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    October 2022 surgery support

    I just finally broke my stall this week. Mine started week 2 and lasted 19 days. I don’t track overall calories but I started tracking protein and fluids. Turns out I wasn’t getting as much as I thought I was. I aim for 64 ounces of fluids (most of which is water) and 60 grams of protein. I also started moving more. My doctor wants me to work up to 150 minutes of movement a week. For now I’m just walking 20-30 minutes a day. Eventually I’ll add in strength training. I also switched to weighing in weekly so it was less of a focus for me. Finally this Monday the scale dropped from 192 to 189 (the last couple of weeks it kept shifting between 192-191) so I’m hoping the stall has passed. It’s hard not to stress about a number but I have also been noticing other changes. My clothes fit better and my confidence is going up. So I try to focus more on that then the number. Every doctor is different. I’m allowed 3 meals and 2 high protein snacks a day. Usually I don’t even eat all that. But perhaps reconsider what you’re snacking on at night. If it’s not nutritious pick a different snack. Or spend that time moving instead of snacking. This surgery is all about creating better habits. I was a terrible bored snacker and would binge eat constantly. I would eat something while already thinking about what I was going to have next. I work night shift so when I’m home I’m still up late and my family is asleep so there would be no witnesses to my episodes. Now I try and fill the time with something else. I walk on my treadmill, play video games, read a book, etc. It helps take my mind off wanting to snack because I recognize that I’m not hungry, I’m bored. Good luck. It will break soon I promise. In the meantime focus on what you can control.
  2. katvondemon

    October 2022 surgery support

    Had my surgery on 10/24. The first week and a half I was steady losing a pound or two a day. For the last 10 days however my weight has gone up and down by the same 1-2 pounds so I guess I’ve hit the dreaded stall that people experience around the 2-3 week mark. I’m down 13 pounds since my surgery date and 24 pounds since starting the pre op diet. I have noticed my pants have gotten baggier and my face is thinner. I started at 215 pounds with a BMI of 34 so I expected my results to be slower since I was on the “lower” size for this surgery. It’s crazy how everyone’s diets are different with each doctor. As of this week I’m allowed most foods with the exception of beef, pork, rice, pasta, bread, raw vegetables and nuts. I am mostly eating small amounts of chicken, tuna, eggs, refried beans, cottage cheese and some fruits. My doctor has told me to prioritize protein and aim for 60 grams a day. I have to drink 1-2 protein shakes to accomplish this as my portions are not big enough to get that from food yet. I was also told no straws which is also seems to vary by doctor. I feel like I’m doing ok mostly. I have been struggling mostly with just getting my fluids in. I am supposed to drink 64 ounces a day of which 20 is plain water. Because I can only take sips and not drink 30 minutes before or after I eat it can be challenging. It takes me a couple hours usually to drink one cup of water. So that’s my biggest hurdle right now. I’m trying to be better with it and track. Any tips? Otherwise I’m looking forward to breaking through this plateau and seeing more progress. Hopefully in the coming weeks the scale will move again. I’m trying not to obsess over it but 20+ years of to-to dieting has given a lot of power to that damn thing 😡
  3. Hello everyone. I’m new here and wanted to introduce myself. I found this forum a few days ago and have enjoyed reading the posts. I am a 40 year old female and had my surgery on 10/24. My starting weight when I first started the pre op liquid diet was 215. I was 204 the day of my surgery. I’m just a bit over the 3 week mark and I’m down to 191. The past week or so the scale hasn’t moved much. I was a bit confused at first since I know I’m not consuming more than 5-600 calories a day but then I started reading about the stalls in the week 2-3 range and realized it’s normal as my body needs time to heal and get my water level back up. So I’m trying not to stress over the scale. It’s crazy because in my diet days I would have been thrilled at a 13 pound loss in 3 weeks, but after surgery I’m like “is that all?!” But I’m trusting the process. I also know that I’m starting out at a lower BMI then most people that have this surgery so I’m probably not going to have these massive losses. The surgery itself was pretty smooth. I work nights so I got off work at 5am, took a quick shower and went to the hospital at 6:30am to start the procedure. Needless to say after surgery I slept for most the day lol. I was a bit sore and nauseous when I woke up but they were good about giving me meds. By the second day I didn’t have as much pain but the nausea was still there. The most annoying part was I had to pee every hour thanks to all the fluids they pumped through my IV. So I constantly had to call for a nurse to unhook me and help me up and into the bathroom. The only other hard part was my vision. No one warned me that a side effect of the nausea patch they put behind my ear effects your vision. It kind of freaked me out because I couldn’t read my cell phone screen at all. It was just a big blur. I finally asked the nurse and she explained the issue. Before I left the hospital I asked them to remove the patch. It took another 2 days before my vision was fully restored. So that was a challenge. Not only could I not read my phone but I couldn’t read the prescription bottles either. Had to rely on my family to tell me which pills were which and when to take them. Otherwise the experience wasn’t terrible. Otherwise I’m feeling pretty good. The weird gurgling every time I eat is a bit annoying. It doesn’t hurt exactly but it’s still not comfortable. At first I thought maybe I was eating too fast, but that doesn’t seem to make a difference. I’ve learned through this forum that it’s pretty common. What else….. oh vitamins! The chewable ones were gross so I switched to the chewy ones. They’re not terrible but not great either. I’m looking forward to when I can just switch to capsule vitamins. I have officially dropped a pants size so that’s nice. I have a range of clothes from size 16-10 from all my yo yo dieting phases so I at least have options while I’m losing. Today I’m in the 14s and packed up my 16s to donate. If I get smaller than the 10s I’ll be planning a shopping trip. I really enjoy this forum. The only people that know I had the surgery was my wife and my best friend. I didn’t tell the rest of my family or coworkers. So having a safe place to talk about my experience and compare stories has been nice.
  4. katvondemon

    Back to work after one week??

    I had my surgery on a Monday and was back at work Sunday. I am a police officer, but I’m a supervisor so I *mostly* stay in the office unless something requires my attention out the field. I was a little nervous about returning so quickly especially putting my duty belt on over my stomach but I had no issues at all. I’m very active and don’t “sit still and rest” very well. The first couple of days after surgery I was a bit sore and nauseous but by the end of the week I felt fine. Returning to work early helped me get back on track. I was going a bit stir crazy at home after the first couple of days
  5. katvondemon

    New Here and Planning Surgery in October

    A little late to this thread but I had my sleeve on 10/24 so I am just past the 3 week mark. The pre op diet sucked. The first couple of days wasn’t so bad as I drank a lot of water, broth, jello and protein shakes. However 48 hours before surgery I was told to stop the protein shakes. I immediately started feeling weak and had headaches from the lack of nutrition. It was the longest 2 days ever. After the surgery it was weird. I had some pain and nausea the first day or two but that went away thankfully. The weird part is I don’t really get hungry or thirsty. I’m eating soft foods now and can’t have more than a couple bites before I feel the fullness pressure. But I could absolutely not eat and be fine. I want to eat because I miss food, but physically I’m not getting signals that I need to eat. I’m also struggling with fluids because I can’t drink more than a small sip at a time so it takes a long to drink a single glass of water. Overall I’m doing well. I haven’t lost as much weight as I thought I would in the first few weeks but I’m not worried. I know my body is going through all the trauma of surgery and lack of calories that it’s got to work itself out. My clothes are fitting better though so I know something is happening.

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