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  1. I got my I-band last week and had hernia surgery at the same time. I am 100 pounds over weight and worried that I will fail. I have wanted the help to get healthy for over 20 years and just now could get it. I feel so lost because there is on one in my area to talk to about what I am going through. Is anyone else feeling this lost? I constantly question anything I eat and drink. I was gave a list and I stick to it but I still feel like I am doing it wrong. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS OR ADVICE LET ME KNOW. Today is the first time that I have been real hungry, so bad that my stomach is growling and everyone can hear it. Will this get better when I finally do get a fill? Thank for any and all help anyone can give me. Danna
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  3. My weight loss has been real good up until this point. I was averaging 8-12 pounds a month and now I have slowed down a lot. I am 16 pounds away from my goal and it breaks my heart its comming off slow now. I have noticed that I don't have a b.m. but once a week or so and I the Fiber and miralax is not helping. Could this be slowing my weight loss down too? Please help I feel like I am letting myself down because my goal is so close but it's not getting here...
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    Love this picture!
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    This is me at 260 June 26, 2012 and me at 190 on January 5, 2013... Down 70 pounds. It wasn't until I saw the pictures side by side that I finally saw I had lost weight!
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    First Fill

    I had my first fill July 30th. I felt no differnet than a did the day before. I am starving and my stomach growels non stop and to make it worse I have not lost anything in almost three weeks. My fill was .25, is that a small amount? Ugh... does it get better? My doctor told me to come back in 4 weeks but because of their schedule I was told I would have to wait 7 weeks to see him. I tried to explain to the lady that I was told to come back in 4 weeks and I was still starving but she told me I could come in at my scheduled time or wait another 2 weeks until their next appointment. So now i have a doctor closer to home and no more 3 1/2 hour drives for me... Wish me luck with the new Dr.
  8. Thanks for all the encouraging words. I see y'all are having good result, I am not. I guess it will just come with time. I stay hungry and my stomach growls like crazy. I just hope that when I get a fill that maybe my mind and my stomach will easy up.. lol
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    3Rd Month Down

    Congrats! I gotta know how and what you are going to be able to move an average of 20 pounds off a month... I am about to join a gym because I hate to walk out in public, I know it sounds funny. Can you share some tips?
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    Lost 6 Pounds!!

    I lost 9 duing the pre-op but only 3 since surgery last Tuesday. Congrats on the drop!
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