not entirely shocked. But he was willing not to start me on any meds since he knew I was going down this road that should cure it in matter of months post op.
  19. Thanks for sharing both of these stories. It should be part of our mental preparations to make it a lifetime change and not a diet until goal. I think the sleeve tool will simply be our jump start to quicker success but not our cure!
  20. sleeve_getter


    I'm also pre-op and keep in mind I don't have great excercise habits and have zero yoga experience. But I too keep hearing about the benefits of this and also would love to make this one of my long-term goals. I don't expect this to be my only excercise, but did hope to make it a goal long-term as one thing I rotate in. I downloaded an app on my phone to try it one day recently and it was not pretty -- my body simply won't bend like they require for the beginner poses. But I asked a few people and they promise that it takes a lot of practice and it is still beneficial to keep trying. Someone recommended a video for heavy people yoga -- available on Amazon. Haven't decided if I want to buy it and take that chance, or look into trialing an actual class.
  21. My book from surgeon explains it is to shink the liver and also serves as a bowel prep for surgery. But I think the 2 week guideline is because that is as long as we can tolerate such low calories prior to surgery. I know others only have 1 week or even less, but I also have 2 weeks to do - I hear it is the HARDEST part of the entire process. I know I practiced just one day of it recently and was starving so it will be hard.
  22. As a member of this thread and our new FB secret group we share great stuff here but we've become truly friends with each other on the FB page. Even with support from our families, nothing compares to the support of others going thru almost identical preparation and near the same timeline. It's great!
  23. I plan one week off and 2nd week working from home. It's a "behind computer" and on conference calls job so I should be fine.
  24. I've told my manager and one close friend coworker. They both are supportive. But I don't plan to tell most associates at first.

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