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  1. Ginger85

    2nd endoscopy

    I will find out on Wednesday how my ulcer are healing. I guess one have a hernia where my lap band is. No one wants to fix it. I've also learned my band just doesn't want to work with my body. It is all getting so frustrating after 5 years of having this band :-(
  2. Ginger85


    I had my band unfilled do to complications of food getting stuck. Then I had an endoscopy done and found out I have ulcers from my esophagus down to my small intestine. I've gained 30 pounds over the past 4 months!! I still have a month or two to go before they will start adding fluid. Ugh [emoji27]
  3. Ginger85


    Yes I have ulcers from my esophagus to my small intestine and a hiatal hernia too
  4. Since my lapband is empty now, i feel normal. I can eat whatever I want too. It's hard having physical hunger but i want to learn how to control it before I go in to restart the filling process Sent from my SM-G920V using BariatricPal
  5. Ginger85

    Help Please

    Hopefully all goes well. I have occasional symptoms like yours. I just recently had a EDG and I have ulcers in my esophagus
  6. Ginger85

    Fighting head hunger

    Have you had much success? Julie Sent from my SM-G920V using the BariatricPal App
  7. Ginger85

    Mindless snacking...

    I have this issue too, and when I start telling myself no I get anxious... It's so hard to tell yourself no Sent from my SM-G920V using BariatricPal
  8. Ginger85

    Favorite Greek Yogurt

    Sent from my SM-G920V using BariatricPal
  9. Ginger85

    So frustrating

    I feel like I can't control anything. I was eating a healthy meal and got stuck so bad I had to have my band unfilled completely. Now I have no resistance and eat non stop ????
  10. Ginger85


    I was eating what I thought was a healthy meal at work, and my food ended up getting stuck. I'd never been in so much pain and I ended up needing to have my lapband unfilled completely. I've been so hungry and eating like crazy! I've been on this journey for almost 5 years and haven't made much progress or what I would like. I think I'm depressed! :/
  11. stressed to the max!!!

    1. Bandista


      Hope you feel better. I hate stress -- sometimes I have to walk it off.


    2. jane13
    3. Ginger85


      i have a few more weeks that i have to wait to get fluid added back to my lapband. its been a time time of trial for me since i am a stress eater and i know in my mind that nothing is really off limits


  12. Ginger85

    Eating out

    for a long time i tried to find or get a card and i simply gave up. when i go out to eat, i make sure i order something i could get multiple meals out of, and take the leftovers home. most places will make things the way you want them for the most part. just ask, asking never hurts
  13. Ginger85


    The Internet is full of great materials. I also lost track with the support groups on here. I miss the old website
  14. Ginger85


    I've met with 4 different dieticians, and 2 different nutritional specialists. But I think because of the area I live in people aren't educated enough to help me. A the food I have been told to eat is stuff I can't. It just gets so frustrating when they don't understand. I definitely know it's because of what I am eating because I honestly have no idea what I should be eating. So I've just ate what doesn't cause problems, healthy or not. And I agree I was distracted when I was eating
  15. I miss the old site :-(

    1. LilMissDiva Irene
    2. Theresa64


      It such dawned on me, this is a new format

    3. Ginger85


      it was called lapbadtalk it had a nice chat room where you could actually talk and build relationships with people

  16. Ginger85


    I was skeptical at first then I decided to try them and I think they do help. Always worth a try. They taste decent as well
  17. Every day we face new challenges, what makes or breaks us is how we handle them! Pick yourself up and carry on, today is a new day and can be a start to a new life, do you really want to wait until tomorrow???
  18. Ginger85

    Second fill yesterday.....advice?

    Definitely take your time and be patient! I've had to have my band unfilled and refilled and it does get frustrating. But I remind myself, I didn't gain all the way over night and I'm not going to loose it over night either. This is a good place to be when you are feeling discouraged! Just stay positive and you will feel better and see results!
  19. who ordered this snow????

    1. ProudGrammy


      when the snow is white, fresh, pretty - i love snow!! i hate the cold -2 we have today - but i'm done with winter too!!! warm thoughts as i grab for my blanket LOL Kathy

    2. Ginger85


      I love snow when I can stay at home and watch it from the couch Lol

  20. Ginger85

    Second fill yesterday.....advice?

    Are you eating solids?
  21. Ginger85

    Second fill yesterday.....advice?

    Patience is your new nd!
  22. Ginger85

    Second fill yesterday.....advice?

    Give it time, your probably tighter than you think. If you haven't worked up to regular foods you won't know where u are at
  23. I recently got a fill and at first everything went great, now I seam to find myself getting stuck or in pain. I'm either eating too fast or the wrong kinds of foods. I need some ideas for healthy foods that are band friendly

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