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    Fall cravings

    Any recipes with healthy squash of any sort is my comfort food for fall. I love spaghetti squash, butternut, acorn, yellow, pumpkin, etc. Especially with brown sugar, cinnamon or maple syrup. And since I can only eat 2 oz's at a time, it's perfect. Eat it right out of the oven, or make a casserole or soups, etc. This is my most fav time of the year. Squash is also very healthy and packed with fiber, vitamins and good stuff in general.
  2. I think I lived on Tums for about a month. Then I started taking the Prilosec. And my doctor didn't have any issues with me taking a tiny little birth control pill and my Ambien from day one. So I didn't even think twice about taking the Prilosec and I've been fine ever since.
  3. Hello! I know exactly what you're going through. It's horrible! I've never felt anything like that before in my life. So I take one Prilosec every morning and I've never had heartburn since. I am planning on going to my doctor to get a prescription for it because it'll be cheaper for me. Right now I'm buying them at Sam's for about $28 a package. They have 3 boxes in each one. And the box says to only take them for 2 wks at a time. Which is ridiculous. My dad has been taking prescription strength Prilosec for years, every single day. At least you just take it once in the morning and forget all about it for the rest of the day. Good luck!
  4. Jiggly Puff

    Average cost for self-pay

    I went through www.alighterme.com . I worked with Ronda and Janese as the U.S. coordinators. And Abraham and Eduardo on the Mexico side. I had Dr. Elias Ortiz and his entire team, the staff and the hospital were all fantastic. The Marriott hotel in TJ was the nicest I've ever stayed in. And it was easily the best decision I've ever made.
  5. WOW! How good do you look?!!! Congrats on your fantastic weight loss! You look happier and so much healthier too.
  6. Jiggly Puff

    1 year and 8 months post op! ????

    That's fantastic! Good luck to you and your hubby!
  7. Jiggly Puff

    7 months out down 120 pounds

    Not only do you look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!! But the most inspiration, for me, is your smile girl!!!!!!!!! Your before picture is almost heartbreaking! And then to see how happy you are now is what is so inspirational. How we all feel about ourselves after we go through something that is this life changing is what matters most. I'm so very happy for you! I wish you many years of continued success and happiness.
  8. Yes, I freeze them. I make chocolate shake pops in little paper cups and popsicle sticks. They are cheaper and better for you than the frozen popsicles at the store. There is no reason at all not to make them. None what so ever. Enjoy!
  9. Jiggly Puff

    Why the sleeve?

    I really was going to get the band as well because my BF did it. I did a lot of research on all 3 options and I realized the sleeve was a much better, safer and permanent choice for me. I agree with the person who mentioned that the band seemed to be "temporary"? I also thought that was odd. I need to be healthy and happy always! Why wouldn't I choose a permanent solution for weight loss?! LOL! Also, my BF who has the LB is not doing very well. She's had hers for 2 yrs now and I was just sleeved in July and I've already lost more weight than she has. She is sick all the time, can't afford the adjustments to her band and is miserable. It runs her life basically. And how long is that thing going to last inside your body? That just sounds awful, like it shouldn't be there. And then with the bypass, I did not want my intestines messed with, plain and simple. Not to mention the absorption and dumping issues. So that's basically why I chose the sleeve.
  10. Jiggly Puff

    Colorado, anyone?

    I went to Dr. Elias Ortiz and Dr. Lopez also cared for me as well. I had a terrific time in TJ, MX! Everything about it was awesome and I'd do it again in a heartbeat. However, the flights were insane. Both of my flights were delayed by HOURS! Weather issues mostly and then one passenger had a medical issue. Other than that, it was fantastic! TY for asking!
  11. I didn't think I would have that problem either right after surgery. Then about a month later it will hit you! All of a sudden one day you realize how much trouble you are really in. I was drinking my water, getting in my protein and eating some pureed squash (for fiber) as often as I could. I was still in a world of pain and embarrassment. Of course I didn't tell anyone at work why I had to call in sick, but still... So my expert "sleever" advice would be to buy a bottle of MOM or some kind of laxative to power blast that out of your system. I was taking stool softeners twice a day since surgery and they had ZERO effect on me. I wish, wish, wish, somebody had told me about that before it happened to me. I never heard one word about it until after the fact. Good luck everyone!
  12. Jiggly Puff

    Anyone not tracking?

    I don't count anything, I never have with this surgery. I make sure I get my protein shake in the morning. I stay away from unhealthy foods like white carbs, red meat and sugary things. I eat seafood, Silk (instead of milk), cottage cheese, yogurt, pudding, veggie burgers and bean burgers. The only thing I measure are my portions on a food scale or just eyeball it for about 2 oz's. I've lost 47#'s as of today! Good luck to you, take it easy, relax and enjoy some good healthy food.
  13. Jiggly Puff

    Colorado, anyone?

    Congrats on being approved!!!!!!! That's so exciting! I'm in Denver and I met Dr. Snyder. I like him very much and I know several people who had their surgeries through him at Rose Medical Center. He would've done mine but he wanted $17,500 to do it. So off to Mexico I went for $4650! My insurance wouldn't cover it here. But you'll be in good hands with a great team.
  14. Wow! You hit the nail on the head girl. I also think I sabotaged my love life. Hence, why I'm single. I hope that hamster wheel has stopped now. Maybe I will get another chance to fall in love someday. I'd really like to see a better me on the other side of this weight issue. I won't have that fear of my weight problem bearing down on me like this ever again. Here's to being hopeful! :wub:
  15. Jiggly Puff

    Anyone starting out around 225lbs?

    Hello! I'm 30 something and 5'2". I started out at 215 (the heaviest I've ever been). My surgeon told me that I'd lose about 40 #'s in 2 months. But I hit every stall like you would a stop light. Here's a tip, please do not allow yourself to get constipated! That and heartburn have been my only issues throughout this entire process. So I probably would've hit that goal of 40 #'s sooner if it hadn't been for that. Good luck!
  16. I would do it again in a heartbeat! And I'm the biggest baby on the planet when it comes to bee stings, paper cuts, stubbing my toe, etc. I can't handle pain of any kind. And this was worth everything to me. If the doctor had told me that I needed to shave my head just to get this surgery, I would've done that too. Good luck!
  17. I'm so happy for you! I met Dr. Snyder at his seminar last May. I instantly liked him a lot. I know several people who have had their surgeries through him as well and he has a big fan base. So good luck with that! And now for the actual topic....I wish I had known about the constipation issues after surgery. Look up that topic on this forum. You'll find lots of info about it. Take slippers with a hard sole on them for walking around the hospital floor. And if you don't have a blender or something like that, I do recommend a Magic Bullet. I already had one and I use it every single day for my morning shakes. You couldn't pry that out of my cold dead hands. You'll need Gas-X strips for right after the surgery. And don't take the whole box like me and my roommate did. The doc didn't like that at all. But we didn't have any gas pains, so no harm done I guess. I wish you the very best of luck and I hope everything goes very well!
  18. Jiggly Puff

    Hey, No Fair!

    I didn't have one. But, it would've been easier if I had. The hospital I was at wanted us to get up and walk around, not lay in bed. So that's the reason why they didn't believe in them.
  19. LMAO! That is EXACTLY my same reaction! And yes, I do feel very flattered when guys talk to me that wouldn't have spoken to me before. And then later on, I try not to "go there" and over think that. But I can't help it. I know if I was still 215#'s in my 5'2" frame, no one would even look my way let alone speak to me. But you have to put that into perspective as well. Would I look at some guy who was more than 100 lbs overweight? Probably not. So with that said, yes I'm single, yes, I like the attention and I have no idea how to properly handle that right now. And I'm loving it!!!!!
  20. Jiggly Puff

    warning:TMI - constipation

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that. And just know that you are not alone! I had the same thing happen to me. I also lost a day of work (unpaid) because of it. And I stocked up on MOM, Correctol laxatives for women, fiber choice chewables, and fiber gummy vitamins. You are right, it was one of the very worst days and I'll never forget it. Good luck to you!
  21. Jiggly Puff

    Can you eat salads?

    I have not tried to eat salad yet, because I really didn't know if I could. But I'm over 5 wks out now. So I guess I'll give it a try. Thanks everyone!
  22. Jiggly Puff

    In Mexicali

    Yep, agreed! Take it easy. Every single day is better than the last one. Enjoy your down time and those nice meds while ya can! LOL Congrats on the surgery!!!!
  23. Jiggly Puff

    Fecal Impaction... tmi... HELP!

    I feel for ya! I went through this on 08/13 and I missed a day of work because of it. My surgery date was 07/16 and I believe this also caused me to stall for 2 weeks. I wasn't even on solid foods yet. I was still in the pureed stage and drinking my protein shakes. This is the ONE and ONLY complication I've had regarding the sleeve. I really wish I had known about this beforehand. I don't recall ever seeing any topics about the constipation until after I was going through it. I now take chewable fiber tablets twice a day. So far so good. I also stocked up on MOM and other laxatives just in case this ever happens again. Good luck with that and drink lots of water!
  24. Jiggly Puff

    july 2013 sleevers

    I am currently eating about one ounce of food every 2 hrs. I don't EVER want to risk stretching my stomach out again so I'll probably eat like this forever. Who knows? But fear keeps me in check. I don't like getting bored with my food either, so I try to eat a variety of things throughout the day. Like 1/4 of a veggie burger, 1 oz of cottage cheese, protein shake, 1 oz of sea food (imitation crab, or real crab or scallops, salmon, etc), yogurt, frozen yogurt, chocolate pudding, stuff like that. Little tiny portions that taste good about 5 or 6 times a day. Yummy!