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  1. The Dora Milaje

    My man said I cheated

    Personally I said dump him because I assumed she had already discussed all of this with him since she has had the surgery already. The journey is hard enough why add on struggling with a boyfriend over it?
  2. The Dora Milaje


    What would you say were the "secrets" to your success?
  3. The Dora Milaje

    Me and food

    Turns out I can eat and be full on 800 cals. And it’s good to me stuff. Fish, veggies, avocado, cheese. This is so cool.
  4. The Dora Milaje

    Sex after the sleeve...

    Have only had it once and I was on top so nothing hurt. My SO is a foot taller than me and a beefy guy so no matter what size I am he is smushing me if he puts his full weight on me so he doesn't do it.
  5. The Dora Milaje

    Know it all family members....

    You don't need to explain yourself to her or anyone else, so stop. Living well is the best revenge.
  6. Wear a bikini. Even when I had a bikini body I was too shy. When I get back there this time I AM WEARING THE DANGGONE BIKINI!! Get back into all of my high heel shoes. Wear slutty dresses Sky dive. I promised my mom we would (she really wanted to, I was scared!) and she passed away three months later, and I want to do it in her honor. Get a breast lift, tummy tuck and butt contouring One thing I am glad that's over is getting up and having all these aches and pains in my legs and feet because I was carrying too much weight. My left ankle isn't on perm swole status anymore AND I have ankles again, not cankles!
  7. The Dora Milaje

    Where are my 5ft tall peeps at?

    I have 38 DDD boobs but when I was smaller I had nothing. My SO was talking about how big they are the other day and I said kiss 'em now cause this may be the last days of disco my friend. Haha
  8. The Dora Milaje

    Where are my 5ft tall peeps at?

    I was hoping I might have some snap back but realistically I can already see I will be saggy. Oh well, let me start planning for my plastics!

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