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  1. I called Alma and asked if Dr. Garcia takes out gall bladders. She said I will have to discuss it with Dr. Garcia when I get to mexico for my sleeve. If he agrees, based on health, it will be $500 extra. I don't have any issues right now, but I would like to get it out now, before they start.
  2. Don't forget your chopstick and lotion
  3. I think the closer it gets to the date the price goes up
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    Well, I never had any issues beforehand. I heard about the horror stories about the pain being worse than childbirth. A big NO THANK YOU! I know that 75% of gastric surgery clients end up with gallsstones due to the rapid weightloss. I didn't. Want to have to be put down again. More scars, etc. I didn't and haven't had any issues at all. I am 1 1/2 years out.
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    Dr. Illan

    I had my sleeve done I March 2013. One thing that is rarely mentioned, is that you get to see Dr. Illan a lot. Plenty of before and after surgery meetings.
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    Year long stall

    Can you RNY after sleeve surgery?
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    I had mine taken out during sleeve surgery. Just an extra $500. SO worth it!
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    Dr. Illan Fraijo vs Dr. Garcia

    If you would like, we have a facebook group. Look up "Team Illan" and request to join. You can talk to dozens of Dr.Illan patients. We are a very supportive family. Good luck with your journey, no matter who you decide!
  9. Hey, it's a Dr. Illan reunion!!! I was sleeved by Dr. Illan on March 7th 2013. I was 297.6. Today I am 207. I have had NO issues at all! I love my new life and I would do it all over again.
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    Am i going to lose more?

    Same boat!!!! I feel like all this was for nothing. I am stuck at 265. I am getting my water, doing the protein and walking thing. UGH!!!!
  12. I had my surgery on March 7th. I had my gallbladder out with the sleeve. I just didn't want to have to deal with it later. Everything went fine. I think you are making the right choice. Good luck!
  13. GaMom and I were upgrading by Dr. Illan due to MiDoctor being overcrowded. It was great. Our rooms were huge with a twin bed inside, plus lazy-boy style chair. Everything was extremely clean. They give you slippers, extra blankets and pillows. There is a closet, flat screen t.v. with remote. I think there were about 3 channels that were English.
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    From Size 18 to 8

    WoW! Great job
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    Bye-bye Lane Bryant!

    Lane Bryant prices are insane!
  16. I have felt gross ever since I got home on the 11th. I can't tell if I am starving or I have had too much.
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    OMG! OMG! OMG!

    Great feeling!!!
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    Big day tomorrow!

    You will do great!!
  19. Hi, I'm the Jessica is the story. Thank you GAmom for telling our story. I am a huge talker, but not big into typing. It was awesome having GAmom by my side the whole time. We would have been perfectly fine alone too. I will add some people say they see their surgeon once before surgery and once afterwards. I will tell you, we saw Dr. Illan at least 15 times during our trip. Omar never left our side except at night.
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    Dr. Illan was awesome. I was the next surgery after GAmom. We have had the best time and Dr. Illan has the best bedside manner UNLIKE some other doctor that was there!!!
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    What do I pack?!?!

    A small pack of baby wipes!!!! Don't forget small bills for tips.
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    Sleeve: The UNTOLD Story

    The waiting has been an issue at MiDoctor. That is why Omar (coordinator) and Dr. Illan (Doctor) have upgraded all clients to Hospital Florence. There is just too much going on at MiDoctor.