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  1. I did have my surgery in Mexico. One of the best decision that I have ever made in my life. Went from a size 18/16 pant and XL shirt to a size 12 pant and M/L shirt in just 3 months!
  2. I tried to use mine. I had quite a bit on my flex account Visa also. However, my coordinator tried to run it through and it didn't accept it. I ended up having to pay out of pocket and used my flex benefit card towards my medical supplies and vitamins, etc. after surgery. You should still try and see if it works for you. Good luck!
  3. We had surgery the same day and I have also lost the same amount! We are slow losers but I would rather that so that I am not looking saggy. Sounds like you are doing great my sleeve pal! Keep up the good work. Oh by the way, thanks for the roll up idea, I'm going to try this!
  4. You will be so blessed for this generousity! What a wonderful thing to do for someone!
  5. Yes. My sleeve's name is Ki Ki and she is definitely a DIVA!
  6. tbrown9

    Hello from Kentucky!

    Hello! I am living in Kentucky too! I love your determination. It will get you very far in this journey. I just had my surgery on Monday so I'm 6 days post op. We should exchange emails or something. I can never have enough sleeve buddies. Where in Kentucky do you live? I'm in Louisville!
  7. I just came back from Tijuana. I went alone and got sleeved on Monday. It was not scary at all. Don't believe all the stories that you hear about Tijuana. Tijuana in this day and time is nothing like it used to be years ago. I even went with some some surgery buddies that I met at the Marriott to the Walmart and got some things. We walked, it was beautiful weather there 74 degrees and sunny. You will be surprised that you worried for nothing once you get there. Good luck with your surgery! You'll do fine!
  8. tbrown9

    who's going to Tj soon?

    I am at the Marriott scheduled for surgery tomorrow!
  9. We are having surgery on the same day! I am looking forward to hear how things go for you. We will have to keep in touch with our progress! Good luck and I wish you the best on your journey!
  10. Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and I am happy that I joined. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I was wondering if anyone has had Dr. Diaz for their surgeon. I am supposed to be scheduled in August because I am interested in the single incision procedure that he performs for the VSG. Also I am cash pay and can't afford it in the U.S. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  11. tbrown9

    August sleevers?

    I would love to know more about it. Message me the info please. Thanks!
  12. tbrown9

    120 pounds down!

    So am I! Wow!
  13. tbrown9

    August sleevers?

    We just might be traveling in the same shuttle heading to the Marriott and the hospital in the morning! Wouldn't that be awesome!
  15. This was a one of the greatest descriptions of what you can expect to feel about food after surgery that I have read so far! Thank you for sharing this. I pray that my recovery is the same and I feel the same way you do about food after I have my surgery. It really give me hope for a more "normal" life after vsg.
  16. tbrown9

    white chicken soup

    That's sounds really good! Thanks for sharing. I am looking forward to trying this post op.
  17. tbrown9

    August sleevers?

    Yes. I should arrive at the Marriott on Sun. the 4th after the driver picks me up at the San Diego airport. I am so ready to do this!
  18. tbrown9

    August sleevers?

    I've already started my pre op diet too. My surgery is on Aug 5th with Dr. Diaz at Mi Doctor. The headaches are awful! If they get too bad I end up going to bed early so I won't have to deal. The shakes aren't so bad though I am using premier protein (chocolate). They taste pretty good. I just hope I dont have a problem with them post surgery cause I would like to keep using the same shakes if possible. Especially since they have 30gm of protein!!
  19. Your before and after pics are very inspiring!! What did you do for your arms not to have the excess skin? I am so worried about that. I have started some arm exercises but was wondering if you could share what you did. Thanks for sharing you success!

  20. tbrown9

    Pre-Op Begins Today

    Good luck!! I started mine yesterday. It wasn't so bad. Just stay hydrated. It helps!
  21. I will be sleeved August 4th!!! Come on new life!!
  22. tbrown9

    Closet Sleever

    I feel the same way as you do. The only one's who know are my 2 kids, my "sleeve sistas", my personal trainer and my wls surgeon (of course). I've always been a private person about my life and it's just no body's business!!

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