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Second fill and a chat with doc



I got my second fill on July 8th. I now have 6 cc/mm in my band.

I was very very nervous since the first fill was very painful because of the area around the port being swollen. I had a huge black mark around it for about 2 weeks.

Now I didn't feel a thing and I could drink a cup of water without any problems.


Dr. Paul O'Brien is one of the doctors that has developed the lap band, he says that you can drink with food according to a new study. My doctor follows his procedure. I asked him about what he thought about drinking water with food. My doctor said that if I had to drink water, I should always wait for 30 sec after I swallowed my last bite. I was very happy since sometimes and some foods I just have to have a drink. Like if the food is too dry, spicy, hot/warm.

I had a tiny bit of water with a spicy salsa.. it caught me by surprise. I don't like spicy food so the salsa was thrown out. I was at the canteen at work and didn't know it was going to be that spicy. But I'm going to be careful with drinking while eating still.


Second question, can I take Ibuprofen. Yes I can!! But only in liquid hmmm that sucks because normally Ibuprofen liquid is made for children so the dosage is very small. That means I have to take a LOT of liquid to get 200 -400 mg. So if you live in America, UK or Spain and know about a high dosage Ibuprofen Liquid, please let me know. I have a bad back and need my Ibuprofen from time to time.


Third question, what does my doctor feel about bread and pasta. Well he said they can cause blockage and he doesn't like bread at all (for us). I asked if he was ok with me trying it out to see if it would cause blockage. I told him I was having a craving for pizza.

He told me that us humans, we love to eat the food love. I could try pizza but he wanted me to limit how often I eat it, if I could.


So tonight, we grilled some Pizza on our BBQ. We made a very thin crust pizza for me. I had two slices and it went down without any problems. But I was chewing a lot!!! I was still on my first slice when everyone else had about 3-4 or more (didn't count). I didn't eat the end of the pizza since the crust was thicker. But omg!! I can eat pizza yay. I'm going to limit pizza eating though. Maybe once a month. But then again I don't know how I will be after the next fills.


My doctor was happy about my weight loss. He told me it was a slow process. I'm ok with it being a slow process since the skin will adjust more. But I can already see my skin becoming loose on some parts of my body. I see more body change than weight change.


I still have to learn how to chew slowly. PB (Productive burping) is terrible!! I hate when that happens, specially around people that don't know that I have a lap band. It happens maybe twice a week and I normally have to spit out the food or kinda pressure the food up in to my mouth and spit out. Why? because when food gets stuck, there is a lot of slimy stuff there as well and it makes it worse. So I like to get the slimy stuff out. I don't know where the slimy stuff comes from but it doesn't help the food going through the band.


Other than the PB, I'm so happy I got the lap band! So happy! even if I could never eat bread or pizza again, I'm still happy :)


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