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  1. I’ve just had a huge bout of diarrhoea which led me to lose over a kilogram (2 lbs) in one day. Obviously mainly cleaning my system out, but concerning. The only thing I can think might have caused it is that I had some watermelon and some rockmelon (cantaloupe). Has anyone had problems with eating this, and if so, what fruit CAN you eat? I seem to be OK with bananas and apples, but not 100% sure. Advice most welcome!
  2. Not a bug - I had it happen a couple of weeks ago. And I did have some protein first. Anyway, will test the issue once I’ve fully recovered.
  3. Definitely drinking a lot - not feeling too bad but still having problems with diarrhoea.
  4. I am 5 weeks post op and am still getting a pain under my ribs on the left. It isn’t there all the time. It comes and goes. It sort of feels like a stitch. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and might know what it is. I spoke to my GP about it and she said there could be internal stitches still causing problems, or it could be related to the diaphragm. Not hugely concerned about it as I think if it was a real problem the symptoms would be more severe.
  5. OzCaz

    Strange pain

    My pain seems to have gone away now. I think what caused it was constipation. It was always there if I needed to “go” and went away afterwards. I think it was associated with the move to more solid food. I hope yours is better soon.
  6. OzCaz

    Revision to RNY

    10 kgs is 10 kilograms. It is how we measure weight here in Australia - using the metric system. 10 kgs is equivalent to about 22 lbs.
  7. I am 6 weeks post op and am still getting a pain under my ribs on the left. I also get a pain under the ribs in the middle. It isn’t there all the time. It comes and goes. The one in the middle seems to be related to eating - the one on the side not so much. Just wondering if anyone else has had this and might know what it is. I spoke to my GP about it and she said there could be internal stitches still causing problems, or it could be related to the diaphragm. Not hugely concerned about it as I think if it was a real problem the symptoms would be more severe.
  8. That is so good to hear - I certainly hope you are right. I am definitely trying new things, and feel that some may not be agreeing with me, so have gone back to less controversial food. I have also had two bouts of diarrhoea since trying some things - bread for example, and a couple of sweet biscuits. I didn’t think it was “dumping” because I didn’t get shakes, but now believe it might be how my new internal arrangements reacts to things. Total learning curve!
  9. I think I have a vague understanding of why it works from how my doctor explained it to me. The part of the digestive system that creates the reflux is disconnected from the oesophagus and delivers the bile further down the system, meaning it can’t get back up and cause damage. Please excuse the probably very bad explanation, but that was my (non-medical) understanding of it.
  10. I just had a bypass as a revision from a sleeve. It was done about 6 weeks ago, and the sleeve about 10 years ago. I had terrible reflux basically since the sleeve was done, as well as a hiatus hernia. I have had zero reflux since the bypass was done! It definitely worked for me.
  11. OzCaz

    Strange pain

    Nope - wrong side and I had it out about 5 years ago. But good guess!
  12. OzCaz

    slow loss?

    I just went back and found the weight loss diary I kept when I had my Gastric Sleeve. The first couple of weeks I had a loss of a couple of kgs per week, then it dropped to 1 kg, and all the way down to 0.1 kg and even a gain one week. But the general trend was down and I went from 105 kgs to 59 kgs. So slowly is the answer. Don’t expect it to drop off in a couple of weeks. It is much more likely to stay off if it comes off gradually. If you’re interested in a spreadsheet of the weight loss, just let me know.
  13. OzCaz

    slow loss?

    I don’t remember how quickly I lost weight with my Gastric Sleeve 10 years ago, but I am losing fairly slowly with the bypass. Since I went on the pre-operation diet on April 30, I have lost about 9 kgs - nearly 20 lbs - but in the last couple of weeks, only about 1 kg per week. Not worried though - I am in this for the long haul. The doctor and dietician are telling me I may only lost another 7-8 kgs, but I plan on proving them wrong. I am currently just over 80 kgs (176 lbs) and my first goal is 75 kgs, but my actual goal is to get into the 60s. I’d like to be somewhere between 65-68 kgs (143-150 lbs). I will enjoy proving them wrong!
  14. Not sure if I responded to this already, but I just had it done (as a revision from Gastric Sleeve) on May 13. I am 70.
  15. OzCaz

    Revision to RNY

    I believe so. When I had the Gastric Sleeve about 10 years ago, I went from 105 kgs to 60 kgs. Weight snuck back on after 7-8 years though, and I was often hungry after this due to the reflux I had. I no longer have reflux and believe I will now get down to about 65-70 kgs weight and be able to retain that due to the bypass. But of course everyone’s story is different and you need to decide for yourself.
  16. OzCaz

    Revision to RNY

    I am 3.5 weeks post op with a revision from sleeve to bypass (RNY). Since April 22 I have lost nearly 10 kgs. That is due to the pre-op preparation diet and the restriction on eating post op. I didn’t have diagnosed GERD but had severe reflux and a hiatus hernia. I asked for a hernia repair and a re-sleeve (I had gained weight starting about 7-8 years post sleeve) and he told me that it would not resolve the reflux and the hernia would likely come back. He said my only option was the bypass. Since the operation I have had zero reflux. I have been told to take anti-reflux medication for two months post op, but I sometimes forget with no noticeable change. So far I am very happy. I want to get down to 65 kgs again. My weight loss has slowed now to about 2 kgs per week. I am happy with that and expect it to slow even further to 1 kg per week. I am currently at about 80 kgs. I am still pretty much only able to eat mushies - I have tried some firmer food and unfortunately it tends to stick and then come back up in a foamy mess. So slowly slowly seems to be the motto.
  17. OzCaz


    That is amazing. I am 3 weeks out and am on track for a similar loss (but since my pre-op diet). My experience from the sleeve (I had a revision) is that it is a slow and steady loss. It doesn’t drop off rapidly. Just keep up the good work!
  18. Up and down. I am 9 days post op at the moment. Yesterday at the recommendation of the dietician I tried a soft scrambled egg and it just stuck at the top of my stomach. I felt like crap. Back on liquids and yoghurt today. Also I have a really sore shoulder and neck - I think it is muscular as the gas would be gone from my system by now. On the good side - no more reflux! Yay for that. And the weight is coming off consistently. I’ve lost 2 kgs since the operation, and over 6 kgs since I started the pre-operation diet. I’m going to start cooking some of my own soups today - to have something tasty to eat.
  19. I am in Australia, but I’m sure IsoWhey is a worldwide thing.
  20. I am using IsoWhey - I found Optifast too high in sugar and didn’t like the taste. Currently having a smoothie with a banana and a few berries, lite milk and IsoWhey.
  21. Thanks for worrying about me AZRider. I never had a band. I only had a sleeve about 10 years ago. I did speak to my doctor yesterday and he told me he thinks it is OK and to keep monitoring and let him know if it gets worse. It hasn’t yet. And only just over a week post op at the moment - it was late Monday last week.
  22. I am two weeks post op at the moment and still on liquids and liquid mushies (soup mushed up etc). I still have a lot of shoulder pain - the doctor said it is due to diaphragm issues. I also have a pain like a severe stitch mostly on the left side, and due to food restrictions am very weak. I am looking forward to gradually improving.
  23. “Was the bypass harder to get used to? I also am revising from the sleeve because of a hiatal hernia and terrible acid reflux.“ That is the reason I got it done. And also as my sleeve was not stopping food quantities, but mostly because of the hernia/reflux issue. Bit early to say how it is going. I am only just over a week out of surgery and still on liquid/mushies. Since I went on the pre-operation diet, I’ve lost over 6 kgs (about 13.5 lbs). I guess I won’t know until I can start eating normal food. Trying to keep the protein up at the moment of course.
  24. I am 70 and just had it done on Monday. It was a revision from the Gastric Sleeve that I had about 10 years ago.
  25. OzCaz

    Roasted veggies

    I've noticed a lot of people talking about veges etc on this forum. I was told it is critical to get enough Protein in. It aids recovery, and more importantly stops your hair falling out. I'm sure roasted veges are wonderful, but you should be having some protein with them - piece of fish/chicken or Beans etc. Egg is also good. Have you been told this as well?