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  1. So it's been a while since I posted - but progress has been amazing.

    My VSG was 5/1/17.  I dropped to 220lbs and stayed there for some time.  This was a huge win for me - so I decided to take the next step and I met with an amazing plastic surgeon who helped me with the next step - excess skin removal.  There were three things that needed to be addressed 1) abdominal hernia's 2) panniculectomy and a 3) abdominoplasty.

    First, talk to your plastic surgeon - I spoke with several, and these are expensive procedures - but I finally found a surgeon that advised me that the panniculectomy could be covered by health insurance - and it was - saving me nearly $5000.  Overall I still paid $7k out of pocket - but way better than the $12 - $14k that I had been quoted by others.

    I had my reconstructive surgery 1 month ago - the surgeon removed 14lbs of skin and fat - and I dropped a few more pounds - and am now weighing in at 195.  My highest weight was 445lbs.  I way less than when I started high school - and I feel amazing - I am still recovering from the surgery because it is fairly invasive - so pics to follow - but what an amazing journey - I never thought I would get here. 

    My journey has been almost 14 years - a failed lap band, massive complications from that, weight gain and then struggling to gain the nerve to try again with the VSG - but my care team has been amazing - and I cannot thank them for giving me my life back.  At 52 I am the healthiest I have been since I was 14.  

    Please remember, the journey can be tough, the struggles are real, the pain is there - but it's your life you are fighting for - and there is nothing more important than that.

  2. So just had abdominal Hernia surgery 2 weeks ago - MAN THAT SUCKED - it hurt more than my VSG.


    On the good news weight loss started again about 8 weeks ago - and I am down to 216lbs - so I just changed my goal weight from 200 to 180 - i think I can do it.  I have not weighed 216lbs since I was a sophomore in high-school - feeling great.

    Anyone who is considering the surgery, who is still on the fence - I am 51 years old and in the best shape of my life.  Healthier than I have ever been...

  3. luckylimey

    Male Plastics

    Just starting the research - can anyone recommend any plastics in the Tampa area - TT/Abdomen and Butt.
  4. One month away from my one year anniversary - started at 343 - down to 239 - 19lbs from my goal of 220 - Flabby skin - ready to start talking plastics - any recommendations for great plastic surgeons in the Tampa area?

    1. FluffyChix


      Wow! Congrats! When you first started did you every really think you would be 100lbs down in 1 year? :) So excited for you and hope you get your plastics!!!

    2. luckylimey


      I really didn't think that I would be - and its not been as easy - hit some miserable plateaus. Became a bit of gym junky - Started walking post surgery - built that up to 4 miles 5 times per week - then moved on to yoga 3 - 4 times per week and weights - unfortunately - too much skin and want it gone - think I will feel much better about myself when that is done.

    3. FluffyChix


      Undoubtedly you will! That's so exciting to be doing yoga and walking that much! Congrats!!! And OMG on miserable plateaus. I shudder to think of my future with them! :)

      You have SO much to be proud of at this very minutes. But I totes understand body image! It's a brutal foe for many of us!

  5. luckylimey


    Goal Weight: 180Current Weight: 259.5Today's Date: 8/27/17
  6. luckylimey


    I am in....
  7. luckylimey

    Surgery tomorrow

    I have gone through 2 procedures - the Band in 2005 and then the VSG this year. I had more pain with the band than with the VSG. A little pain is to be expected but can be well managed. Work the program - walk - walk then walk some more - its the best way to get rid of the gas pain. You got this.
  8. You will do great - and this is just the beginning or your re-birth. Welcome to the exclusive club of people who are taking charge of their own lives....
  9. I think my last update was early July and I was stuck on a long plateau.  Well since then things have been interesting.  I spent a week in the hospital with an acute Pancreatitis attack, followed by something going horribly wrong with my chemistry causing my ankle to balloon (it was not gout).  I have been on steroids for the last week and in a huge walking boot.  Makes work very very difficult.  That being said - the plateau broke - and I am down to 259 - nine pounds from goal 1....  What a rollercoaster ride it has been.

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    2. shedo82773


      That stuff is horrible!! I have had it like 4 times. Do you know what treatment they have? NOT a darn thing!! I was told that if I wanted to be admitted for it I could go on a clear diet and ride it out. Plus pain management. That is it. The last time I stayed home and went on clear liquids. It worked but...as you know it is o painful!!!

    3. luckylimey


      Shedo82773 - I was not given a choice - when I went to the ER they told me I was being admitted to CCU. My Lipase was 3600 - 8mg morphine every 4 hours for 5 days + zophran. Glad it's all over right now.... I don't think I could have rode out the pain on my own - never felt anything like that in my life.

    4. MusicMom1384


      That sounds awful 😫😫😫 I was in the hospital last week for a kidney stone... the pain was worse than childbirth. I think all the medicine stalled my weight loss but wow, thank God for morphine!!! Hope you are feeling better.

  10. So Stuck

    I am having a horrible time.  I had my surgery on 5/1 - and I am stuck - more than the 3-week plateau.  I just cannot seem to loose.  I am walking 3 miles 4 x per week, I am watching what I eat.

    The last time I saw the surgeon they did one of those body analyzer scale tests that said I am swapping fat for muscle - but overall the scale is just not moving down - anyone else having the same issue?

    1. OutsideMatchInside


      What do you eat in a day?

  11. My doc gave me coulchine, it works, but it takes about 2 - 3 days
  12. So I did make a tasty creation this week.


    1 can of cooked chicken (drained)

    1/2 onion

    2 cloves garlic

    1 can Rotel

    1 can of black beans (drained)

    grated cheese (dealers choice)

    cook the onion and garlic.  Deglaze the pan with a little cooking wine, add in the chicken, Rotel, Black Beans, simmer and reduce the sauce until nearly gone.  Makes (way to many servings)  ladle out, sprinkle with a little grated cheese and enjoy...    Yum.

    1. Apple1


      That sounds yummy. Thank you for posting the recipe. I am looking for new creative ways to eat chicken..lol

    2. Sherrie Scharbrough

      Sherrie Scharbrough

      That sounds yummy!! I might need to try it sometime. Thank you for sharing!!!

    3. luckylimey


      Its soft, and broken into small pieces - so easy to eat...

  13. So  I had a really slow period of weight loss - almost a week and not an ounce lost.  However, it seems to have started again over the past 2 days.  Now if only the runs would stop.  Constant...  

  14. VSG on 5/1 - I am down 38.3 lbs since surgery date.  I started walking 5 days after surgery but then developed gout in my right ankle.  This was 10x more painful than anything from the surgery.  

    I had my post op visit on the 17th and got cleared for everything, work, exercise, swimming and scuba diving (yeah).  The gout has started to clear up so I started walking again yesterday - trying to get in at least 2 miles each day...  

    I need to remind myself that this is not a sprint - its a slow journey (I want it to be faster)  

    Food wise, I am tolerating more and more.  Since I was a previous bander, I had already trained myself how to chew food to oblivion, so I am taking on more solid's but the key is chew, chew, then chew some more, then chew again.  I really believe in putting the knife and fork down between every mouthful.  You eat slower, you don't risk hurting yourself and you get full quicker.  I can eat 3 chicken nuggets in the time the family eats their entire meal, and I am good with that.


    PS - Love reading all the success stories people are having - can't wait to post here in a year that I am <200- won't have been there since 9th grade...

  15. luckylimey

    Soft foods 3wks post opt

    easy one - potato, baked or sweet, just the meat of the spud, mash it, a very little butter, S&P to taste - make you full very quick and very easy to eat. I am in the 3rd week and on mush also. Scrambled eggs work for me. I have also nibbled on some solid foods, but chew, chew and then chew some more until its a fine mash - then chew one more time.... small amounts.
  16. Post op visit today.  Got the all clear to swim and go diving. Yeah....


    SW: 320

    OP: 314

    CW: 284


    Feeling good.

  17. Doc gave me Culchicine, what a huge relief - really helped heal up the gout.
  18. Gout flare-up is ebbing today, hopefully, cleared up by tomorrow - feeling very good in myself other than that.  So over the liquids, bring on the mush....I must admit that I have nibbled on a few things, and have tolerated them well.  But not going to push it hard - want to make sure I am healed...

  19. luckylimey

    93 lbs down at 4.5 months

    You look simply amazing - cannot tell that those pics are the same person....
  20. Had VSG on 5/1, on 5/11 was in the ER thought I might have a clot ended up, they think its Gout - followed up with my GP yesterday, he did a blood draw for the Uric Acid - he said he would not give me Colcrys because of what it can do to the stomach. Well, it's 3:03 am, I just took another hydrocodone, can't get any sleep the pain is unbearable. I will call the surgeon's office to see if I can get their take on Colcrys - this is just miserable.
  21. luckylimey

    What is everyone else eating?

    I am so with you. 2 weeks on Monday post op. Fed up of protein shakes and a 1/2 cup of cream of anything soup. Is everyone else being told 3 weeks of liquids, followed by 2 weeks of mashed, smashed everything. I am not Hungry at all, just need some food texture.
  22. luckylimey

    Any May Sleevers?

    Nope - I love my espresso. I know it's a no - so am going to try to just have once in a while
  23. I am with the pharmacist. I was given a hydrocodone pill in the hospital, in the evening after my surgery. They are not hard to get down. I have been taking my other meds by pill also every day - if you can get the hydrocodone or even tramadol, it should help more than the Tylenol. Be your advocate, call, discuss, and you make the decision with your surgeon.
  24. Yes ask for a scopolamine patch. It works