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  1. I have my official surgery date, all is now a go to travel from Coastal NC to Las Vegas! Has anyone else made the cross country trip as part of Blossoms Fast track program? How did your trip go, procedure, and return flight/trip home? Any suggestions, ideas, after thoughts that would be worth sharing to help those of us (and loved ones) making this life changing cross country trip? Any one else scheduled for surgery at Blossom during week of Sept. 7th? would love to connect with others that are in same stage of the journey and process to a "healthier me"
  2. CapeFearNC

    So ready!

    My surgery is also on Wednesday the 9th
  3. CapeFearNC

    Anyone for September 2020?

    September 9th- this coming Wednesday!
  4. Looking for those who are also having surgery first part of September with Blossom Bariatrics
  5. We’re staying at Hyatt Place when my husband and I come in September for my surgery with Blossom.
  6. Anyone currently on or recently finished with their two weeks meal plan that is given for blossom surgery patients ? Any recommendations on what to fix for dinner what was your favs
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    Sept. Surgery @ Blossom

    I would absolutely love to hear from everyone how their trip and surgery goes even if you just want to post how your doing feeling during your stay I welcome everyone’s feelings Best wishes & speedy recovery
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    You might want to look into allergy testing. I use to be a surgical scrub tech till one day after working almost 13yrs in the OR my skin started breaking out Ended up being tested and found out that I have an all to Thiurams, mercaptobenzothiazole, thioureas, and carbamates which are rubber accelerators known to cause sensitization. So it’s like a latex allergy in plain terms but not the rubber itself but the compounds. Issue is these can also be found in lots of beauty products lotions hair products so I have to read everything I buy very closely Just something to think about
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    CIGNA requirements HELP

    I have Cigna through my employer and it all depends on how the policy is written regarding Bariatric surgery. My policy shows one thing when you look it up online but when anything is submitted it gives not covered by policy. Putting my medical billing & coding to work i did little digging and found that it actually was in the underwriting of the policy that it excludes weight loss surgery. Yes i have been under my PCP care for health issues related to my weight along with weight management (meds/diet/etc) my surgery is also a medical necessity as i have OSA, NAFLD, & PCOS. Even after both my PCP & OBGYN gave the "medical necessity" insurance still will not cover any form of bypass surgery and has left me to figure it out on my own. After lots of medical practice locations/surgeon research, i decided to proceed with having a Vertical Sleeve which will be done by one of the surgeons at Blossom Bariatrics (fast track program). They will utilize my insurance for all the Pretesting labs, stress test, upper Endoscopy but i have to cover the surgery procedure part out of pocket. Between my husband and i we were able to obtain a medical loan to assist in the remaining amount we needed and my surgery date was scheduled for week of Sept 7th so my countdown is on!!!!!
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    Just got my date!!

    Congrats I’m not too far afterwards I fly out for my surgery September 3 & have my VSG on Sept 9th! Best wishes for successful surgery & speedy recovery
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    Sept. Surgery @ Blossom

    keep us posted i would love to hear about your time at Blossom! how you do on the two week preop meals plan (i refuse to use the word diet) going & meeting everyone, pretesting, surgery day, Your return flight and traveling home. Of course when you feel up to updating! We have about the same travel times on the way back, we leave Vegas at 9:30am arrive back to NC at 7:15pm then also have little over 2 hour ride home. I am buying a special seat belt pillow to use on the plane along in the car then also buying the after surgery pal for gastric bypass, its technically a "plush toy" but would be the perfect size to travel with on the way home. keep in touch hope your procedure goes well, look forward to hearing all about it!
  12. I would like to try and connect with others that will be in the same time line of things. I will be having my vertical Sleeve through Blossom the week of Sept. 7th. And traveling from the east coast from NC!
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    Sept. Surgery @ Blossom

    Thanks my husband and I booked on Delta in Comfort plus 1st row of seats for this section. My husband also requested wheelchair assistance for our return trip (just as a precaution) since we have to return through Atlanta a huge airport with a very small window to change planes as we were limited on our return flights. We’re also going to try & upgrade Only our return flight longer leg of the trip with either skymiles points/paying upgrade fee or getting there extra early and asking if anything available giving the circumstances. I’m not feeling nervous really more excited about heading to Vegas and having the procedure! Thanks for your advice if you think of anything else let me know. Best of luck to you
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    2019 vacation

    From the album: Joys journey

    Dec 2019 highest weight 267lbs

    © Joys

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    Joys journey

    Pre surgery to Post op
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    Blossom Bariatrics

    I too will be traveling across country making the flight from East Coast & beautiful beach town of Wilmington, NC. I am scheduled for surgery with Blossom the beginning of September. Counting down the days till our trip!