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  1. jillb

    Oct Sleevers

    Geaux.... you are doing better than me. I have only lost 9 lbs since I was sleeved on Oct 17th. I seem to be stuck. I try doing everything right too. I am also very frustrated!
  2. I was sleeved on Oct 17th, 3 1/2 weeks ago. I have only lost 9 lbs and seem to be stalled for over a week. I am really discouraged!
  3. So sorry to hear of the problems. I will keep you in my prayers....
  4. jillb

    My Sleeve Journey

    Lilymay... that is awesome!.. Congrats on your success. Kim, I was sleeved 2 1/2 weeks ago. For me the first 3 days was not bad. Some pain but the drugs helped..lol. I had NO regrets at all! I still don't because I know in the long run I will be much healthier and happy.
  5. jillb

    Hi There!

    HI, I had surgery on Oct 17th I have only lost 9 lbs so far since surgery. I have been disappointed and upset as well. Then I start thinking... ok, so it is going slow right now but at lease it is going. I'm thinking maybe it will be better on my skin if it goes slow. I am doing everything by the book as well. I guess it is just the difference in our bodies. If I continue to lose, even slowly, then I will be happy. Sorry you are down right now but please look at the bright side. You are losing! We will succeed!
  6. I had a hernia as well and they fix it when you have surgery. I suffered from gerd for over 20 years. Two years ago the did the Nissen Fundiplication (sp). It came undone so I went to my surgeon to have it redone. He suggested the sleeve and to repair the new hernia. I had surgery Oct 17th. I have not had any issues with gerd at all. I am off all my meds for gerd. So to answer your question... Yes, you can and they will also fix the hernia. If you have insurance it will pay for the hernia repair and the added cost for the sleeve will be much less than if you just go in and have a sleeve done. My friend paid cash for her sleeve but when they went in they found a hernia and repaired it. This got her a $6,500 refund!
  7. jillb


    Awesome! let us know when you get the date.... so happy for you.
  8. jillb

    I'm Sleeved!

    Congrats to both of you and also to tomorrows sleever..... good luck to you all.... I am 2 weeks post and it has been easy....
  9. jillb

    Approval !

    Congrats! Such great news!
  10. I can see a difference for sure.... Congrats..
  11. jillb

    Oct Sleevers

    I was sleeved on 10/17 as well... only down 7 lbs since surgery... I think it is from lack of enough excercise. I am getting a new treadmill this week so that should help some. Still happy the scale is moving down.
  12. Congrats to you! That is a huge relief I am sure..... good luck with your surgery....
  13. jillb

    3 Lbs Away From Goal

    congrats! You do look great!
  14. jillb

    Grrrr. This Part Is So Stressful!

    I have bcbs and my bmi was 37 when I applied. I do have sleep apnea, hypertension and a couple other problems. BCBS did not call for my records. I had no problem getting approved... Good luck to you!
  15. jillb

    Pureed Food, What A Change!

    I am so ready for mushy foods. I end my liquids on Thur. and can start on mushy foods after that... 4 weeks of mushy foods! Can't wait to get those 4 weeks over. Looks like it will be just in time for Thanksgiving. Actually it will be on Thanksgiving day that I can start the real foods.... I will be giving thanks for that. Holly, take care and stay safe with Hurricane Sandy... I have been through several hurricanes, they can be unpredictable.
  16. My sleeve was done on Oct. 17th. I lost a couple lbs the first couple days then I gained a couple lbs. I am down a whopping 1 lb total! I only drink 2 protein shakes a day and then water. sometimes I have a sf popsicle. I am so discouraged right now. I lost more before the surgery on the liquid diet. What am I doing wrong?
  17. jillb

    Oct Sleevers

    Could be I'm not getting enough exercise... I walk 20 min a couple times a day.
  18. I didn't have a drain and don't feel like I am holding fluids. I am on full liquids now and I added a chicken broth soup that's when I gained 2 lbs. Just a bit disappointed and depressed today. I have been so excited and sticking straight to my diet but still... only 1 lb.
  19. jillb

    Oct Sleevers

    That's great justaboop!... My surgery was Oct. 17 and I have lost 1 lb! What's up with that? I only drink 2 protein drinks a day and then just water. Not getting a lot of exercise but dang... 1 lb ...
  20. Great story, thanks. I had my sleeve the same day as you.... Oct. 17th. Haven't told my story yet but will soon. I am doing great with the sleeve, diet, etc.... Good luck to you.
  21. Amazing is right!... You look awesome!
  22. jillb

    Just Approved :d

    Congrats and good luck!
  23. jillb

    Carb Question!

    My nut said it should be less than 15 gr.
  24. jillb

    10 Wks Post Op W/ Pic

    Congrats! you look great!...
  25. jillb

    Oct Sleevers

    Congrats Aaron....

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