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  1. I am many years post-op and, unfortunately, have gained a lot of weight back. I initially lost most of my weight by drinking protein shakes and fruit and vegetable smoothies. However, my metabolism seems to have changed since menopause and I suffer extreme bloating now whenever I drink protein shakes or fruit and vegetable smoothies. I have tried most kinds of over the counter gas medication, as well as, pre and probiotics, peppermint and fiber. Nothing seems to work. Has anyone else experienced a change in metabolism with menopause? If so, I would certainly appreciate knowing what if any supplements you may have found that help you digest protein and sugars.
  2. CheckCheck

    Protein, Fruit, Vegetables Digestive Issues

    Yes, I have the same sensitivities that eliminate a lot of food options for me. I can't have dairy, wheat, sugar alcohols and now most vegetables and fruits. I can eat meat but can't eat enough of it to lose weight. It also doesn't give me enough energy. Ugh, so frustrating!
  3. CheckCheck

    Protein, Fruit, Vegetables Digestive Issues

    Hi Arabesque, Thank you for your kind reply. No, I haven't gone to see a nutritionist yet. I have been trying to find some kind of supplement first. Btw, after I posted last night, I found that activated charcoal is supposed to help with digestion and bloating. I ordered some so we'll see how it goes. I have tried reaching protein goals but I get ill from the bloating. I just struggle to meet the protein goals anymore.
  4. CheckCheck

    Protein, Fruit, Vegetables Digestive Issues

    Yes, I believe that I just have problems digesting the sugars in the fruits and vegetables and maybe the shakes. I don't buy anything with aspartame or sugar alcohols though.