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  1. soon2Bscandalous

    Easter's Challenge

    Totally off track here but im at 175. 6# until easter goal....
  2. soon2Bscandalous

    April 2014 RNY/Bypass Post Op Support

    Hey guys. Im down 115#. Im sitting at 175, but would like to lose 35-40 more lbs. Ive been in a stall also, but again its also from being very liberal with things that are bad on our diet. Ive been wondering how yall are doing. Good luck with hitting the 11 months milestone.
  3. soon2Bscandalous

    Anyone from Tennessee

  4. soon2Bscandalous

    Anyone from Tennessee

    [/quote Soon 2Bscandalous did you have insurance if so how long did it take to get a reply from them I have band 8 yrs ago did great until about 18 mons ago it slipped I had it removed now getting sleeve, excited to get back to being me and my size lol!! I had to do self-pay bc when i went to him they said i wasnt big enough for revision that was lime 7 yrs ago
  5. soon2Bscandalous

    Accountability Group

    Where in TN?
  6. soon2Bscandalous

    Before and After Pics

    10months out down 110#
  7. soon2Bscandalous

    Anyone from Virginia?

    Kingsport, tn which is right across Va line near Gate city Va
  8. soon2Bscandalous

    Anyone from Tennessee

    I am in kingsport also! I am at 10 months for band to rny revision. Dr.kramer did not do mine but i work in surgery with him sometimes, he is amazing. He also had rny in the past!
  9. soon2Bscandalous

    Easter's Challenge

    Goal 169
  10. soon2Bscandalous

    Easter's Challenge

    O im in. Need some accountability! :-)
  11. soon2Bscandalous

    Valentine's Challenge

  12. soon2Bscandalous

    Valentine's Challenge

  13. soon2Bscandalous

    where do you live?

    Kingsport, TN
  14. soon2Bscandalous


    Genepro on amazon is GreAt. No taste hot or cold
  15. soon2Bscandalous

    when will i stop losing weight?

    That would be a good problem to have for me. Lol my mom had the problem with her bypAss, but it stopped when she started adding in some sweet stuff. Weight loss stopped immediately.
  16. soon2Bscandalous

    Valentine's Challenge

    Cw 184, challenge start 186. Goal 175.
  17. soon2Bscandalous

    Valentine's Challenge

    I wamt to join im currently 186- and want to lose 11 lbs by tge end of this challenge. That would put me at 175! :-)
  18. You are the prettiest girl ive ever seen! Hope you reach goal. Drive em crazy with envy girl
  19. soon2Bscandalous

    Halloween challenge

    Well im down to 196.6.... may not make it to my second goal of 193.
  20. soon2Bscandalous

    Holiday Challenge!

    Im in too. What is everybody trying to lose in that time frame? Im 6 months out and would like to lose between 16-20#s. Is that unreasonable?
  21. soon2Bscandalous

    Ok imma try to stop weighing EVERYday!

    I do same thing.... I get discouraged
  22. soon2Bscandalous

    Ok I'm wearing a size 12 this morning!

    Me too I was in a 22/34 in april and now im wearing.a 12 also
  23. soon2Bscandalous

    I Want To See Before & After Pics! (Cont'd)

    Yesterday was my 6 month anniversary. I went from 287 sw to 197-cw. 5'7'' height. I want to loose 60 more. First two were yesterday. Next are day after surgery.

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