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  1. My surgeon (Dr. Horgan at UCSD) said that he often fixes leaks from patients getting sleeved in Mexico. What doctors in Mexico? I don't know. Also, I'm in San Diego, so maybe more people around here travel to Mexico for the surgery. Regardless, there are plenty of leaks occurring if you look hard enough. Is it more or less than in the US? It's difficult to say without hard data and I don't want to speculate. It is a complication that can happen even with a great surgeon, no matter where they are located. For myself, I would have worried about a complication after leaving Mexico and having to pay to fix it. Just my opinion, as I was lucky enough to have my insurance cover the surgery.
  2. ForMyGirls

    Ideas For A Birthday "cake"

    I'm a month out from surgery on soft food and my family (with two young kids) will be celebrating 3 birthdays from October to November. I'm looking for some faux cake recipes so I can have some at my own birthday! So far, I'm leaning toward a cheesecake without the crust (made with ff/ sf ingredients). Anyone have some good recipes or other ideas?
  3. ForMyGirls

    Any One Is San Diego?

    How are you doing now? I was sleeved on Sept. 11th at UCSD!
  4. ForMyGirls

    Ideas For A Birthday "cake"

    This looks awesome! I may skip the crust though. Thanks!
  5. ForMyGirls

    Dissolving Stitches!?

    I asked my husband who is a surgeon (ortho), and he recommend going to your surgeon to have them looked at/trimmed. He says there is a risk of infection. Hope that helps!
  6. ForMyGirls

    Sept 11

    I was sleeved Sept. 11th too! I'm on puréed food now and love Costco crab cakes. I also enjoy turkey chili, lentil soup and refried beans (low fat & sodium versions).
  7. ForMyGirls

    Missing Person?

    While there are good surgeons in Mexico, I think you do need to do your homework. It seems the better surgeons charge a bit more but have better outcomes. My surgeon here in San Diego said he fixes leaks all the time for people who went to Mexico for the surgery. I would also be concerned about care post-surgery, but if you can line that up in the US, go for it. There is nothing wrong with foreign surgeons...my husband is one! He was trained in the US though and his opinion was that he preferred a US trained surgeon for me (and insurance covered it). Turns out my surgeon, Dr. Horgan, is from Argentina. He's the Director of Minimally Invasive Surgery and the Center for the Treatment of Obesity at UCSD.
  8. I was curious before surgery what the incisions would look like after surgery, so I thought I'd put up some post-op pics. These are about 4 or five days out. For me, only one of the incisions really hurt and the drain was mostly just annoying.
  9. Just hang in there! At least they caught the leak. One day at a time you will get better! Keep positive.
  10. I know there are some really good surgeons in Mexico, but my surgeon in San Diego says he fixes leaks all the time for people who had surgery in Mexico. I don't think you see the whole picture on this forum. But again, I do know there are great surgeons in Mexico, as long as you do your research!
  11. ForMyGirls

    Stall During Pre Op?

    Ha, we posted at he same time! I thought the preop diet was tough, but I made it through without ever cheating. I even had birthday parties, a visit across country to visit family (with two kids alone on the plane) and a bar mitzvah!
  12. ForMyGirls

    Stall During Pre Op?

    By the way, my first preop appointment I was 280, second appointment was 276 (started preop at this point) and then four weeks later I'm 255.
  13. ForMyGirls

    Stall During Pre Op?

    I have been on a four week preop liquid diet (surgery is on Tuesday). I needed to lose 20 pounds prior to surgery and I'm there. I did have a stall my third week and only lost 4 pounds, all toward the end of the week. If you are worried, just walk as much as you can and it will really help! I bet you'll weigh yourself one day and suddenly you'll be down a few pounds! If I can do it you can do it!
  14. ForMyGirls

    Whats On Your Bucket List?

    Thanks! I'm nervous and excited.
  15. ForMyGirls

    The Night B4 :)

    Hope everything goes well for you! My surgery is on Tuesday and I can't sleep!
  16. ForMyGirls

    Whats On Your Bucket List?

    1. Be able to keep up with my three year old and 9 month old without getting exhausted 2. Attend my husband's residency graduation (total 6 year surgical residency) next year in a rockin' dress 3. Have less foot and back pain 4. Enjoy our yearly trips to Thailand to visit family and not be obsessing at how I almost weigh as much as three small Thai girls! Also, to not feel so squished in my plane seat cause that's a long plane ride 5. Have my husband be as attracted to me as he used to be (he's loved me no matter what, though) 6. Enjoy all the beautiful beaches we vacation at without covering everything up 7. Get outside more - it's So-Cal for goodness sakes! 8. Raise my children without all the junk around I used to eat. I don't want to set them up to be obese too! 9. Travel, travel, travel! So many places to go, there's no time to be fat. 10. Shop, shop, shop! I used to love shopping for clothes and will again! 11. Wear my beautiful wedding ring - currently can't - sausage fingers : )
  17. ForMyGirls


    Hi LessofKelly, I'm also on the 11th. Can't believe it's almost here. I'm getting nervous! I'm worried about my 3 year old and 9 month old. Their Grandma and Grandpa are coming to watch them. It's so nice of my husband's parents to come (my parents are not in good health). They live in Thailand and are coming to help for two weeks. I'm mostly worried about complications.
  18. Hi, I'm a mother of two girls (3 and 9 months). What are others doing/did for help after surgery? My surgery is scheduled for September 11th! I have my in-laws help for two weeks then my husband is off for one week. Is that enough? I can hire help if needed, but not sure if I need it. I have to lift my 18 pound baby all the time, so I want to be careful.
  19. ForMyGirls

    Scheduled Dates For Sept

    September 11th, San Diego, Dr. Horgan
  20. ForMyGirls

    September 11Th Kaiser - Dr. Zane

    Hi need2bsleeved! I am also getting sleeved on the 11th. I'm going for pre-op tomorrow too! It's really starting to feel real and I'm a bit anxious too. I have two young daughters and I pray everything goes well. Good luck to you too! Feel free to vent to me.

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