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  1. No, thank goodness. I take ProCare Now vitamins. They're big, but they're easily digestible and break down quickly in the stomach.
  2. I had surgery yesterday. Slept half the day afterwards. Gas bubble in chest, but it’s ok. Incisions hurt but it’s ok. Incisions hurt but not terribly. They’re giving me norco for that. Gave me some other meds in Iv to help with gas.
  3. Has my surgery this am. Sleeve by robots lol. Did a lap. Was a little nauseous. Throat hurts from intubation. Some pain in incisions but over all ok.
  4. Hey me too. I have surgery on Monday and yesterday my body was not happy. My stomach was GROWLING even tho up till now I’ve been ok. Lost like 16 lbs so far but now I’m actually starving lol
  5. My surgery is on monday. I can see in my online chart they've ordered meds for me for while I'm in the hospital. Nothing to take the day before. They ordered a nausea patch for the anesthesia.
  6. Twinsies. I’m getting sleeved the 14th ☺️
  7. I'm on day 2, and I'm annoyed. LOL. I have a migraine, and I'm tired, ugh. when you think of it - its a 4 week diet, because 2 weeks afterward!
  8. I'm in Arizona and I'm scheduled for Feb 14! My surgeon requires a pre-op diet. 3-4 shakes a day, but can also have SF pudding, jello, and popsicles, low-fat greek yogurt, cottage cheese, and a few other items. So I think I'll be alright. I start that on Monday, which is also when I go in for pre-op testing
  9. Mine is on Feb 14. ☺️

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