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  1. Batfink1!

    February Surgery ?

    Puffy-no-more I had surgery in Turkey
  2. Batfink1!

    February Surgery ?

    Travelling abroad today for my surgery at 0800 tomorrow. I am so ready, petrified, Pissed that I couldn’t do it on my own but hopeful that this is the start of something huge( except my stomach obviously) xx
  3. Batfink1!

    UK forum users

    Hi Nay, im from london too im having my surgery in turkey in 2 weeks. Id love to be in touch. Ive started a whatsapp group for uk sleevers that so far has two people in it including me. Would you like me to send you the link? How did you get on in Turkey? I’m heading there from the UK in a week and just wondered how it went, any hints and tips?
  4. Batfink1!

    I haven't told anyone about my surgery

    I have told no one about surgery. Going abroad for it and the clinic are happy that you are on your own. I am embarrassed I have got to this point but think this tool will help not only with weight loss success but also self esteem, confidence issues. I’m doing something for me for a change and don’t need the judgements that go with it. A few issues have cropped up: sisters wedding a week after surgery - might be feeling under the weather and although I’ll go, won’t be able to eat the meal! Holiday less than 3 months after surgery with folks - not convinced I’ll be in a structured enough routine so will cancel due to work reasons and go in Nov instead. Start a new job 1.5 weeks after surgery - they don’t know me yet so hoping as I get stronger I look like I am finding my feet. All these things increase stress and I think maybe I should tell someone but this is my journey. I may change my mind later on this journey but for now I am trying to find as much support online and via groups as possible.
  5. Batfink1!

    February Surgery ?

    Surgery on 6 Feb. Really looking forward to it but freaking out as I’m going abroad and now constantly running worst case scenarios through in my head! Not required to do a pre op diet but doing it anyway.

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