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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! Girl, you are too funny! Something tells me, surgery or not, you've been a bad boss chick for a while )
  2. Godsgrace

    Good Crockpot recipes?

    awesome thread! bump!!
  3. Godsgrace

    Preop diet starts today

    Just trying offer some moral support, from one pre-bandster to tohers. Yes, the weeks will fly by! The first 2 days will be EXCRUCIATINGLY slow (at least it was for me cos it was a weekend and I could not think of anywhere to go that did not involve food, LOL) but when your week picks up, the time iwll fly by. Key is staying busy. Do not over-exert yourself cos then you will feel hungrier than usual. Read a book, watch some movies, get some work done. I started on the 1st of Oct and I'm already getting banded tomorrow! Who'dathunkit?? LOL! SO, think positive, stay optimistic, imagine your skinny bee-hind in some hot dresses and clothes. Imagine the looks you will get from your husbands, boyfriends, girfriends, wives, even strangers on the street!! YOU WILL TURN HEADS! Plus there's the whole getting healhtier issue Stay on it try to cheat as little as possible, and you will find the motivation!! Good luck all!
  4. Godsgrace

    What questions should I ask my doctor?

    As a fellow pre-op self spay, hello Iceali! Some of the questions are pretty basic and (hopefully) some of the more experienced bandsters can give you some tips. Some of the other ones I had are: Kinda vain, lol but Re: scarring, do you use, stpales, stitches, glue? Some scar better than others (I've been told) Can i fill out my scripts before surgery cos i'm by myself and wanna get that taken care of while I can What are the risk factors for failure/intolerance? Because this is my last dime, don't have anymore money lying around. What meds do I need/are helpful to have in hand for recovery? Through the forums, I've heard a lot of talk about "repairing hernias". Is that something I need to worry about? Hope those helped a little

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